Here are all the behind the scenes stories from 1998 and a few from 1997. Enjoy!

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  1. 12/21/98 - Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...! *NEW*
  2. 12/11/98 - Eddie, Luke, Peter, Timmy and more! *NEW*
  3. 11/26/98 - Pre-Thanksgiving - Kevin and Pete Take Off!
  4. 11/18/98 - The Money Man - Eddie Money!
  5. 11/13/98 - Skippy and Webster!
  6. 11/11/98 - Jeremy Flies!
  7. 10/31/98 - Boo Bash Recap!
  8. 10/30/98 - Kevin and Pete are dead!
  9. 10/16/98 - Tommy Chong Visits!
  10. 10/02/98 - Play Ball!
  11. 09/14/98 - Starr Report Reader!
  12. 08/28/98 - Live from New York!
  13. 08/27/98 - BankBoston Golf - Reporting Live!
  14. 08/26/98 - Creepy Cronkite and Roadtrip!
  15. 08/19/98 - First Online Chat!
  16. 08/12/98 - Creepy gets more air time!
  17. 08/06/98 - Creepy Traffic!
  18. 08/04/98 - Love Letters!
  19. 07/30/98 - Canobie Lake Park!
  20. 07/20/98 - They're Back!
  21. 06/25/98 - Creepy Runs The Show, Again!
  22. 06/19/98 - Creepy Runs The Show!
  23. 05/27/98 - The Ratings are up!
  24. 05/18/98 - The Great Bit-Off.
  25. 05/15/98 - Jeopardy Results.
  26. 05/13/98 - Jeopardy's in town.
  27. 05/08/98 - Get the bug out.
  28. 05/04/98 - Kevin says Good Morning.
  29. 05/01/98 - It's the Creepy Steve Show 5:30 - 6:00.
  30. 04/22/98 - Tickle me Kevin.
  31. 04/20/98 - Boston Marathon - It's the Creepy Steve Show! - Not.
  32. 03/27/98 - WWF Wrestling in Copley Square!
  33. 03/20/98 - Hooters Girls!
  34. 03/17/98 - Happy St. Patricks Day!
  35. 03/16/98 - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, HA!
  36. 03/06/98 - Who's stealing our newspaper?
  37. 03/04/98 - Patrick Stewart is here!
  38. 03/03/98 - Lori, Lori, Lori
  39. 03/02/98 - Pete is out Sic
  40. 02/26/98 - Grammy loosers!
  41. 02/23/98 - Sake for everyone!
  42. 02/05/98 - Going to Nagano
  43. 01/29/98 - A trip to Seaworld
  44. 01/23/98 - Sex, Sex, Sex
  45. 01/16/98 - Boston Music Awards
  46. 01/14/98 - Creepy Steve's Audition Tape
  47. 01/12/98 - Kevin surfs the web
  48. 01/05/98 - Kenny Kramer can't wait
  49. 12/16/97 - Homeless Jeff Love Song to Lori
  50. 12/12/97 - Eagle 93.7 Night at the Celtics
  51. 12/01/97 - Sing and Snore Ernie and Arthur
  52. 11/26/97 - Young MC and Big Mac
  53. 11/24/97 - Sunny from WWF and her brains
  54. 11/20/97 - Gary Glitter, Freddie Stone and Burger King
  55. 11/18/97 - Patriots, Homeless Jeff and Toys

past events


"Can you get the pig farmer on the phone?" Kevin Karlson

Jeremy was on the road today, so I produced the show. It was a lot of fun. I got a couple of great guests on the phone, that were in today's news.

Baby Jesus was stolen from a nativity scene in New Hampshire. We spoke with the police chief from Meredith, New Hampshire this morning. He told us that the people have not been caught yet who stole baby Jesus from a nativity scene and left a can of Spam in it's place. A second Jesus was also taken and a can of kidney beans was left in it's place. You can call Meredith Village Savings to help replace the baby Jesus at (603) 279-7986!

The Pig Farmer plays music to his pigs, and his new neighbors don't like it. Paul Thompson Jr. plays country music all day to benefit his pigs. We had fun talking to him! If you want to check out the pig farmer, he has a web site you can check out at www.pigfarmer.com.

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"I've been sweating since the show started!" Kevin Karlson

We had more guests today than we've ever had in one day!

Brandon Cruz from Coutship of Eddie's Father was first. Brandon came into the studio with a leather jacket, earing, and black cap. Not the same way we remember him from the TV show. Eddie is now a punk rocker. He was interesting. He's now in a punk rock band. The funniest thing was when Kevin played Brandon's remake of the theme song from the TV show. Starts off slow, then goes wild! Eddie is a punk!

Jon Provost, who played Timmy on Lassie was next. I always learn something from one of Kevin's interviews. Kevin found out that Lassie DID NOT RESPOND to any of Timmy's commands on the show. All the commands came from the dog trainer! Timmy says, "Lassie, go get the ball". Lassie barks, "Woof, Woof" (translated, that means "Screw you Timmy!")

Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker called in next. The biggest response was for the new Nintendo video games that Kevin gave away after the interview. We got at least one hundred calls after that interview!.

Jordana Brewster was on next. She's in the new movie, The Faculty, where all the teachers are taken over by aliens! A big interest to Pete was the fact that her mother was a Sports Illustrated swinsuit model and that Jordana is a babe!

The Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz came in next. Four of them came into the studio. They are all in their late 70's early 80's. Kevin asked for all the dirt on the production of the movie and the Munchkins had a great time on the air. They needed help getting up onto the chairs in the studio!

