Cumbrian Genealogy



207 Entries

IANSON Jos porter merchant Nether End Penrith
IANSON Jos wine/spirit merchant Nether End Penrith
IANSON Mary Acorn House Keswick
IANSON Thos & Richd farmers Holme
IDLE Edward grocer Milbourne
IDLE Elizabeth Murton
IDLE Geo yeoman Murton
IDLE John schoolmaster Temple Sowerby
IDLE Thos corn miller Isle Kirk Brocklebank/Stonekirk
ILLINGWORTH Jas H butcher High Hesket
ILLINGWORTH Wm watch/clock maker Old Turnpike House Ky Lonsdale
IMIRE Jas & Co linen/woollen draper/tea dlr Stricklandgate Kendal
INGLEDEW John farmer Kirkby-Thore
INGMAN Thos farmer Bandrake Head West Coulton
INGRAM A R receiver-general for Cumberland Nether End Penrith
INMAN Ann straw hat maker Milnthorp
INMAN Jas vict Oversands Mare Flookburgh Lower Holker
INMAN John farmer Draw Well Lyth
INMAN John iron merchant Strand St Maryport
INMAN John ship owner/merchant High St Maryport
INMAN Wm farmer Wastdale Head Hardendale
ION Ben comb maker Highgate Kendal
ION Christopher butcher New Shambles Midfield Kendal
ION Geo farmer Little Musgrave
ION John butcher Long Marton
ION John butcher Longmarton Appleby
ION John farmer Dufton
ION John farmer Knipe Bampton
ION John grocer/draper Bolton
ION John grocer/draper Dufton
ION John vict pack Horse Knock
ION Jos grocer/butter dealer Shap
ION Richd farmer Newlands Colby
ION Thos butcher Murton Appleby
ION Thos yeoman Asby Winderwath Asby
ION Wm butcher New Shambles Berry's Yard Kendal
ION Wm farmer Mere's Ing Crackenthorpe
IREDALE Benj blacksmith Allerby
IREDALE Henry blacksmith Dearham
IREDALE John common brewer/maltster Keswick
IREDALE John farmer Gilcrux
IREDALE John farmer Moor Row Egremont
IREDALE Jos joiner/cartwright Dearham
IREDALE Jos Kirkgate Cockermouth
IREDALE Mary Stainburn
IREDALE Peter farmer Threlkeld
IREDELL Jon farmer Thackthwaite
IREDELL Jos tanner Red Howe Loweswater
IRELAND (WILSON SIMPSON &) woollen mnfr Kent St Kendal
IRELAND Frances grocer Newbiggin Angle Ravenstonedale
IRELAND Isabella Ann Syke House Broughton
IRELAND Jacob Giles Jas mfr h.Lowther St Kendal
IRELAND John hat mfr Bootle
IRELAND John Lowther St Kendal
IRELAND John & Co waistcoating/fancy goods mfrs Stramongate Kendal
IRELAND John & Co woollen mfrs Stramongate Kendal
IRELAND John jun mfr h.Stramongate Kendal
IRELAND Jos cooper Ellonby
IRELAND Jos cooper/vict Sun Newton
IRELAND Jos farmer Hill Top Itonfield
IRELAND Martin yeoman Barrows-Green Stainton
IRELAND Mary Town Nook Hutton
IRELAND Rev Thos curate Walton
IRELAND Thos schoolmaster Edenhall
IRTON Samuel Irton Hall Irton
IRVEN Edward harbour master Harrington
IRVEN Rev Edwd curate at Trinity Church 34 Irish St Whitehaven
IRVIN Geo tailor Bampton
IRVIN John baker/flour dealer Keswick
IRVIN John linen/woollen draper/tea dealer Keswick
IRVIN Jos yeoman Nether Scale Embleton
IRVIN Mary Ann milliner/straw hat maker Wm St Workington
IRVIN Wilkin surgeon Castlegate Penrith
IRVIN Wm overlooker at Granary Top of Rosemary Lane Whitehaven
IRVINE Jas assistant surgeon Burton-in-Kendal
IRVING (RICHARDSON &) blacksmiths Botchergate Carlisle
IRVING Albert cattle dealer Crosby
IRVING Alexander boot/shoe maker Longtown
IRVING Andrew wine/spirit merchant/tea dealer Longtown
IRVING Ann farmer Ryehill Middle Quarter Kirklinton
IRVING Ann vict Jovial Butcher Botchergate Carlisle
IRVING Catherine straw hat maker St Alban's Row Carlisle
IRVING David linen/woollen draper/tea dlr Crooklands Preston-Richd
IRVING Edward joiner/cabinet maker Water St Wigton
IRVING Francis blacksmith Langrigg
IRVING Geo farmer Ruthwaite High Ireby
IRVING Geo yeoman Little Corby
IRVING Jane Longtown
IRVING Jane shopkeeper/flour dealer Elizabeth St Workington
IRVING Jaret farmer How End Longtown
IRVING Jas flour dealer Bowness
IRVING John blacksmith Low Ireby
IRVING John bleacher Bell Field Moat-Township Kirk-Andrews
IRVING John farmer Beaumont
IRVING John farmer Bleaberryrigg Brackenhill
IRVING John farmer Brisco Hill Longtown
IRVING John farmer Broom Hills Brackenhill
IRVING John farmer Charles Field Middle Quarter Kirklinton
IRVING John farmer Ellenborough
IRVING John farmer Petterill Banks Hesket
IRVING John flour dealer/shopkeeper King St Wigton
IRVING John glass dealer Great Dockray Penrith
IRVING John grocer/stonemason Sleagill
IRVING John joiner/cabinet maker Rickergate Carlisle
IRVING John painter Longtown
