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Irish History on the Web was created on 21 November 1995.
Last updated on 2 September 1999.

Irish History on the Web is NOT another "links" page, but instead provides a unique resource for anyone interested in learning about or researching a wide variety of Irish history topics. Like a sourcebook, most of the links found here will lead to primary documents, original essays, bibliographies or specific informational sites, all of which are visited prior to inclusion on this site.

This website is a purely volunteer effort and is wholly non-commercial.

CARDINAL RULE: If any of the materials located on or linked from this site are used in research, you MUST cite the internet location where such materials were found and the author of the work, if any is listed. To do otherwise is plagarism and may also be considered a violation of copyright laws.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome -
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I get many requests for additional Irish history information and resources, but unfortunately time constraints prevent me from personally responding to such requests or engaging in research for others, even of the most basic nature. If you would like more information about Irish history, please refer to the lists of books on this site, many of which can be found either in your local library or bookstore, or may be ordered by mail and delivered to many parts of the world.

This is a non-partisan page; all viewpoints and interpretations are welcome. However, all efforts are made to ensure that no blatantly inaccurate information has been included.

This web site was designed by Jacqueline Dana as a public service to provide information about Irish history. Web server space is paid for with personal, not University, funds. The University of Texas is not responsible for and does not endorse the contents.


This website received a Four-Shamrock Award from Doras.