Christopher Knight, Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch TV show came in next. This is when all the cameras came out and all the women at the station wanted to get their picture taken with him. He was great. Kevin wanted to know about all the sex going on during the filming of the show, but he was just a little kid at the time and just had fun playing hide and seek on the lot. If you want to check out a web site you can go to the Unofficial Brady Bunch Home Page. We took a picture of him with the Morning Show Crew. It should be posted on the Eagle Web site sometime in 1999.

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"Kevin and Pete aren't here!" Lori Duchesne

It's the Creepy Steve Show! NOT.

Well, the day I have been waiting for happened today. Both Kevin and Pete didn't show up this morning. Kevin said on the air yesterday that he had won the basketball competition against Pete. The winner got the day off. Pete contested the decision and he took the day off too.

I can't really describe the situation prior to going on the air at 5:30 AM without Kevin around, but let's just say the studio was electric! Lori is the senior air talent so she put the first couple of breaks together. Jeremy is the senior producer, so he co-ordinated the timing of the breaks and commercials. Lori asked me if I wanted to do the sports since Pete was gone. I would have loved to do the sports, but I didn't have a chance to answer because Jeremy said, "No, Lori, you do the sports with the news. I want to keep it simple." Obviously, Jeremy doesn't want me to get any air time. I wrote some sports reports for Lori and she presented them within the news.

You might have heard me on the air briefly while Lori was taking calls about how to prepare her turkey for Thanksgiving. I said, "My wife cooked our turkey in the microwave last year." Lori asked, "How did it turn out?" I answered, "Great, except we had to eat at 7:30 in the morning." That's the kind of humor you are missing out on when I don't get on air.

The only way I'll get more air time is if Jeremy goes out some morning with Kevin and Pete, and all the communications fail. Then I'll be left in the studio to do The Creepy Steve Show.

Lot's of people referred to BUTTERBALL for answers on cooking the turkey. Good luck Lori. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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"This is going to be a wild interview, Eddie doesn't have a shirt on!" Kevin Karlson

Eddie Money came into the studio this morning and hung out with us for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun. He is a great guy.

Jeremy had to go pick Eddie up, so I produced the show while he was gone. Jeremy came back, and brought Eddie into the studio. Eddie opened his jacket to show us that he didn't have a shirt on. Eddie asks, "Do you guys have a shirt around here?" We gave him a morning show T-Shirt, which he put right on. He told us that all his clothes were on his tour bus, which hadn't arrived in Boston yet. His band took the bus and Eddie flew into town.

Here's some behind the scenes stuff. We were sitting in the green room, and Eddie had both hot tea and a glass of cold water. He heard the replay of Kevin's call to the used computer store where he tried to sell his Atari game. Eddie liked the call. He thinks Kevin and Pete are funny. So do I! While we were waiting to go into the air studio, I was taking calls from people who wanted to talk with Eddie. I had four calls on hold and a fifth came in. The woman on the phone asked, "Can I ask Eddie a question". I told her to hold on and then passed the phone over to Eddie. She was surprised. Eddie had a nice chat with her!

In the studio Eddie sat in Lori's chair, and Lori shared the microphone with Pete. Eddie was really fun to listen to both on and off the air. He was just the same on the air as he was when the microphone was off. Eddie was one of the nicest guests we've had on the show.

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"What you talkin' bout Willis?" Kevin Karlson

Emannuel Lewis and Mark "Skippy" Price were on the show today. Emannuel Lewis was Webster on TV. He is still as short as he was when he was on the TV show, 4' 1". He has a great sense of humor. He'd have to, dealing with Kevin and Pete. He seemed to really get a kick out of talking with "Michael Jackson" on the phone.

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"Meters are free in Boston Today!" Lori Duchesne

I wish I knew meters were free before I parked in the garage.

It's been busy since Halloween. We flew Jeremy over the Mass Pike on a balloon covered beach chair. Kevin told me they were going to do it, and for a minute I thought I would have to decide if I wanted to be strapped to a beach chair and sent up into the atmosphere for the good of the show. But I was lucky, Jeremy weighs less than me so he went up in the chair and I just had to report from the Mass Pike.

This morning Kevin asked Jeremy for a cup of water. Kevin can't leave the studio, so he asked Jeremy to get the water. Of course Jeremy tells me, "Kevin wants you to get him some water". I don't care if I have to get water or hot chocolate, it doesn't matter to me. It was funny though when Kevin brought it up on the air. He loves it when we are in competition.

The Air Awards ceremony at the Marriott Long Wharf was great. I got to meet a lot of nice people. I saw Jimmy Tingle. He's working on running for President!

Dana Hersey and Tom Bergeron were great hosts. I can't print any of what they said here though. It will be a great day when I win one of those awards. It will happen.

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"Welcome to the best costume party in New England!" Kevin Karlson

Annual Boo Bash

The annual Boo Bash took place at the Circuits Nightclub at the Westin Hotel in Waltham.

This year it was invitation only. This keeps away the professional costume makers that go from party to party trying to win all the costume contests.

We had a great group of people at the party.

At the front door the Eagle Street Crew was checking everyone for an invitation. I had dressed up as a doctor. I made up a name tag that said, "Dr. Creepy Steve, Eagle Morning Crew". The girl at the door asked, "are you on the list"? She then looked at my badge and said, "Oh, you on the morning show. OK, go in".

Once I got in there, I saw Kevin, dressed up as Linda Trip, Pete as Bill Clinton, Lori as Monica and Jeremy as Kevin Starr. They all did a great job.

