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M.M.Gromov Flight Research Institute (LII)

Letno-issledovatel'skiy institut imeni M.M.Gromova (LII)

Contact Information

Address: 140160 Zhukovsky-2, Moscow Region
Tel: (095) 556-56-07 [1,6] 556-5908, 556-2358 [6]
Telex: 412710 sokol su
Fax: (095) 556-5334 [1]

Key Officials

Deputy Director: Andrey Manucharov [4]
Deputy Director on [Security] Regime: Andrey Yevdokimov, Col. [3]
Assistant to Director on Security: Andrey Radek [3]
Activity: aircraft research and flight testing
Status: State Scientific Center
Subordination: Ministry of Economy?
Former Subordination: Ministry of Aviation Industry of USSR
Former name: none


LII was formally established on 8 March 1941 on the basis of several Departments of TsAGI in accordance with a Decree of SNK and CC VKP(b) [5] to conduct research, design and development of new aircraft including remotely controlled aircraft and other vehicles for a variety of applications.

It remained within the aviation industry, managed first by NKAP/GKAT and later by the Ministry of Aviation Industry of USSR.


Mikhail Mikhailovich Gromov   Mar 1941 - Aug 1943 
Alexandr Vasilievich Chesalov Aug 1943 - Nov 1947, former deputy of Gromov on Science [5]
N.S.Stroyev                   ... 1961 ...
Konstantin Konstantinovich Vasil'chenko - 1995, 
Felix Dmitrievich Zolotarev       1995  - 199? [4]
V. Bakaev                          ...  - now

Main Activity

Principal directions of its activity include:

Projects participated

Organizational Structure

LII consists of

Production Capabilities /Testing facilities

LII possesses LII also possesses a large set of airborne laboratories, which allow to conduct: Test flights are usually performed using ground control station, or airborne command and measuring stations. Use of real-time systems for measurements, automated data processing, analysis and documentation allows to substantially shorten time and increase efficiency of flight experiments. [1]

Economic Status

State funds less than half of minimal needs , as a result LII can not pay salaries in time, pay for telephones, electricity, heat [4] Salaries are delayed (despite the base salary of Test Pilot of the 1st Class was just 270 thousand roubles = $60). Because of lack of funding testing activity was nearly completely wrapped up (down to few sorties per month). To compensate for lack of activity and payments, test pilots perform at aeroshows and make commercial flights [4].

Employment: used to be 10000 [2]; "Many specialists" quitted, mostly switching to commerce [4].


LII is a member of Aviakosmos company and Burlak Techincal Assn. It is also a shareholder of Avikos insurance company.


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