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G-IT004 Divina Enema - At The Conclave Cover Buy it now!

« Belarus is doubtlessly the land with the most talented acts in the whole Eastern Europe and Divina Enema from Minsk undeniably prove this statement. Musically, "At the Conclave" shows a highly impressive example of how a Doom/Black Metal album should be conceived and performed. Capturing the nostalgic and melancholic essence of Doom genre, the band incorporates in it the mysticism and audio violence of Black insanity, touchy cello, violin and saxophone (!) arrangements and complements this pinnacle by diverse types of vocals (varying from ultra-high pitched clean vocals to relentless growling). (…) This is a breath of pure, fresh air for the scene, which is awfully inundated by worthless and stagnated so-called "artists". Not destined for the brainless masses. »

Fortitude Magazine

  1. Gargoyles Ye Rose Aloft
  2. Down Along the Roots
  3. The Holy Holt
  4. Nigthmare
    • Act I Hallowed Be Thy Dome
    • Act II Under Lucifer's Udder
    • Act III With Devil Forever
  5. Holy Forever
  6. The Darkest Hour
  • ARTIST: Divina Enema
  • TITLE: At The Conclave
  • CAT #: G-IT004
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • ORIGIN: Minsk, Belarus
  • STYLE: Gothic Farce
Divina Enema MP3 samples here!

G-IT003 Aphasia - Arcane In Thalassa Cover Buy it now!

« They got the sound they deserve: The production is good, way better than their first release. The mix is also really good! I really dig Steph's vocal, it sounds so angry!!! You can feel the pain just by listening to the screams! The songs are well written; it's brutal, dark and really agressive! Another good point is the drumming. It's tight and well played. The guitars and bass blend well together. The are not always doing the same note and that's probably what makes the sound so great. If you like Intense Black Metal, try that one… You won't regret it! »

The Darkest Hour

  1. Devastating Wind
  2. Merging Process
  3. Passion Of Time
  4. Beyond the Infinite Horizon
  5. Learning From The Unknown Image
  6. Cries From Despair
  7. L'Absolu Ment
  8. Stormbound (bonus track - 1996)
  • ARTIST: Aphasia
  • TITLE: Arcane In Thalassa
  • CAT #: G-IT003
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • ORIGIN: Canada
  • STYLE: Brutal, yet symphonic Black Death Metal!
G-IT002 Trails Of Anguish Cover Buy it now!

« It's six tracks of the highly extreme Black Metal, which we're seeing a lot of today. The drumming dominates them all! While Dischord will plow along with constant tortured riffs, Scythrawl will hyperblast for a few bars, slow it down, then come out of nowhere with a percussive eruption that reminds me of Richard Christy's work with Florida band Burning Inside. (…) There is definitely an impressive Black Metal movement coming out of Québec, as if their dominance in the Death and Thrash Metal realms wasn't enough! »

Stylus Magazine

  1. Beyond Charismatic Sickness
  2. The Scythe Of Engrieved Melancholia
  3. Laments Of Martyrised Innocence
  4. Reaping Life's Frailty
  5. …And Desolated Trails Of Anguish
  6. Useless (The Final Soliloquy)
  • ARTIST: Trails Of Anguish
  • TITLE: Relentless Abhorrence Of Misery's Grievance
  • CAT #: G-IT002
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • ORIGIN: Montréal, Québec
  • STYLE: Sick and bestial Black Metal!
G-IT001 Merlin - Deathkoteque Cover Buy it now!

« A great brutal Death Metal band from Russia! First of all, the first thing that surprised me are the vocals… Oh yeah, brutal vocals by a woman, Mary Abaza! (…) The thing that really pleased me is that there many things mixed up in this records… Hard to categorized… Sometimes very brutal, sometimes more melodic, sometimes grind and wow, killer solos!!!! Good solos like in the good old days! The guitar is loud and yes for those who likes catchy riffs, there's some on that release! Give it a try! »

The Darkest Hour

  1. Triumph Of Death
  2. Holder Of The War
  3. Don't Try
  4. I'm Glad
  5. I Gotta Fall
  6. That's My Time
  7. Black Revenge
  8. Die
  9. Waiting For Death
  10. Leave Me Alone
  • ARTIST: Merlin
  • TITLE: Deathkoteque
  • CAT #: G-IT001
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • ORIGIN: Russia
  • STYLE: Ultra brutal and technical Death Metal!

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