The listeners did a great job too with their costumes. It was difficult choosing the best, but 10 costume stood out for the best costumes of the night.

Boo Bash Top Ten Costumes

Bong and Bag of Pot

Man being carried by monster

Chest of Drawers and Night Stand

Austin Powers with great teeth

Drew Carey and Mimi

Microwave Oven

Cheerleader with mustache

Devil with a blue dress

Caveman and woman


$1,000 Winner

The Bong and Bag of Pot and the Man being carried by monster, split the prize because they were both excellent. The winners were chosen by the crowd.


The music for the night was provided by the best cover band in the United States, Fortune. They also do their own songs, but for the Eagle they play the greatest hits of the 70's and 80's.

When it comes to Journey, Foturne is the best. They played , "Don't Stop Believing". This is our favorite. I recently printed out the lyrics for Kevin prior to his interview last week with Journey. Kevin can't remember the lyrics to any songs. I'm trying to get him to pick a song and memorize the lyrics. He should have memorized these. His big fear is being called up on stage to sing along to a song and not know the words.

Well at the Boo Bash it happened. The lead singer of Fortune, Bob Vose, points over to Kevin and says, "you sing the words". I looked over and Kevin was nowhere to be found. Too embarrassed I expect.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

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"I'll answer the phone at 6:00 AM!" Kevin Karlson

Someone found the tombstone!

The phones started lighting up at 5:30 AM.

It looked like we were going to have a winner at 6:00 AM. People were calling to tell us they THOUGHT they had found the tombstone. We told all the listeners to call back at 6:00 AM.

When Kevin started taking the calls, it was funny. People thought they found the tombstone because it had EAGLES on it, or it had PUMPKINS on it. One listener called saying the tombstone said, "Mr. Roberts" on it. Kevin kept telling them that they would know it when they saw it.

Well, the tombstone was found, and it had - KARLSON AND MCKENZIE RIP on it. Pretty straight forward. Maybe Kevin and Pete will keep the tombstone and be buried next to each other.

I thought the best line of the morning was Kevin's when he said, "people should go out for Halloween as the Frozen Jack Dawes from Tatanic".

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"Pour water on the record!" Kevin Karlson

Tommy Chong came by to talk with us!

You know Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong? He came by this morning. Prior to his visit, Kevin says to me, "Go get my Cheech and Chong record and tape some songs". Kevin has a pile of records in the studio that I had never looked at. What a collection! Great records! I found a Cheech and Chong greatest hits record and went into our production studio to put a couple of tracks on tape.

We don't have a turntable in the air studio, so you need to put whatever you want to play on air on a tape ot CD. I started playing Earache My Eye, but it had a lot of scratches in it. Not good enough quality for airplay. I told Kevin, and he said, "pour some water on the record as it plays and it will float the needle over the record".

I got some water and put it on the track. It worked! I taped Earache My Eye and Basketball Jones. They came out great.

When Tommy Chong came in I hung out with him in the "green room". He is a cool dude. Lots of people came by to talk with him. He's a really nice guy.

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"OK, get out there to the Pink Line!" Kevin Karlson

This morning we found out that someone painted the Berkley/Boylston T Stop PINK!

I told Kevin that I'd get down there to check it out. When I got there, Gary Armstrong was there and I got him on the phone with Kevin for an interview it was great! And Pink!

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"Let's Have a Playoff Home Run Derby!" Kevin Karlson

I went down to Fenway Park this morning to give away some Red Sox tickets.

I brought a bat, ball and tee (like they use in T-Ball). I grabbed 5 people who stood in line overnight and 5 listeners who came down to meet me outside the park.

After getting Dan Rea and Bob Lobel, from Channel 4, on the air for interviews from Fenway, I started the contest. The first contestant hit the Fenway wall and the ball bounced off a police car. The officer then came over to me and told me that the competition was now over, because it was a danger to the public. I could see his point, we were hitting the ball into traffic at the people in line. We moved to a parking lot.

When we got to the parking lot, a fan was holding our ball hostage. He said we could only have the ball back, if I let him into the contest. After asking him for the ball back, three times, he threw it into the parking lot and went away. Probably because I had 10 contestants standing behind me who wanted to win the pair of tickets to the playoff game. Some of them were big guys! We hit our first ball and then on the throw back, hit a car. The police came and said we couldn't do the compettition there either. So we moved to the far end of the parking lot and had the contest. It was exciting. We had one clear winner who was psyched!

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"Just keep writing the lyrics!" Kevin Karlson

Here are the lyrics to the song I wrote this weekend, and Kevin played this morning.


Sung to the tune Paperback Writer by (Lennon/McCartney)


Dear Sir or Madam, HAVE you read HIS CASE?

It took HIM years to write, NOW IT'S EVERYPLACE.

Based on a SCANDAL by a man named BILL

SOON HE'LL need a job, so I want to be a STARR REPORT READER,


It's the dirty story of a dirty man

And his clinging wife doesn't understand.


It's a steady job but she wants to be a STARR REPORT READER,



It's FOUR HUNDRED pages, give or take a few,

THEY'LL be PRINTING more in a week or two.

HE can make it longer if you like the style,

HE can change it round and I want to be a STARR REPORT READER,


If you really like it you can have the rights,

It could make a million for you overnight.

If you must IGNORE it, you can CLOSE YOUR MIND

But I need TO KNOW and I want to be a STARR REPORT READER,





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"Live from NEW YORK!" Kevin Karlson

Today I had to go in early to produce the show because Kevin and Pete were broadcasting live from Comedy Central in New York. Jeremy was with them.

