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This site is a actual reproduction of the site that Liam Youens ran on the internet depicting his thoughts and actions. The authorities and family of Amy Boyer have been notified of its previous existance. If you have any questions reguarding this site you can contact Amy's father at

Amy Boyer

Age 17


So you wish to enter Liam Youens mind? Well be my guest.


Pieter see if I did it.. news

Update: Tuesday October 12, I saw her car on the street the perfect place. I parked my car there and sat at 4:35. But by 5:05 she still wasn't there, what a waste of a perfect oppertunaty. I drove around and saw that she left around 5:45, but I didn't see her and had no place to shoot. I was still scared, but what was different about this time was that I didn't Just turn around and Not do it. I would have done it.. I feel good now. Her car is phlanxed by the same ones.. wierd. Also the sticker was "United States.. something" Boyfriend in the army? Sister used the car around that time, had to drive my niece at exactly 4pm.. flew into a rage and smached my clock with a hammer and stated screaming Fuck at the top of my lungs..

Update: On Thursday October 7, I was making excuess because I was scared. I still feel unconfortable about sitting in the parking lot. I pray to God that she parks on the street like last friday, but I doubt it. My mother is going on vacation so I would beable to use her car. That may make me bold enough to park in the lot at 4:30. Since I wasn't going to kill her today I wanted to get the exact time she leaves, so I can minimize the time I would have to park there. I went around and around doing my best not to get noticed.

I saw her, I saw her, I saw her. At 4:47pm Thursday she was at a red light near the office and I came in from the side. She didn't notice me I don't think. She looked wonderful, like seeing God herself. I think I might have seen her before on a bike and felt nothing because I wasnt sure if it was her. I may be mistaking these feelings of euphoria for love, but who knows. It maybe that because I only see her in my dreams. When I see her in real life; I feel like my dreams mix with reality. Why didn't I do anything? It was really fast I didn't have time to process what was happening, also I can't just 'hang around' she must Never see me there.

**Update: Wasn't there Monday, but she was there Tuesday. I think that maybe she is still at college. And her job at Bendar's office is a 'work-study' of some sort. Which would explain why she is only there at certain times. She wasn't parked on the street this time which is really bad. Perhaps she is becoming a dentist.

**Update: She parks on the street nearby.. how perfect. Was there at 4pm, not there at 4:40pm. I'll lay in wait across the street further down at 4pm.. Monday? When she gets in I'll drive up to her car blocking her in, window to window I'll shoot her with my glock. I saw a college sticker on her car, but couldn't read it. It would have been nice to finally know where she was, but oh well.

**Update: On Thursday September 30, 1999 at 4pm, she was there. Plate number xxx-xxx, it was such a rush zero fear, but I had my gun and still didn't go in. I pray to God that I won't have any fear when I go there. But why wasn't she there before? Why was she only there so late? If I never see her there again it's not a total loss, I now know that she IS at home.

**Update: Tick Tock. She might not be there, she must. I wish I could have killed her in Highschool, so easy. No point in waiting I can find out no more, and employment won't be any better, no car, no home, all these can be unavailable.

**Update: I'm starting to calm down from yesterday. The car wasn't hidden when I went down the street today, so I think it might not be hers. I am going in the office tomorrow, but I'm afraid that if I calm down too much fear might over take me. Knowing she was there was so important to prevent that. I wish NH allowed you to get plate numbers from SS numbers.. Shaheen you Bitch governer.

**Update: Fuck Fuck Fuck.. no car from ???????? drive was there again. And the car in the lot that I thought could be hers .. had an old fat guy driving it. Why isn't she there Why Why Why! I am becoming increasingly agitated, when ever I scream, "Fuck Fuck" at the top of my lungs I do it in the car on the highway windows rolled up, but today I did it on main street and everyone heard me. In the last 4 years I have had 3 or 4 dreams about Amy, but in the last month I've dreamt about her every single night. The last dream I had Amy was pregnant, so I stabed the fetus through her, then cut her throat down to the bone, and broke her neck with my hand. She is either at Bednar's and not at home or at home and not at Bednar's.

**Update: The plate numbers didnt match the one at bendar's office. A small part of me now believes that it was her and the car will never appear at Bendar's office, But it's a Small part. I had wanted to check for the cars during Hurricain Floyd, because the rain would make them less likely to hide her car, but i fell asleep before 3am. Today it was raining again and guess what Tim's truck wasn't moved on the street and a third car was there P#xxx-xxx. I am a paranoid person, is it her car? is she just visiting and the car never in the garage? will the car be at work?

**Update: Ok here's what is happening, I had drove down her street and saw Tim's truck, Helen's sedan P#xxx-xxx, and another sedan further back. I didnt get out of the car and couldn't read the plate at all. This time when I went there I got out of the car to get a better look, but I suspect Amy's car is in the garage. A few weeks ago I thought I saw her. I never do this, but I followed the viehicle and took down the plate number. I thought the likely hood that it was accually her to be slim, so I tucked the number away and forgot about it. But today I saw that one of the cars at Bednar's office had a simular plate number. If the numbers match that will be all I need. If not I'll have to go to Woodbury and wait for her car to be visable.

**Update: I dont know if I can do this her car is hidden at ??????? Drive I think. I'm so paranoid I called them to see the hours and I don't know.. Grrr God I hate this. Those fucking cops I wish her job was easier for me. And I so wish that I knew her plate number. I'm not sure how I'll feel when and if I see her, will I not care or will I freak out. I hope I freak out, I dont want this to be a so so thing. And what about numbers, I want to kill as many people as possible, but I also want to consentrate on her and relish her death, make her suffer...

**Update: For the past week I had been crushed. I planned to go to NHS for the mass murder but I found that I started crying and screaming. Should I wait until Christmas Eve to kill her instead of NHS? I imagined what it would be like to know where she worked, a wonderful feeling, a 'non-reality' thing like having a gun in Algebra class to shoot her. Docusearch pulled through (amazingly) its like a dream. She still lives at home I think, but the Blazer is gone. A sedan and a truck were parked there, didnt check the plate numbers. Now I'm worried to go, if anyones sees me it could risk my plan. I swear to God that I better be able to do this.

**Update: hmmm... aparently those idiots cant find her employer if any. i could have set fire to her house and shot her earlier, but now i fear she isnt there anymore. and plan Owen is nothing because he dropped out (thankgod). Pieter recomends i go on a rampage, but i dont know. wish i had bought a vest and 100rnd drum..

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**Disclaimer: This is a fictional portait of stalking, done for a different website. None of it is true.

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