Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Product Review


Hordes of AD&D material with comments based on years of DM and playing experience. What modules were good, what modules were great, which ones have problems and which ones just SUCK! I've only reviewed those things that I own or have played, although that is quite a lot of material. So read on!

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Product Review Updates

NEW A Guide to the Ethereal Plane
NEW AD&D Core Rules CDROM Expansion
        Star Cairns Adventure
        Crypt of Lyzandred Adventure
        The Doomgrinder Adventure
        A Paladin in Hell Adventure for levels 15-20
        AD&D Core Rules CDROM 2.0
        I12 Egg of the Phoenix Adventure for levels 5-9
        A Guide to the Astral Plane Accessory
        Planes of Chaos Accessory
        Planes of Conflict Accessory
        Rod of Seven Parts Adventure for levels 10-12
        The Complete Handbook Series


Rule Books




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