Since they are in New York I had to read through the Boston Herald and Boston Globe to find any stories that they might want to talk about and send them down. I also had to prepare for the show. Kevin told me before he left that if the connection to New York isn't made, it's going to be the Creepy Steve Show.

I was ready, but everything worked out thanks to the super work of our engineer Blair. Too bad. Ha, Ha.

Lori reminded me that since it's a remote broadcast and Kevin and Pete can't see us, we shouldn't talk unless they talk to us.

Just before we went on the air, Lori stepped out for a minute. Kevin and Pete come on the air and Kevin says, "Lori, how does everything sound?". Well Lori is not there so I say, "Hey Kevin, Creepy Steve here. Everything sounds good". In the meantime Lori comes back, and hadn't heard Kevin ask the question. Next Kevin says, "Creepy why are you on the mike. I only want you to talk when we talk to you." Lori says, "I told him not to talk unless you asked him a question."

Kevin says, "All Creey Steve wants is his own show. He was probably ready to do the show if we didn't come on the air". He then went on to do the show LIVE from New York!

Some day I'll get my own show���

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"Get me Lee Trevino!" Kevin Karlson

I went out to the BankBoston Classic today. I went looking for an interview for the morning show. I got a program when I arrived to see what golfers were going to be there. First on the list was Lee Trevino. I knew Pete would love to get him on the line for an interview.

I saw he was going off the first tee at 8:15, so I got there early and staked out the area. I had my walkman on and cell phone ready to go.

I called into the station and got Kevin on the line. He put me on the air. I reported where I was. I told him I was going to try to get Lee Trevino on the line for him. Kevin says, "Don't call in here and bother us unless you have Lee Trevino on the phone". He hung up. I then heard him say, "I bet Creepy is out there wearing an Eagle shirt and bothering all the golfers".

How did he know I had an eagle shirt on?

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"Drink the water!" Kevin Karlson

The morning started off in a typical manner. Kevin started saying how I couldn't do a Walter Cronkite impression. I gave a sample on the air and I thought it sounded great, so Kevin says I had four minutes to produce a Walter Cronkite bit. He was saying this because a guy who does voices over at Kiss 108 got fired and he says I should try out for his job.

So after four minutes went by I did the Cronkite impression. I think it went OK.

Next Kevin says I need to take the Eagle van and a paper cup over to Boston Public Garden.

I got in the truck and started to drive over there. I called him on the cell phone and he explained that he wanted me to drink the water from the pond to see how it tasted because the ducks that lived there were dying!

As I was driving over there I heard someone call in to tell Kevin not to have me drink out of the pond because I could get very sick from the bacteria in there.

Next I called Kevin back and he still wants me to drink out of the pond. He says I'll do it on the next break.

I went and filled up my cup with water and drank it when he told me to on the air. I spit it out though. You don't think I'd go and drink pond water do you!

I think it was a good day. Lot's of air time. That's what I like. Friday, Kevin, Pete and Jeremy go to NYC to broadcast live. I'll be back in the studio with lori to do the "Steve Show" if there are any problems with the remote connection!

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"Was the Chat a success?" Kevin Karlson

Kevin's happy now. We had our first chat after the show. It was a success. We got one listener to chat with us.

We would have had more, but the eagle web site was down so no one else could log onto the chat room!

Kevin has heard that sometime the volume of users trying to get onto a web site brings the compter down. I think that's what happened.

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"Don't call other radio stations!" Kevin Karlson

Kevin got mad again. He heard I called Mix 98.5 yesterday to answer a question. He gets so upset when I talk to other radio stations.

Kevin says, "Don't call other shows! You are helping their programming. We are in competition with them. Do you know that if our ratings go up to a certain point Pete and I get $10,000 each?"

Kevin says to Jeremy, "Will you write up a letter for Creepy's file that says he called Mix 98.5? Send it to the Program Director."

I said to Jeremy, "Can I have a copy of that letter too, for my resume. I can use it for prove I did some on-air work on Mix 98.5!"

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"It's Creepy on Traffic" Lori Duchesne

I reported the traffic from Wilson Square in Peabody this morning.

I thought the whole report went over the air, but when I heard the tape, I saw that they cut off the whole end of my report.

Traffic backs up between 7:30 and 8:00. Try Lowell Street as an alternate route.

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"Who looked good?" Jay Michaels

I did a report on my trip up to Rockport to watch the filming of Love Letters.

My brush with greatness was keeping and eye on Tom Everett Scott's Coke while he went to shoot a scence. I went up there looking for a bit part or crew job, but it's pretty boring standing around all day waiting for the shots to be set up and then filming the same scene over and over.

Tom Everett Scott is a nice looking kid.

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"Creepy Creeped Up on Me!" Kevin Karlson

I spent the afternoon with Kevin and Pete at Canobie Lake Park.

I expected to go up for an hour and leave, but I stayed for 6 hours. I had a blast riding all the rides with Kevin and Pete.

On the roller coaster, I rode in a car with Kevin. He is so fat that the bar comes down on his stomach to hold him into the car, but on my side I still has 2 feet of room between me and the bar. When we hit the firatr drop I came right out of my seat and went flying.

I also went on the new Boston Tea Party ride with Kevin. I was so much fun I went a second time with Pete. You get soaked by 10,000 gallons of water. At the end of the ride Kevin and I exchanged high fives!

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"How many Jay Michaels are there?" Kevin Karlson

Kevin, Pete and Lori came back from a weeks vacation today.

Last week I had fun working with Jay Michaels. Kevin said all the DJ's in New Hampshire are called Jay Michaels.

