Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       6 Ahau, 3 Mac, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive again, dear Hearts! Our procedures for manifesting first contact continue to move forward according to Heaven's divine schedule. The operations that we have mounted in the past few weeks are about to bear fruit. It is important for you to remain focused on your success and committed to carrying out your promises to Heaven. Remember, always, that what lies ahead will be utterly spectacular. When that time arrives, many sudden, well-placed actions will be required of you. At the moment, a vastly different political and financial system is taking shape in secret. It is crucial for you to remain centered and fully willing to assist others. In the time to come, you will make great use of the extensive connections that you have to each other. Therefore, be prepared to act. Establish a plan of action with members of your immediate family. Whether they are close relatives, siblings or friends, know how you will interact with them. What is more, we in the Galactic Federation have set up a series of special teams that will make themselves known to you after our formal recognition.

      The heart of these special teams is their medical team personnel, who have assisted you during your many transformational processes. To them, we have added a number of liaisons that interface directly with a broad worldwide network. We intend to permit each team to work directly with those who now are diligently implementing a wide variety of changes on your planet. Hence, we will be able to connect you in a way that allows information to flow to you, quickly and accurately. The Internet and other similar communication devices lack the capacity to link you into a fail-safe system. Too often, those who do not wish you to obtain such information can shut down its sources instantly. We will resolve this situation by allowing each of you to freely obtain such data and to contact one another with ease. Simple hand-held or easy-to-wear devices will provide instant information and allow you to contact, freely, anyone else on your world. These tools work by interphasing with your mind, providing you a moving 3-D holographic picture that contains data, images, etc.

      Moreover, we are working with those who are shaping your new society to make certain that accurate information is passed between them and you. This next step in your evolution requires freedom, personal sovereignty and abundance to be easily given you. For this to be done, a number of technologies must be put into place as quickly as possible. You, dear Hearts, are the government of this world, and not those who so grievously have misused the public trust. Thus, a direct communication system needs to be provided that is incapable of being overtaxed. Consequently, we have offered our technology to those who are now close to changing your world and they have accepted our offer. This excites us greatly! In addition, your governments, once transformed, will open the gates to a great wealth of amazing technologies that can clean your environment and that herald a whole array of new possibilities. Galactic society is firmly rooted in the true nature of the divine plan and in the unfolding of the Creator's Divine Will. This sacred purpose is soon to be manifested upon Mother Earth.

      You are moving out of a state of limitation in this present reality to a realization of your full potential. You are progressing from crushing enslavement on this planet's surface to the freedom to travel anywhere throughout this immense universe. You are close to becoming a 'galactic human'. With this, dear Ones, will come increased responsibilities, including the true stewardship of Mother Earth and a complex mission that will assist in reuniting physicality with Heaven. You are eminently equipped to carry out this grandest of missions. Each of you must be always aware that you are a magnificent physical Angel. Your potential is limitless, as are your allies in this most noble of tasks. Because much has been given you, much also has been asked of you in return. Heaven was very careful in its selection of you. You are majestic Beings of the Light. The dark has issued you a monumental challenge that you can, and will, overcome. Remember who you are and that you are never alone.

      Your magnificent potential has brought us to your shores. To us, you are great, legendary and long-lost family members with whom we are about to reunite. Each one of you, and your destiny, is exceedingly important to us. For this reason, we have offered you assistance that is divinely inspired and divinely supervised. Our every act is carried out under the sacred supervision of Heaven. And, although it would be easy for us to make contact tomorrow and transform your world in an instant, the way of Heaven is to honor the agreements enacted between you and your special, divine guardians. Then again, there is the whole matter of right divine timing. This operation clearly understands its parameters and is aware of what it must do at any given time. Therefore, we have expanded our involvement only in accordance with the approval of our heavenly supervisors. It is fortunate that we are now permitted such an expansion.

      The pronouncements of Heaven made possible much more intensive surveillance of the dark ones. This, in turn, has allowed increased interactions between those who are working to transform your world and us. We salute those who are working to return freedom and legitimacy to your world. The last intransigent band of your world's cabals has attempted, purposefully, to misuse its present position of power. Our growing alliance with these diligent Lightworkers has forged a divine coalition that soon will bring to a halt this last cabal's unjust and illegal tyranny. You are yet another crucial element in this mix. Each of you has the ability to help us and, by so doing, to hasten our mutual success. The timeline for this operation is rapidly nearing its end. As such, we know that the time is quickly approaching for the celebration to which we long have alluded.

      This anticipated time of first contact is only the next step in a process that began with your sudden emergence as limited conscious Beings. Many millennia have passed since that moment in your history. Now, you are reaching another, happier moment. Be aware, dear Hearts, of how history has created your temporary descent into the abyss of darkness and how it now is liberating you. This vastly complex operation has been implemented to give you knowledge of the dark. It has been carried out to supply Heaven with a great pool of wisdom and to aid those who divinely supervise physicality. This wisdom is giving us the tools to reunite Heaven and physicality. Your presence here is a difficult yet highly treasured gift. That gift will be rewarded. The first part of the reward is imminent. The rest will follow divinely.

      Until we are officially announced, our task is to wait and observe. When called upon, we have intervened to prevent any disaster that could allow this last cabal to implement its vile agenda. The world in which you now dwell is transitional. From its shadows have emerged the last loyal adherents of the dark's agenda. By revealing themselves, they have declared these End times to be their last stand. Soon, their bold attempt will have failed. With its failure will come the moment when the Light is, indeed, victorious. We remain fully committed to achieving this mission and seeing you become both free and sovereign citizens of this world, and fully conscious inhabitants of this galaxy. We are your spiritual and space family and we are extremely proud of your accomplishments!

      Today, dear Hearts, we have discussed further the implications of what is about to occur on your world. We ask you to stay focused upon your coming success and inevitable victory. In this, remain committed to the Light and to the innately close connections that you share with each other. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know deep in your hearts that the boundless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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