Lost In Nebraska
Are you My Grandma?
There are many fustrations with being adopted.  Seems like the more I read and the more stories there are, the main concern is medical history.  Alot of adoptees are not wanting to disrupt anyone lives.  They just want a little background for them and their children.  I am not an adoptee but my husband is and I know how it effects the whole family.  It started to hit home when i first gotten pregnant and the doctor asked about medical history of the father.  All I could answer was "He was adopted and dosen't know anything" He grew up with many illnesses but dosn't know if their hereditry.  What do I look for in our children. I know of the illnesses on my side of the family, but what about his?  The only medical information that he has gotten through the Non-ID info was that the birth father had a possible heart problem.  Wow thats alot of information.  They could have been a little more specific but I guess they figured that was all that he needed to know.  Its time to open up some of the records and give adoptees the right to know.  Give then the respect to receive their medical backgrounds.  Its not intruding on someone elses rights when its about them.  This information effects their lives, their spouses and most of all the children.
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Hoping to be adding on to these links.  If you know if a good link, Email me
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