I did the second impression of Barry Scott at 5:50, Jeremy did the first.

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"It's a tie!" Kevin Karlson

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with Marc Rosenthal. It was great having him in the studio with his sandals. Kevin and Pete were racing to the west coast and Marc was hosting the show for the morning. I ran the board again.

This morning Kevin and Pete broadcast live from San Diego, again I pushed all the buttons at the appropriate times in the studio in Boston. I thought that Jeremy's Kennedy call was a riot. We'll replay it tomorrow morning.

The race ended up in a tie when Pete got on the same flight as Kevin for the final flight to San Diego. It wasn't planned, it just happened.

Tomorrow Kevin will be back in Boston and Pete has the day off.

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"You're running the board!" Kevin Karlson

It's been a while since I've put an update here, but I haven't really had many Emails asking for an update, so I'm probably just updating these pages for the benefit of my own typing skills.

This was an exciting week. Kevin was off on Thursday and both Kevin and Pete were out on Friday. This gave me the opportunity to 'run the board' for the whole show. It went great.

Run the board - Kevin usually runs the board during the show. This means playing all the music and commercials and bringing up and down the studio microphones at the right time. As the show is being broadcast lots of things are going om in the studio. The board operator has to remain calm and keep the show moving.

Playing Songs - We have a music log that show the time of the song, intro time and how it ends. When you put the CD in the CD player, the display shows how long the song is. After you hit play, the display counts down from the length of the song to zero. This way you can watch the display to see how much time is left on the song. It's also a good idea to listen to the beginning of the song to make sure it doesn't skip. When you listen to the beginning of the song you can also see if it fades in or starts strong. This way you can figure out when you want to start it based on how the last thing you played ends.

Commercials - When we have commercial breaks, we play one commercial after another. You need to watch for the outcue of the commercial along with the total time of the commercial to know when to start the next one. Each commercial has a label on it showing the the outcue, ex: see us today! and the total time ex: :60.

When you listen to radio, you shouldn't hear any silence between the songs or commercials.

Dana Hersey was filling in for the guys on Thursday and Friday. He has a great personality to go along with his great voice. I enjoyed meeting him.

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"The ratings are up!" Kevin Karlson

When I came in this morning, Kevin told me that the ratings are up. This is a good thing.

Kevin looked at me and said, "Creepy, you are the reason our ratings have increased." Looking at Kevin, I could tell he was pleased.

I said thanks. Inside I was bursting. I knew I played a major part in the success of the morning show. But, now Kevin had acknowledged it!

When I got outside the building, I yelled, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss!".

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"Let's have a Bit-Off!" Kevin Karlson

Kevin turned Jeremy and my creative efforts into a competition. We each did a comedy bit for the show and Kevin had the listeners vote to see which bit was best. Kevin put up $100, and Pete and Lori also put up $100.

After we counted up the votes, It was decided that no one should get the money.

A sampling of the calls, "Neither of them was any good". "Creepy should get a job in another department".

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"How did Creepy do?" Kevin Karlson

The results are in from the Jeopardy try outs. I missed the finals by one question.

It was a lot of fun. The people from the Jeopardy show were great. Even though I didn't make the cut, they let me stay with the eleven other finalists to compete using the actual Jeopardy buzzers.

I need to study European History, Geography, Astonomy and Chemistry. Pop Culture and TV I'm good at!

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"Creepy, You should be good at Jeopardy?" Kevin Karlson

You might have heard Kevin this morning saying I'm going to try out for Jeopardy tomorrow, so you'll hear them quiz me tomorrow to prepare prior to going to the tryout.

I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work lately. I found George Costanza from West Roxbury on Monday and the Soup Nutsy in New York City for Tuesday. I also got the phone # for the woman who testified to the grand jury today.

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"Creepy, What's in the envelope?" Kevin Karlson

I brought in an envelope that contained a bug that I had to have a doctor take out of my ear! I knew Kevin would love this story. Wednesday night I felt a bug go into my ear. I had to go to the doctor on Thursday morning to have it removed. I asked the Doctor if I could keep the bug because I knew it would make good radio. Working on this show has truly warped my mind.

The misfortune of others makes great radio.

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"I love the conflict between Creepy and Jeremy." Kevin Karlson

Kevin loves when Jeremy and I have conflicts in the studio. We must have spent a half hour discussing Jeremy interrupting my conversations with both Kevin and Pete. We also talked about Kevin saying Good Morning to me every day. Kevin, says good morning to me, because I'm not getting paid. If I ever get paid, he'll probably greet me with a grunt.

Today I had an idea to make a bit about the Globe printing sports stories in Spaninsh the day after Pedro Martinez pitches. I read the story in Spanish and Pete translated into English. It sounded great. That bit got a round of applause!.

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"Creepy, It's your show from 5:30 to 6:00." Kevin Karlson

The breakdown I have been waiting for finally happened. Kevin and Pete were out at Jordan's Furniture in Natick/Framingham with Lori and Jeremy, for a remote live broadcast. It was 5:30 and the remote communication wasn't working! Kevin called me on the phone and said, "Since we can't get it running, it's the Creepy Steve show from 5:30 to 6:00, go for it".

I was sorry that the communication wasn't working, but only for a minute. I did two breaks.

Listen to my intro to a Tick Off A Trucker replay (639k).

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"Jeremy, Tickle me." Kevin Karlson

Pillsbury is running a contest to see who has the funniest giggle. Kevin called the 800 # and then told Jeremy to tickle him so he could giggle. When the phone beeped, Jeremy tickled Kevin and he laughed and laughed. We all laughed into the phone. Kevin laughing out of control is a funny sight!

