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Guest Number 375
Guest Name wfs
Guest Website industrial
From hungary
Referred By Just cruised on in
Date Sun 11/24 14:22
Comments hi,we are an industrial rock band. we are looking live pewrformance or any place, any country to make concerts. oure homepage is www.wfsmusic.tk
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Guest Number 374
Guest Name Michael
Guest Website I Own Your Mind
From Omaha
Referred By Just cruised on in
Date Fri 11/22 17:35
Comments Go to my website if you ever get bored. Hopefully, there's enough entertainment there to keep you not bored for about 2 minutes. If you get really bored, then just IM me at: Yourmindisgone. Peace.
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Guest Number 373
Guest Name justifygirl
Guest Website www.studentcenter.com
From where else!!! this crappy town is my land isn't th
Referred By From Omaha Bands site
Date Thu 11/21 18:26
Comments Well,well im impressed but your stupid chat room is always empty it's like HELLO WHERE IS EVERYONE??? anways enough of my bitching and lets get to business ok? im a songwriter and no i don't do guys im no groupie like some girls are and also don't get on my nerves or else i'll totally ignore ya' . I hate posers they suck ass and need to do their own rhymes and their own beats oh, im getting mean anyways im out this sucks my friend's are not on here now so im outtie.
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Guest Number 372
Guest Name Stephanie M.
Guest Website
From G-wood
Referred By From Ultimate Band List site
Date Mon 11/18 16:04
Comments Well....i just wanna say....SUMMER TOO LATE, YANK, POINT TAKEN, AND THE KING SIZED MUFFINS KICK BUTTOX!!!!! Love you alll.....buhbye..
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Guest Number 371
Guest Name Mandy
Guest Website
From Omaha, NE
Referred By A friend told me about it
Date Thu 11/14 00:49
Comments How come there is never anyone in the chat room?
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Guest Number 370
Guest Name Kadan
Guest Website
From Omaha
Referred By A friend told me about it
Date Wed 11/13 10:46
Comments KBSPRODUCTIONS is the new label in town if anybody is interested Email me at KBSPRODUCTIONS@aol.com
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Guest Number 369
Guest Name reed sensei
Guest Website
From bakersfield Ca, now in omaha.
Referred By A friend told me about it
Date Sun 11/03 11:09
Comments thanks icyhot311. it's come in handy.
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Guest Number 368
Guest Name Eric martell
Guest Website
From kalamazoo Michigan
Referred By Just cruised on in
Date Thu 10/31 17:06
Comments I used to live in Omaha and It was cool untill I met feltcap,,Jeremy and his pathetic drum playing ass. Then I met hickabilly chic and got into too much fun,,,trouble. ha ha. Basically i had to move because that town sucks and makes me do bad things to nice people. Ha ha You have some great local music though. Anyway....later
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Guest Number 367
Guest Name Child guard Deb @anti war
Guest Website warning graphic images
From tx
Referred By From a search engine
Date Sat 10/26 15:41
Comments peace and love from houston tx usa
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Guest Number 366
Guest Name neo
Guest Website Fucking Nothing
From Omaha
Referred By A friend told me about it
Date Wed 10/23 18:55
Comments The MSI concert on Saturday rocked my world, I just thought everyone that didn't go should know what they missed out on. MSI Rocked, Deadsy Rocked, And Dog Fashion Disco Rocked but they didn't play for very long. Aside from that--Omaha sucks.
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