Cumbrian Genealogy

Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland & Westmorland


106 Entries

OGLE Mary Ann 5 High St Whitehaven
OGLETHORP Ann Culgaith Kirkland
OGLETHORP Geo wheelwright/carpenter Nether End Penrith
OGLETHORP Jas shopkeeper Culgaith Kirkland
OGLETHORP Jos clock/watch maker Kirkby-Thore
OGLETHORP Jos yeoman Culgaith Kirkland
OGLETHORP Samuel cooper Bolton Morland
OLDCORN John yeoman Norman Cragg Hutton Roof
OLDCORN Stephen farmer Birks Preston-Patrick
OLDCORN Wm farmer Thwaite Hall Hutton Roof
OLDMAN Mark Orton
OLDMAN Thos yeoman Bannost Hill Haltcliff Caldbeck
OLIPHANT Henry Broadfield House Itonfield
OLIPHANT Jos farmer Calthwaite
OLIPHANT Robt joiner/cartwright Edenhall
OLIPHANT Thos John blacksmith Itonfield
OLIVANT Edward joiner Great Salkeld
OLIVANT John farmer/joiner Scale Hill Lazonby
OLIVANT Peter grocer/joiner Lazonby
OLIVANT Robt yeoman Cote Hill Lazonby
OLIVANT Thos Low Dike Hutton
OLIVANT Wm shoemaker Abbey Holme Holme Cultram
OLIVER Eliz/Jane milliners/dressmakers Scotch St Carlisle
OLIVER Eliz/Jane straw hat makers Scotch St Carlisle
OLIVER Jas farmer Cross Hills Nixons Bewcastle
OLIVER Jas farmer Mains Nixons Bewcastle
OLIVER John farmer Walton Woodhead Burtholme
OLIVER Richd surgeon Scotch St Carlisle
OLIVER Wm clog/patten maker South End Wigton
OLIVER Wm joiner/wheelwright Kirkby-Stephen
OPRA Daniel furniture broker 33 King St Whitehaven
ORD Edward vict Ship Ginns Whitehaven
ORD Jas farrier Kirkoswald
ORD Thos yeoman Flat Low Caldbeck
ORMANDY Edward C grocer New Barns Hawcoat
ORMANDY Geo farmer Baycliffe Upper Aldingham
ORMANDY Jas blacksmith Beckstones Above Millom
ORMANDY Jas farmer Pitt Farm Lower Alithwaite
ORMANDY Jas yeoman Newbiggin Osmotherly
ORMANDY John farmer Low Greave Pennington
ORMANDY John Holm Cottage Ulpha Millom
ORMANDY Jos farmer Burns Upper Holker
ORMANDY Jos farmer Holm Above-Town Dalton
ORMANDY Jos farmer New Park House Hawcoat
ORMANDY Jos shopkeeper Lindale
ORMANDY Rev John curate/schoolmaster of Dendron Upper Aldingham
ORMANDY Rev John perp curate of Thwaites's Bridge End Above Millom
ORMANDY Robt wheelwright High Greave Pennington
ORMANDY Thos blacksmith Pennington
ORMANDY Wm blacksmith Lindale
ORMANDY Wm butcher Lower Alithwaite
ORMANDY Wm farmer Castle Gleaston
ORMANDY Wm grocer &c Dalton
ORMANDY Wm yeoman Wreaks End Broughton
ORMEROD John farmer Campfield House Bowness
ORMSTON Esther vict Crown 13 Roper St Whitehaven
ORR Christopher farmer Alithwaite
ORR Mary shopkeeper/flour dealer Main St Cockermouth
ORR Thos farmer Cart Lane Cartmel
ORR Thos vict Crown Upper Holker
ORRE G F music preceptor/organist 28 Duke St Whitehaven
ORRIDGE John Thos governor of County Gaol English St Carlisle
ORTON Reginald Kirkby-Stephen
OSBORN John yeoman/lodging house Allonby
OSBORN Jos farmer Kelswick Dundraw Bromfield
OSBORN Thos ship owner Brow Top Workington
OSBORNE Backhouse farmer Skinburness
OSBORNE Henry tailor Old Malbray
OSBORNE John joiner/cabinet maker 48 Roper St Whitehaven
OSBORNE Jos joiner Old Malbray
OSMOTHERLY John brazier/tinplate worker John St Maryport
OSMOTHERLY John farmer Southerfield Holme Cultram
OSMOTHERLY John painter/plumber John St Maryport
OSMOTHERLY Wm shoemaker Blennerhasset
OSTELL John yeoman Moorhouse Burgh-upon-Sands
OSTELL Margaret Moorhouse Burgh-upon-Sands
OSTELL Sarah Kirkgate Cockermouth
OSTELL Thos yeoman Moorhouse Burgh-upon-Sands
OSTLE Daniel yeoman Cowgate St Cuthbert's Qtr Holme Cultram
OSTLE Geo joiner/cartwright Dearham
OSTLE John painter/glazier Water St Wigton
OSTLE John yeoman New Malbray
OSTLE Jon yeoman Seaville
OSTLE Jos yeoman New Malbray
OSTLE Jos yeoman Old Malbray
OSTLE Mary New Malbray
OSTLE Wm linen/woollen draper Senhouse St Maryport
OSTLIFF Thos livery stable keeper 6 King St Whitehaven
OSTLIFF Thos vict Fox & Grapes 6 King St Whitehaven
OTLEY Geo schoolmaster Beckside Low Quarter Kirkby Ireleth
OTLEY Jon watch/clock mkr/surveyor/author"Guide to the Lakes" Keswick
OTLEY Wm joiner/wheelwright Town Head Nether Hartsop Barton
OTWAY Thos farmer Swinners Witherslack
OUSBY Isaac yeoman Long Strummell Coathill
OUSBY Robt boot/shoe/clog/patten maker Great Dockray Penrith
OUSBY Robt farmer Scotby Shield Scotby
OVEREND Edward vict King of Prussia Angel Lane Penrith
OVEREND Isabella yeoman Sunbegin Raisbeck
OVEREND John yeoman Holm Bottom Raisbeck
OVERSBY Geo flour dealer/cart owner Townhead Kirkby-Stephen
OVERSBY John corn miller Stenkrith Mill Kirkby-Stephen
OVERSBY Oliver farmer Bowers Firbank Kirkby-Lonsdale
OVINGTON Henry Burton-in-Kendal
OWEN Charles Frederick surgeon Borough Gate Appleby
OWENS John joiner/cartwright Faugh Hayton
OXLEY Robt shoemaker Lane End Egton-cum-Newland


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