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Tilley ATV Put to the Test

A newly developed Tilley Foundation, Inc. "all electric ATV" named the TATV (Tilley All Terrain Vehicle) was put to the test this week...Climbing hills, over rocks and boulders, mud bogging, in and out of woods, in water, up steep grades and real rough creek washout areas. Test were preformed by some 10 different drivers at the Tilley Foundation complex and surrounding areas that are heavily wooded.

"Test results were excellent," said Carl Tilley.

The Tilley Foundation and a new up-graded version of a charging device have ventured into the field of ATV's, Golf Carts and Electric Bikes with the charging device that keeps batteries fully charged and has no need to plug it in.

"Some additions like a roll bar, larger mud wheels and a slower speed will make it perfect," says Tilley.,

Carl Tilley admits that the speed is far to much at over 35 miles per hour and will gear it down to 15 miles per hour top speed for safety reasons. The TATV has interested people from fish and game law enforcement, Military applications, as well as, hunters and fishermen.


We have a new Chevrolet Blazer SUV that will be converted to all electric with our device along with a Golf Cart and a bicycle. The test will most likely be on the Interstate at normal speeds of 65 to 70 miles per hour. We expect to run at least 400 miles on only 12 off the shelf type batteries. The golf cart and bicycle will be tested at a different location by another independent group for verification. All of the parts necessary for the conversions should be in by this time next week.

Not being able to convert the Nissan Xterra, coupled with a legal challenge that attempted to stop the project took far too much valuable time to resolve and made it impossible for us to meet the schedule we had hoped for back in Mid-September.

For those of you that have been discussing acquiring the rights to the technology we will now entertain "private" showings if you wish, please contact Doug Littlefield at with any such requests.

A list of who will perform the validation test will be provided.

We discovered that in addition to our bearing problem on the left side that on the right side the transmission axle was hitting the top of the car frame on the curves at 96 mph and was cutting the shaft. These problems have been corrected but we will not do this race track thing for test....normal cars are just not set up for race track driving....a lesson quickly learned.

We have encountered some stiff opposition to stop this project....however, no matter what, it will be completed....I do not accept intimidation, threats or other attempts very well and it just makes me more determined than ever to get this product out and prove it.

Carl B. Tilley

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Validation Test at Nashville SuperSpeedway

Testing Saturday, September 7th was halted prematurely as a result of an axle bearing failure after only 17 miles. While this was certainly a disappointment it is not considered the end of the program by any means. Immediately upon returning to the workshop in Lebanon planning began for repair of the DeLorean which will include close attention to all mechanical systems, including bearings all around .

At this point a date for a repeat of the validation test has not been established as we have to access the time it will take to be fully prepared. In addition, strong consideration is being given to convert a more modern vehicle, perhaps an SUV, that may be more capable of handling the stress inherent in this type of testing. The intention would be to run both the DeLorean and this “second” vehicle at the same time.

While, understandably, Saturday did not turn out as anticipated several positive statements can be made:

Bobby Allison, after taking three laps at speeds up to 85MPH, commented he was impressed with the car’s power and performance. He commented to the media it was a shame to have a $25 part cause the test to stop. He is still interested in the technology and we will keep him updated on a regular basis.

Several independent engineers on hand to witness the test and inspect the DeLorean filed Validation Certifications before they left the racetrack. Their comments include:

“fast and only an increasing pitch hum”

“ Using a Wavetek 27XT multimeter the batteries tested at 144.8 V after the drive”

“silent , smooth and compelling”

“I feel the technology is there , I feel the chassis was not fully prepared for the banking on the Superspeedway”

“ top speed was 96MPH” (used stopwatch and lap distance)

“I built an electric car. I know this vehicle could not go more than 10 miles without recharging it’s batteries so the TEV charging system must work”

This test is not considered a failure, however we acknowledge it did not provide the irrefutable evidence we need to provide for the wide acceptance of this technology. We view the difficulty encountered as minor and we will shortly announce the next test date…..stay tuned !!!

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First test run made on car today August 5, 2002 at 4:30 p.m. .....all went better than expected.....more power and speed than ever thought would be produced. Witness on hand Bob Gaither, James Pitts, Kitty Tilley, Tony Reed, Patsy Harris and Carl Tilley. First trip run made by Carl Tilley....second test run by James Pitts. Bob Gaither said "It was like Kitty Hawk 2002".

Long test run today August 7, 2002 at 10:46 a.m.
Long test run today August 7, 2002 at 10:46 a.m. ......around 15 miles...... exceptional results....reached 70 and had plenty to problem with speed....rides good heat problems...everything looks good for California run.

August 11, 2002   Over 62 attended the unveiling with many actually driving the car

August 12, 2002   Speed test run.....126 miles per hour

August 13, 2002   Hill run up and down hills, turns and speed take offs.....witnessed by CBS News of Nashville, Tennessee.

August 14, 2002   Test on device charging system indicated massive amounts of power available into the battery bank to keep charged....looks good will know more with longer run tomorrow

August 15, 2002   102 mile road test today. Batteries tested at full charge on return of run.

August 18, 2002   12 noon, decided to get hamburgers drove TEV, just for the heck of it, mistake was we were swamped with people looking at the car. Round trip was 10 miles....not a good idea as we spent the rest of the day wiping off finger prints from the car.

August 19, 2002    1 P. M., decided to drive to Cookeville, TN. Total round trip miles, after side trips, was 201.6 miles . Car ran great....seems to love the Freeway and Interstate at 70 mph. Batteries full after run was completed

August 21, 2002     4.54 p.m. Tested car "WITHOUT" the TEV device to see how far it would go just on the battery bank fully charged......out of power after 9.8 miles...had to trailer the car back...................conclusion without the device hooked up the car can not even go 10 miles.

August 25, 2002     Tested all batteries to insure they were in good condition....discovered one of the batteries had a very weak cell...this is remarkable as the weak cell caused our charging device to produce even more to keep it toped other words even with a bad battery the TEV kept the batteries full.

August 29, 2002     Test run at Nashville Superspeedway today. A look at the track and test run for the drivers.

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   Loading Up To Go      Unloading At The Track        Special Gauges             New Battery Rack

   Telling The Story     On the Track at High Speed  Ready To Change Drivers   Camera Car In Front

  Coming Into The Pits            Another Run         View From The Camera Car     Some Of The Crew

    In Pits Garage Area

Movie clip of run " Out running a Corvette"
Movie clip of run " Taking Pictures for the camera car"

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September 7th, 2002     The test was 17.3 miles driven on the Superspeedway at speeds ranging from 80MPH to 96MPH. Test stopped after rear left wheel axle bearing failure. Independent engineer certified batteries were full after the drive.

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Ready Saturday Morning                      Guest Inspecting Car

         First Run             Bobby Allison Starting Run   Camera Car in Chase   

                   Checking Car After Run                Disappointed But Not Deterred

Movie clip of Carl Tilley taking the car out for a run
Movie clip of Bobby Allison at the wheel

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