IRVING John ship owner Priestgate Workington
IRVING John vict George & Dragon Rickergate Carlisle
IRVING John vict George IV Quay Workington
IRVING John vict Swan Inn Longtown
IRVING John yeoman Moorhouses Westlinton
IRVING Jos farmer Laversdale
IRVING Jos farmer Stocks Scalthwaite-rigg
IRVING Jos farmer Wood Row Waverton
IRVING Jos free academy(Central school) Backhouse's Walk Carlisle
IRVING Jos Hesket New Market
IRVING Jos plumber/glazier Longtown
IRVING Jos shopkeeper Dundraw
IRVING Jos vict Wheat Sheaf Rosley
IRVING Margaret Castle St Carlisle
IRVING Margaret Marsh Side Workington
IRVING Nancy vict Blue Bell Scotch St Carlisle
IRVING Rev Jon vicar High St Wigton
IRVING Richd corn miller Botcherby Mill Carlisle
IRVING Richd farmer Parkhouse Solport
IRVING Robt blacksmith Brisco
IRVING Robt butcher Botchergate Carlisle
IRVING Robt butcher Low Ireby
IRVING Robt farmer Black Hill Middle Quarter Kirklinton
IRVING Robt farmer Breaks Newtown
IRVING Robt farmer Lindraw Bolton Gate
IRVING Robt farmer Park House Torpenhow
IRVING Robt master mariner Priestgate Workington
IRVING Robt yeoman How
IRVING Robt yeoman Mount Westlinton
IRVING Robt & Edwd linen/woollen draper/tea dlr Chapel Row Kendal
IRVING Samuel Longtown
IRVING Simon farmer Bassies Town Nichol Forest
IRVING Thos cart owner Botchergate Carlisle
IRVING Thos farmer Beckside Woodside
IRVING Thos farmer Fox How Rydal/Loughrigg
IRVING Thos Middle Moor House Oulton
IRVING Thos shoe maker Moor Row Dundraw
IRVING Thos vict Grapes King St Wigton
IRVING Walter farmer Syke Head Hethersgill
IRVING Wm blacksmith Clift Middle Quarter Kirklinton
IRVING Wm clog/patten maker Caldew Terrace Carlisle
IRVING Wm farmer Ash Bailie
IRVING Wm farmer Brackenhill Town Brackenhill
IRVING Wm farmer Hill Head Walton
IRVING Wm farmer Kirkcambeck Askerton
IRVING Wm farmer Linefoot Belbank
IRVING Wm vict Board Boat House Rockliff Castle Township
IRWEN John farmer Outfield Dean
IRWEN Mary shopkeeper/flour dealer Wilson St Workington
IRWEN Matthew farmer Dean
IRWIN Ben vict Blackmoor's Head Market Hill Brow Wigton
IRWIN Bernard grocer/flour dealer English St Carlisle
IRWIN Geo newspaper office(The Citizen) Theatre Lane Carlisle
IRWIN Geo printer Theatre Lane Carlisle
IRWIN Geo ship owner Wm St Workington
IRWIN Henry farmer Crosfield Cleator
IRWIN Jas blacksmith Fox Lane Whitehaven
IRWIN John farmer Great Beckermet St Bridget's
IRWIN John ship master 94 George St Whitehaven
IRWIN John yeoman Low Row Nether Denton
IRWIN Jos whitesmith/bellhanger Shaw's Yard Stricklandgate Kendal
IRWIN Mary dress maker 4 Plumblands Lane Whitehaven
IRWIN Mary dress maker Rosemary Lane Whitehaven
IRWIN Mary shopkeeper/flour dealer Nether End Penrith
IRWIN Matthew blacksmith Hensingham
IRWIN Matthew farmer Rockliff Church Township
IRWIN Miller farmer West Croft Distington
IRWIN Richd corn miller Beck Mill Preston Quarter St Bees
IRWIN Robt farmer Suehill Gap East Scaleby
IRWIN Samuel shopkeeper Seaton
IRWIN Thompson vict Three Tuns St Bees
IRWIN Thos Calder Abbey St Bridget's
IRWIN Thos farmer Barr Close West Scalesby
IRWIN Thos Justice Town Westlinton
IRWIN Wm farmer Newgarth Farlam
IRWIN Wm farmer Yotten Fews St Bridget's
IRWIN Wm hatter Crosby St Maryport
IRWIN Wm vict Hatter's Arms Crosby St Maryport
IRWIN Wm wine merchant Green Market Carlisle
ISMAY Geo butcher Botchergate Carlisle
ISMAY Henry grocer/flour dealer High St Maryport
ISMAY John bookseller/printer King St Wigton
ISMAY John yeoman Lawrence Holme Oulton
ISMAY Jos joiner 145 Queen St Whitehaven
ISMAY Jos tailor Great Broughton
ISMAY Jos worsted dealer 145 Queen St Whitehaven
ISMAY Mary Brackenlands Woodside
ISMAY Thos yeoman Parton
IVESON Francis farmer Bolton Lowside
IVESON Holme butcher Kirkby-Stephen
IVESON Richd clock/watch maker Kirkby-Steven
IVESON Thos blacksmith Sandgate Penrith
IVINSON John vict Wheat Sheaf Low Caldbeck
IVISON David yeoman Jerries Town Westlinton
IVISON Francis farmer Dicks Gale East Scaleby
IVISON Isaac rope/twine mfr Newtown Carlisle
IVISON Jane straw hat maker St Alban's Row Carlisle
IVISON Jas blacksmith Lazonby
IVISON Jas joiner/cabinet maker/auctioneer Keswick
IVISON John blacksmith Sunderland
IVISON John farmer Brown Dykes East Scaleby
IVISON John watch/clock maker St Alban's Row Carlisle



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