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"Creepy, you're going to run the show!" Kevin Karlson

The day of the Marathon I was in the studio to produce the show. At 5:20 Kevin asked me to tell the board operator, the one who plays all the songs and commercials, to do something. I told Kevin that no one was there yet. He then told me, "Creepy, since you are the only one there, you are going to run the show. Can you do it?". I said, "Yes". Then the door opened and TJ, the board operator, walked in. Too bad. Almost had a chance to run the show!

Next we brought up the microphones for Kevin and Pete in Hopkington, but their voices couldn't be heard. Another break, maybe I could do the 'Creepy Steve Show'? Kevin called on the phone and told us to just play music until they got their microphones working. They got them working at 6:00 and went on the air. Too bad.

John O'Hurley, who plays J. Peterman on the Seinfeld Show and Creepy Steve outside the studio

John O'Hurley, who plays J. Peterman on the Seinfeld show was a guest. I spoke with him before we went on the air and he told me how much fun it was to shoot the last episode of Seinfeld. I enjoyed meeting him.

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"Creepy, you're going to wrestle listeners!" Kevin Karlson

The WWF was in town for WrestleMania XIV. Kevin thought it waould be a good idea for me to go out and wrestle some listeners for WWF prizes. First I went over to Dunkin Donuts for two dozen donuts, making sure I had some chocolate ones for Kevin. After I dropped some of the donuts off for Kevin, I left the building and found around 50 people there waiting for me. I gave away some WWF stuff and donuts, then ran over to Copley Square. Soon, people were driving up and running out of their cars. I started off thumb wrestling, but Kevin got bored with that very quickly.

Kevin said, "I want to hear your body hit the ground." So, the next guy to show up was Al. We went over to the grassy area and after I removed my jacked Al threw me to the ground and started hitting me. I was screaming, "Stop, that's enough!" He got a signed Stone Cold Steve Austin T-Shirt. I got grass stains.

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"There's a new Hooters in town!" Kevin Karlson

The Hooters girls came in on National Meat-Out Day. They came in right after Kevin told the guy from PETA that we were giving away meat to a lucky listener. The Hooters girls promoted Hooters chicken fingers.

I asked the girls for a deck of Hooters playing cards for my newphew. They said, "Sure, your nephew, ah, huh."

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"Creepy, Go outside and ask for a kiss." Kevin Karlson

Pete McKenzie and Creepy Steve at the St. Patricks Day Kegs and Eggs Broadcast

Live remote broadcast from Houlihan's this morning. First Kevin had me stick my head in a bucket of water to see if I could 'bob' for potatos. Next he had me go outside and ask people, "Kiss me I'm Irish". It was funny when I talked to one guy from Serbia and another guy from Africa. Great breakfast and good food! Come see us at our next remote.

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"Creepy, Jeremy does an impression of you." Kevin Karlson

I came back from vacation to find out that Jeremy has developed an impression of my laugh. I think I do it better. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, HA!

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"Creepy, Get in a box." Kevin Karlson

This morning I hid in a box by the mailroom to see who was stealing our newspapers. We caught three people.

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"Creepy, You're interviewing Patrick Stewart." Kevin Karlson

When I walked into the studio at 4:30 AM Kevin told me that Patrick Stewart would be in the studio today and that I was going to interview him. This was going to be great. I prepared my questions, the best of which was, "In Star Trek: First Contact Alfre Woodard's character compares you to Captain Ahab in your quest to destroy the Borg, now you're playing Captain Ahab in a USA Network movie. As captain of this new crew, how do they compare to the crew of the enterprise?" The time for the interview came, but Patrick Stewart was nowhere to be found, he left the building early.

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"Lori, Lori, Lori." Kevin Karlson

Lori Duchesne got a theme song today. It's a catchy tune. Lori, Lori, Lori Lori...

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"Creepy, You're doing the Sports today." Kevin Karlson

Well, today it happened, the big break every intern looks foprward to, one of the hosts gets sick. When I came in today, Kevin told me Pete McKenzie was sick and not coming in. I would do the sports. I felt bad for Pete, but only for a second. Preparing for the sports was a great experience. I got all my stories together and Kevin said I would do the first sports report and Jeremy would do the second. Whoever did better would do the third report. As I was doing the first report, Kevin press a buzzer. BUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Kevin, "Do you know who was announcing on that tape you just played?" I didn't know. That's how the report went. It was great. Jeremy did a good job too. Kevin flipped a cloin for the third report. Jeremy won the toss, but lost in the end because he had to read the report with Sargent Slaughter and George the Animal Steel breathing down his neck.

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"Playing all the Grammy loosers." Kevin Karlson

Classic rock artists didn't fair too well in the Grammys. So Kevin plays a song from Sting, Then says, "We're Eagle 93.7, playing all the Grammy loosers. Just like kids, we love them anyways. Now, here's Fleetwood Mac on Eagle 93.7".

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"Can you put some orange juice in my Sake?" Kevin Karlson

I had a great time in Nagano. The best part was being part of the Olympic experience. Some of the highlights: Riding the Shinkansen Bullet train, Skiing in Hakuba, Watching the women's cross country skiing, Going to the restaurant and having the waiter go into the fish tank to get the fish he was going to serve me for dinner, pointing to the plastic food in the restaurant window to the waitress to show her what I wanted, Tokyo Disneyland, Japanese television with the US movie stars doing the commercials, Gold Medal ceremony in Nagano Square where Nikki Stone of Westborough got the medal, Finding the key to happiness in Zenkoji temple, going to Nozawa Onsen for the spas, slurping my noodles to show enjoyment.

