Urban Vision Entertainment, a production/distribution company based in Los Angeles, formed in July, 1996 to help introduce the alternative animation genre known as anime or Japanimation to mainstream media. The company primarily produces/acquires Japanese animation for direct-to-home video release and distributes to the home video market. This year marks the first foray into theatrical distribution.

The climb to anime's breakthrough has been a slow but steady process. Early exposure with the series Battle of the Planets (predecessor to an Urban Vision title, Gatchaman) in the 70's coupled with the Robotech television series in the mid-80's, sustained by the theatrical release of Akira, the resurgence of Speed Racer and current popular television series such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon have the American animation market craving more from the land of the Rising Sun. The combination of vivid colors and mind-blowing action has placed anime years ahead of its animation counterparts worldwide. Today, the influences on American pop culture is unmistakable.