Fanfiction by Lari R    




At a Moments Notice

G | 6K |MSR, Post Existance

Some humor, some angst, and a lot of schmoop!

A Glimpse of Hell

G | 10K | Post-TINH

Scully has to endure another heartbreaking experience following Mulder's death.

His Safe Embrace

G | 6K |MSR

A glimmer of hope and happiness for Scully.

The Gift

NC-17 | 18K | MSR

Mulder and Scully reach a momentous decision that will irrevocably alter their relationship. This story takes place one day before the events in "Requiem".

A Unique Creation

G | 11K | MSR

Scully endeavors to save a precious moment to share with Mulder.

Musings of Special Agent John Doggett

R | 19K | MSR

Agent Doggett discovers the special bond between Mulder and Scully.

October the Thirteenth

PG-13 | 9K | MSR

"Oh God, she missed him so much. Loving him was the most joyous, satisfying thing that she'd ever done. He gave her everything of himself, and sometimes she was staggered by the richness of the bond between them."


His Father's Image

NC-17 | 15K | MSR

"The son. The father. Her flesh could feel them both; her senses could luxuriate in the sounds, smells and sights of them. With one she had created the other."

Almost Forever

NC-17 | 13K | MSR

"Mulder wanted so much for her. He wanted Scully to experience the joy of motherhood, he wanted to see her swollen with his child with a radiant glow on her face. He wanted to see a dark haired infant with her blue eyes and his full lips nursing contentedly at her breast." Hit Counter