JoyNet: MSX joystick network

JoyNet homepage

The JoyNet homepage is maintained by Laurens Holst. It contains instructions on how to build the cable, as well as other useful info.

JoyNet Tetris

My first game for JoyNet. It's not finished yet, but you can download test versions and comment on it.

02-09-1999: version 0.1

Two player using split screen. No JoyNet support yet.
Download it! [LZH, 3K]

Cable tester

If you have soldered a cable, you probably want to know if you did it right. That's what the cable test program is for.

To use it, download the BIN file and load it in BASIC:
The cable should be connected to joystick port 1 and the DIN5 plugs should be plugged into one another, creating a loop.

If your cable is good, every read will give the same bits as the write before it. If you get a mismatch, the bits that are wrong can tell you something about the problem.

That's about everything... Now just download the BIN file.

The source is also available. It's in ASCII format and was written in Compass, but it should be easy to adapt to another assembler. It contains a lot of comments, so it can probably help you understand how the joystick network works. Enough talking, simply download the assembly file if you want it.

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