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Tops at the Box Office
1 Harry Potter
2 Die Another Day
3 Santa Clause 2
4 Treasure Planet
5 8 Crazy Nights

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* Analyze That
* Adaptation
* Equilibrium
* Empire
* My Kingdom

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* Star Trek: Nemesis
* About Schmidt
* Maid in Manhattan
* Evelyn
* The Hot Chick
* Drumline
* Intacto
* The Two Towers
* Gangs of New York
* Antwone Fisher

New Videos This Week
* Lilo & Stitch (VHS/DVD)
* The Producers (DVD)
* Goldmember (VHS/DVD)
* My Neighbor Totoro (DVD)
* "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (DVD) Season 6

Upcoming Videos
* Like Mike (VHS/DVD)
* Stuart Little 2 (VHS/DVD)
* Contempt (DVD) Crit. Coll.
* Halloween: Resurrection (DVD)
* K-19: The Widowmaker (DVD)

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Analyze That

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Analyze That: Trailer: Official Site
Star Trek: Nemesis: Trailer
About Schmidt: Trailer
Chicago: Trailer
LOTR: The Two Towers: Trailer
The Hours: Trailer

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Today's PollThe best (well, my favorite, hence, "the best") chase atop a moving train was in... (vote)

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IMDb Movie of the Day
Don't let the goofy title fool you -- for most of its running time, Jeepers Creepers is one of the most suspenseful, spine-tingling and, yes, creepy horror films to come along in a good long while. With a set-up like one of those urban legends you hear while sitting around a bonfire at pre-adolescent sleepaway camp, Victor Salva's thriller will crawl under your skin and make you antsy with delicious dread. Two siblings, Trish (Gina Philips) and Danny (Justin Long), are wending their way back home from college via the rural highways of the Midwest, the kind of roads where you see one house for every ten thousand stalks of corn, and any cell phone you might have brought along would have hard trouble finding a signal. Bickering amiably about dirty laundry and such, the sibs are suddenly beset by a truck (license plate: BEATNGU) that's barreling down the road like a bat of hell, and threatening to run Trish's classic roadster off the road like so much highway litter. After getting out of the freakazoid driver's way, Trish and Danny resume their trip with rattled nerves, only to see the BEATNGU truck later parked by an abandoned church, where the trench-coated driver is stuffing something suspiciously corpse-like down a large drainpipe coming up from the ground. What are two kids stuck in a horror flick to do, besides turn around and check things out? (As Trish helpfully points out, "You know the part in horror movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates him for it? This is it.") And by the time Danny starts sticking his head -- and then half his body -- down the drainpipe, even the most jaded horror movie fan will be screaming, "Don’t go down there! Don’t go down there!" Of course, Danny does, and what he finds is... well, it wouldn't be proper to give away all the scares, but suffice it to say that despite some over-reaching plot twists near the end, Jeepers Creepers is one hell of a roller-coaster ride, with ingeniously simple thrills and enough dark shadows to keep you lying awake at night, wondering if something's in the closet... (-more) (Movie of the Day Archive)

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Click for more trivia!
Truly Trivial
Rock Hudson was Universal Studio's first choice for the lead role in this acclaimed 1962 film. (answer)

Movie/TV Quote of the Day

             WHIPPET ANGEL
All dogs go to heaven because, unlike people, dogs are naturally kind.
From All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)
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Mon December 2, 2002:
Celebrity News
* Rosie's New Baby
* J.Lo Fires Hair Stylist
* Gallagher Charged with Grievous Bodily Harm
Studio Briefing
* 'Secrets' Beats Secret Agent
* You've Got Sale?
* Bollywood in Throes of Box Office Disaster
Celebrity Interviews/Articles
* Glen Keane - Treasure Planet
* Guy Ritchie

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, December 3, 2002:
* Julianne Moore (42)
* Brendan Fraser (34)
* Holly Marie Combs (29)
* Daryl Hannah (42)

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