SOC NEWSFLASH  Oscar-nominee from Titanic to guest star on GH and GL names new head writer and new Exec. Prod.
Thursday, December 05th, 2002  
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Behind-the-Scenes Changes at
Guiding Light

As most Soap Opera Central visitors already know, there have been some recent shakeups behind the scenes at Guiding Light.

This week the show has named John Conboy as the successor to Paul Rauch for the executive producer job. Guiding Light has also named Ellen Weston as its new head writer. Weston and Conboy have previously worked together on the soap Capitol.

The changes come as the perennial cancellation rumors again start to swirl.



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THE BIG STORIES                         

titanic star to visit gh
Oscar-nominated Gloria Stuart to make New Year's Eve guest appearance.

major changes at guiding light
Ellen Weston to take over as show's top scribe.

Veteran producer John Conboy named Executive Producer.

sheffer denies amc rumors
ATWT head writer says he's not headed to AMC.

ramirez exits gh this week
Actress exits as GH's Gia; Recast comes next week.

oltl's dorian returning?
Robin Strasser rumored back at OLTL.

b&b;'s macy is back
Bobbie Eakes returns this week.

gl alum to visit amc
Bradley Cole to play Erica Kane's friend.

mass firings rumored at days
Internet chatter says as many as 9 stars could be let go.

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