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The Original Mansfield Hawks

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By Jon Spencer
Mansfield News Journal

Former Cleveland Cavaliers owner Ted Stepien wanted to put Mansfield on the the professional basketball map back in 1998. Yeah right, snickered the skeptics. Final Score: Stepien 1, Skeptics 0. The Stepien owned Mansfield Hawks won the International Basketball Association championship as a first-year expansion franchise. During their only season in Mansfield, the Hawks finished 33-10 under Coach Mackey and swept the Magic City Snowbears from Minot, N.D., for the title in the 10-team, now defunct IBA. The then 73 year old Stepien called that championship his "last hurrah."

He was wrong.

Coach Mackey and the Hawks have returned to Mansfield as one of six teams in Pro Basketball USA, a low-budget, minor league formed by Stepien. That makes the amended final score: Stepien 2, Skeptics 0.

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