I had a great experience and enjoyed sharing it with you each day. It made me do more while I was there and helped me remember it. When I came back in on Monday morning I brought in Sake. It's a rice wine that we all tasted. Kevin liked his mixed with Orange Juice.

This is Creepy Steve reporting from the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan EXCLUSIVELY for Eagle 93.7.

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"Do you want to go to Nagano?" Kevin Karlson

Biggest news of the week is the Olympics. I've been doing Olympic updates for Pete during sports. At the end of Wednesday's show, Kevin asked me if I would go to Nagano and report for the Eagle. It took me two seconds to say yes.

I'll be flying on Japan Airlines out of JFK airport on Thursday. I'll arrive in Tokyo at Narita International Airport on Friday at 4:00PM.

Tune in next week for exclusive reports from the Winter Olympics in Nagano.

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"Kevin can't talk." Mrs. Kevin Karlson

Vinnie came in on Wednesday for his last appearance on the show before going to California. Kevin was at home, sick. Vinnie called Kevin at home to say goodbye. Kevin's wife answers and says, "Kevin can't come to the phone to talk". I called Kevin after the show and got him on the phone. He barely had any voice at all! Vinnie Favorito is on his way to Hollywood to become a big star.

Pete, Lori and Jeremy went down to Seaworld on Thursday and Friday. I had to produce the show with Fuat running the board. I was a lot of fun. Getting up at 2:30 AM and in the studio at 3:00 AM was different.

It was fun throwing in the sound effects of car crashes, piano music and ocean sounds.

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"I lost my place in the script." Kevin Karlson

Looking back at this week's show, we talked a lot about the relationships between men and women and women and women. Doc on the Love Boat, Bernie Kopell, had lots of relationships with the guest stars on the Love Boat. On the show only, he said.

Kylie Ireland, came into the studio for an interview. She talked about her relationships with the leading men in her movies, all 200 of them. She brought along photos and magazines. The guys liked the pictures. Lori didn't.

Monica Lewinsky was the big topic on Friday. I read that the President, allegedly, gave her Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. A book of suggestive poems. I went out onto the web and got a copy of the book. Pete took it and made a call to the show in the voice of Bill Clinton. Halfway through the call, there was silence. Kevin says, "Was I supposed to ask you something?" Pete, as Bill Clinton says, "Yeah, the book." Kevin says,"I lost my place in the script." Pete then read some passages. That's the great thing about the show. Even the mistakes are funny.

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"What makes you a critic!" Kevin Karlson

Last night I went to the Boston Music Awards. It was a great show. Paula Cole was the big winner with four awards including Act of the Year, Outstanding Female Vocalist, Outstanding Song/Songwriter - "I Don't Want To Wait", and Single of the Year - "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?". Aerosmith won Outstanding Rock Band. They were in Phildelphia. A guy named Chuck got up on stage and accepted for them. He was a riot. He said, "You know that song Love in an Elevator? I was there! I introduced Aerosmith to Run DMC. See this Aerosmith book, I'm not in chapter one". Then he proceeded to rip out chapter one of the book and throw it on the floor. He was great.

Rubyhorse won for Outstanding New Local Rock Band. They came here from Ireland 12 months a go. They performed live. I liked them. Sounded a little like U2 and The Beatles. Keep an eye on them.

Kevin wants to know what makes me a critic. I just know what I like.

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"It's not your show! Go to the back of the room!" Kevin Karlson

Kevin got all upset because he found out I gave an audition tape to the Eagle program director. He thinks I'm going behind his back. I'm not. All I want is to get my own show on the Eagle. How long do I have to put up with Kevin yelling, "It's not your show! Go to the back of the room!".

So, Kevin takes my tape and airs it during the morning show and confronts me with it. It's not a problem for me, It's just more air time. I think it sounded great. I hope the program director was listening.

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"I'm embarrassed using the mouse" Kevin Karlson

After the show, I showed Kevin this Web site. I showed him how to use the mouse and look around. He liked the Creepy Steve graphic at the top of the page. Next he started searching the Web and reading all kinds of stuff on the Web. I think he liked it. He had some trouble using the mouse, but with practice, he'll get the hang of it. Next lesson, Solitaire.

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"We don't need any stars on this show, we'll do it ourselves." Kevin Karlson

Kenny Kramer was all set to be in the show for an interview. He's the basis for the Kramer character on Seinfeld. Jeremy got him on the line and put him on hold. Guests get to listen to the show while they are on hold. It seems that we had him on hold for too long, 10 minutes, so he hung up.

Kenny called back and yelled at Jeremy for keeping him on hold so long. The he asked if we wanted to reschedule. This prompted Kevin to say we don't need any stars on the show anymore. "We'll do it ourselves!"

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"Sorry Homeless, Lori's in Florida." Kevin Karlson

Homeless Jeff Love Song

Oh Lori, Oh Lori
When are you coming home?
My heart is breaking
Oh Lori, My nights are filled with pain,
My mind is all around you.
Please come home so I can Hold you again.
Come Home for the Holidays
Come Home for the Holidays
Come Home for the Holidays
Come Home for the Holidays
I yearn for you.

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"I knew they'd win!" Kevin Karlson

Eagle 93.7 Night at the Celtics - 12/12/97

We had a great time at the Celtics game! The last quarter was exciting with the Celtics coming from behind to beat the Washington Wizards 97-88!

The listeners that won the family four packs of tickets helped us rock the Fleet Center. They use a noise meter during the game to see how loud the crowd can get and we hit the top! It was loud and the Celtics responded.

