Where do YOU fit into the Cosmic Pecking Order?

By Thomas M. Miller

Let's face it... most people today have much in common with the vegetable kingdom. They keep the same daily routine, do what is necessary to survive, and spend the rest of their time in a hypnotic trance, finding it easier to absorb outside thoughts from television and other mass media than to actually try to think for themselves. Reality is whatever this outside voice SAYS it is. These people are about as aware of the universe around them as the average potted plant. This is not necessarily a bad thing. They're comfortable and content... reality WORKS for them.

A small minority of the human race, however, doesn't fit into this mould. Something else drives these people, something that makes them aware that reality isn't quite what it seems. They need, for whatever reason, to know the TRUTH, and this sets them apart from the couch potatoes. You are probably one of these people yourself, since otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

These "misfits" can generally be sorted into three groups: Believers/Debunkers, Searchers, and Controllers. Let's take a look at them to see where YOU fit in.


While these would seem at first glance to be opposite, in truth they are one and the same. Both recognize at some level that the "official" version of reality is lacking. Both react to this awareness with fear, and both create their own "virtual reality" and cling to it with all their strength.

This has the immediate benefit that neither has to search for the "truth" anymore. The true believer, like the debunker, doesn't HAVE to look, because he KNOWS! Actually, they've just replaced one phoney reality with another... and deep down, they know it. That's why they try so hard to convince others (and themselves) that their version is the CORRECT one, and why they try so desperately to prevent YOU from searching. After all, you might just FIND the truth, and that could cause their nice, comfortable realities to crumble. At best, they would then look foolish. At worst, they might not be able to function in the new reality.


The Searchers also recognize that reality doesn't quite work, but rather than responding with fear, these people feel curiosity and a sense of wonder. They poke at the seams and pull all the threads, much to the horror of the Believers and Debunkers, who see each loose thread as a potential to unravel their reality. This doesn't bother the Searcher, however. He's confident that WHATEVER the truth turns out to be, he'll deal with it... he just wants to KNOW!

The Searcher spends most of his time out on the very fringes of reality, since he knows that if a new Truth is to be found, that's where it will be discovered. The problem is that the fringe is littered with deep piles of "crap" (for lack of a better term) generated by all the Believers and Debunkers and their "virtual" realities. This is a huge problem, since there is no way to know at first glance whether a pile of crap hides a tiny kernel of Truth. Therefore most Searchers spend most of their lives with a pitchfork, sifting through mountains of crap to find the occasional kernel of Truth to be carefully polished and stored away. As might be expected, when one spends his life shoveling crap, you sometimes find yourself accidently stepping in some. It happens.

One other thing that distinguishes the Searcher is that he recognizes that he is DIFFERENT from the Believers and Debunkers, who he also realizes are different from the population at large. This awareness of a cosmic "pecking order" can sometimes make him a threat to the third and final group.


The Controllers are a shadowy group. They are not to be confused with the common "dominant" personality, such as the over-zealous boss, or the "back seat driver" mother-in- law. True Controllers have an all-consuming need to dominate EVERYONE. The interesting thing is that once they ACHIEVE this power, they generally don't ENJOY it. Not that it matters, since they have a NEED to control. It's genetic. They can't help themselves.

There's a little bit of "Controller" in most of us. In fact, when this trait is present along with high intelligence and high moral character, it can bring about the BEST of the human race. This is what makes leaders and heros.

The problem begins when the "Controller" trait is present to the exclusion of all else... especially moral judgement. This creates a person who not only MUST control everyone around him, but will do ANYTHING it takes to achieve this control. People with an excess of the Controller gene gravitate to one of two areas: politics (Do as I say or the government will put you in jail) or religion (Do as I say or you'll go to Hell.)

I'm certainly not suggesting that ALL people in politics and religion are Controllers... most are not. Many, in fact, have entered these fields for the express purpose of protecting the people from the few who would control them. Unfortunately, these people usually end up controlled too, and the rest of us get caught in the middle.

As bad as this situation seems, it gets much worse. Controllers come in many levels, and the most dangerous are those who CONTROL THE CONTROLLERS. These people are totally invisible to the average person, although we see their hand in everything. They control kings and presidents. Their decisions bring prosperity or poverty to whole populations. By their whims, people live or die.

What makes this small group so powerful that they can dominate us all? The Truth. While we spend our time searching for the Truth, they've FOUND it... or at least some small portion of it. This Truth is so powerful that it gives them the tool to control the reality in which we live.

This is why the Searcher is the Controller's greatest fear. Were he to actually DISCOVER the Truth, he would then become a threat, either by becoming a Controller himself, or even worse, by REVEALING the Truth, and by doing so, removing their power altogether.

Since this can never be allowed to happen, the Controllers do everything in their power to manipulate the Believers/Debunkers, making sure that every kernel of Truth is well hidden deep within a "pile of crap." What's more, the piles are constantly shuffled whenever we're not looking. And, should a kernel be somehow discovered, it will most likely be attached to a booby-trap. Many Searchers meet their end when a pile of crap blows up in their face.

Searchers can also be led unwittingly closer to the fringes of reality until, reaching for that elusive kernel of Truth, they fall off the edge. When this happens, the Searcher ends up in another "virtual reality" which he may well believe to be the Truth. He then becomes another Believer/Debunker, and contributes to the proliferation of the ubiquitous piles of crap.


So what IS this elusive "Truth" that allows an enlightened few to totally control every aspect of our reality? Does it involve secret alliances with powerful extraterrestrial beings? Have they developed technology that enables them to travel in time, allowing them to manipulate the past to assure their position in the present? Could they themselves be from some other time or dimension, perhaps "booted out" of their own reality for these very "genetic defects" that cause us such grief?

All these ideas have been put forth to explain the Controllers, but in truth, nobody really knows. There are, however, a few hints for those who would see them. The use of MASS MEDIA as a tool to influence the thoughts and behavior of a huge population is obvious. In fact, the effort put forth to control the common "couch potato" is likely to be a clue in itself. After all, REALITY is pretty much what everyone AGREES that it is... by controlling the thoughts and beliefs of the average person, they are in effect USURPING HIS POWER TO CREATE REALITY. Control the mind of the couch potato and you control the world.

But if technology has helped the Controllers maintain their grip over the planet, new technology has also planted the seeds of their downfall. Computers have allowed such staggering quantities of data to be gathered and archived that it is no longer possible for it to be "filtered." The Internet has not only given individuals access to virtually ALL knowledge, but it has enabled the individual to share data and ideas with others anywhere on the globe. The odds are that within a few years, the TRUTH will emerge... and flash instantly and irretrievably to the farthest corners of the world... and the reality created and carefully maintained by the Controllers will unravel overnight. I can hardly wait.


The conclusions herein are my own, based not on any particular knowledge of psychology or history, but upon more than 30 years of observation from the fringe. Is there anything here of value? That, my friends, is up to you to decide.

But I'm sure that the Searchers out there will recognize it for what it is... a Pile of Crap, containing at it's heart a tiny kernel of Truth.


Copyright 1997 by Thomas M. Miller