Well, I finally caved and made an X-Files fanfiction page. It's pretty primitive since I'm using geocities, but it'll do for now.
     Here you'll find a collection of my X-files fanfiction, along with a few other things like my graphics and collages, my poetry, other short stories, and my ER fanfiction.
     I'm gonna warn you right now, I'm a shipper. Just about every one of my stories is MSR in one form or another. But, though I do *love* angst (and I will concede that much of what I write is of that genre), the stories here aren't all depressing! Yay! We've got a number of comedies, an adventure series in the works, and of course, lots of fluff!
     Of course, feedback is ALWAYS appreciated. Send any comments or questions you have to
sister_spooky@hotmail.com. or sign the guestbook!

    So if you're a shipper, or you're just here to find out who the heck this 'Samantha Caldwell' is, turn on the Sarah Mclachlan, grab a hot mug of coffee, and stay awhile.
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