Michael Holley from the Boston Globe reports that Rick Pitino said it was one of the "best college crowds I've heard." He said that the college description was intentional since most NBA arenas don't generate that kind of noise.

The worst call of the night came when Pitino put McCarty and DeClercq into the game with the Celtics behind 82-73. The bad call did not come from Pitino, it came from one of our listeners who shouted, "This is the worst substitution that I have ever seen, what is Pitino doing!" Turns out Pitino made a great move because McCarty scored 6 points in a 10-0 run that put the Celtics ahead 83-82. The listener soon forgot what he had said minutes earlier and was leading the Eagle Crew with high fives all around.

A great time was had by all. Another great Eagle 93.7 night at the Fleet Center!

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"Ernie Sings and Arthur Sleeps?" Kevin Karlson

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the gift giving countdown starts. All the papers were reporting on toy shortages, Sing and Snore Ernie is the hottest toy of the year. We started talking about it, but Kevin called the toy, Sleep and Snore Ernie! Makes sense to me.

Kevin wished he had purchased a ton of these so he could buy low and sell high.    

He was too late. Calls started coming in, reports from listeners on where you could get a Sing and Snore Ernie. Maybe it's not too late to get some.

Next we talked about the cartoon character Arthur. A listener had to call in to tell Kevin that Arthur is an Aardvark!

It's tough keeping all these toys straight. Maybe a gift certificate would be best!

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"BIG MAC! Why didn't I think of that?" Kevin Karlson

Kevin interviewed Young MC. He wrote the biggest hip-hop single of the decade, Tone-Loc's "Wild Thing" and the follow-up "Funky Cold Medina," establishing a reputation for witty rhymes even before he'd started his solo career. His first record yielded the party classic "Bust A Move" and earned him a Grammy.

It was a great interview. Young MC even said that he sounds like an accountant when he isn't ryming.    

Kevin wanted to have a 'Rapper Name' and asked if Young MC liked 'Mac Daddy' or 'Daddy Mac'.

Young MC said 'Big Mac' sounded good.

Kevin liked it too, for his name and for lunch!.

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"You try to be nice to someone and look what happens." Kevin Karlson

Sunny from the WWF came in for an interview. She was on the show before and had made a call to the studio after her past visit to the show telling Kevin and Pete that they had a low rated show and that she could have been a doctor if she wanted to.

Sunny came back, but didn't know Kevin had a tape of the call.    

Sunny wasn't too happy. Kevin asked her if she would accept an apology. She wouldn't.

She told us that she was smarter than all of us combined and could have been a doctor if she wanted to. She chose WWF.

Sunny threw open the studio door and burst out into the hall. Sunny did not brighten our morning.

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"Misfortune of famous people makes good radio." Kevin Karlson

Gary Glitter was in trouble for having child pornography on his computer.  Police found out about it after he brought his computer in for service and the computer store reported him.  Gary does the song used at sports stadiums, it goes - DA DA DA da da, da da, da da.  We added new lyrics and played it throughout the day.  Going to jail da da, da da, da da, Going to jail da da, da da, da da...

Next was the story of the woman who had seven babies.  I did the "POP!" sound and the bit was: POP! Waaah! POP! Waaah! POP! Waaah! POP! Waaah! POP! Waaah! POP! Waaah! POP! Waaah! ...

Freddie Stone, The Excitable Boy, came in to perform some parody songs.  Kevin was thrilled.  Not because Freddie came in, but because he brought a dozen Dunkin Donuts !   Freddie played songs throughout the morning.  He was great.

I'd thought I  had seen the biggest smile on Kevin's face when the donuts arrived, but his smile got bigger when Jay, owner of Burger King in Copley Square, came in with a carton of food.  Jay brought in Egg Sandwiches, French Toast, Juice, Coffee and toys!   Everyone loved the food and was having so much fun eating that we almost forgot we had a show going on.

Kevin, "I think it would be great to own a Burger King."

Jay, "I think it would be great to be a DJ."

It was National Smoke-Out day.  We gave away a lot of quit smoking kits.   Good luck to everyone trying to quit.  The American Cancer Society has a lot of information. A caller told me he quit when a friend told him, "All the intelligent people I know have quit." 

We adopted Tim to help him quit.  We called him throughout the morning to show our support.  Stan was supposed to call him during the day, but didn't. 

Tim resumed smoking at 3:30 PM.

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"If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably Stan." Kevin Karlson

The Patriots Parody Song took a while to put together, but I think it came out great!   Stan plays the guitar and I read the lyrics.  After the 5th time reading it, I think I had it all memorized.

1996: Patriots Coach Bill Parcells takes the team to the Super Bowl and asks them to deliver.

1997: Patriots Coach Pete Carroll watches the Super Bowl on TV and asks Dominos to deliver.

Homeless Jeff strolls in off the street and wants to sing a song to Lori, why not. We really do care about Jeff and help him out when he visits us in the studio. He enjoys coming in and it seems like he wants to be a radio star.  He really did ruin the film from the Boo Bash by opening the camera before rewinding the film.

Stan prepares for the Stan-O-Gram with the topics:  Mickey Mouse , Mosh Pit and Finneran.  Stan asks me, "Who is Finneran?"  I say, "He's in government".

Top 10 Dangerous Toys list comes out.  Lori needs sound effects for Duck Quack, Electric Shock, Punch and Eye Poke.  I found all the effects except for the Duck Quack.  Stan ends up performing the Duck Quack.

Stan:  "Quack, Quack". 

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