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Mickey Mouse steps out of the cartoons and into the world of video games as he sets out on a fun filled adventure, exclusive to Nintendo GameCube.

One night as he lays in bed Mickey sees a ghost staring at him from inside his bedroom mirror. As Mickey gets up from bed, he can see himself still sleeping and realises that he must be dreaming. The ghost beckons him over to the mirror; Mickey hesitates, but decides to go in. As soon as Mickey steps through the mirror, it shatters leaving him stranded on the other side. The only way for Mickey to return home is to find all of the missing pieces of the magical mirror. Mickey gathers up his courage and sets off on an adventure filled with exploration, excitement and problems of all shapes and sizes.

Disney’s Magical Mirror is brimming with cartoon-like sequences and animations, exciting mini-games, and easy-to-follow gameplay making it the perfect title for any young member of the family to enjoy.

Can you help Mickey find the missing pieces of the magical mirror in order to return from the dream world?

  • Mickey comes to life on the GameCube in a cartoon-style adventure that will entertain the child in us all.
  • Crisp, colourful graphics and smooth animations blend the action perfectly.
  • Lots of cartoon-style cut scenes that show off the slapstick humour that Mickey is known and loved for.

  • Interact with Mickey and objects in the environment via the ‘point and click’ interface. Simply move the pointer to your desired object or destination and click on it to direct Mickey there. Perfect for beginners and young children.
  • Players must lead Mickey through the mansion by pointing to where they want him to go.
  • Throughout his adventure Mickey must solve puzzles, complete entertaining mini-games, and uncover hidden items to find the many hidden pieces of the magical mirror.
  • Explore the many hallways in the mansion. Areas include a music room, bedrooms, kitchen, a dark cavern, a museum and even a giant clock tower!
  • “Kids Mode” offers a simplified version of the “Normal” mode, making it possible for even very young children to play the game. This mode will feature fewer rooms and simplified puzzles. Mickey will also wander around the Mansion by himself if you become lost.
  • By connecting a second controller, you can use the Parent Pointer to play the game with a younger player and enjoy it together. The Parent Pointer is used to show young gamers where to explore.

  • Dance with Mickey – Get your groove on Mickey! You need to watch Mickey’s dance moves very carefully, then dance to the rhythm with the controller!
  • Avoid the Flying Sword – Run Mickey, run! Mickey must dash down a dark, twisting hallway avoiding the falling ghostly furniture in order to escape from a flying sword. Don’t let Mickey get caught!
  • Mickey the Flying Ace – Up, up and away! Pilot Mickey in his airplane through the blue skies, while looping through rainbow hoops and shooting the bubbles in his way. A showdown with the Ghost awaits Mickey at the end.
  • Mickey the Guitar Master – Into the spotlight! Mickey jams to rock-n-roll music on his electric guitar. Catch the falling stars before they hit the bottom of the screen to make Mickey play like a true superstar.
  • Rolling Barrels – Watch out for the rolling barrels! Mickey must charge up and fire magical energy bursts from his hands to destroy the five bouncing barrels before they pass him. The barrels will bounce differently so timing is the key.
  • Snowboarding – Grab your snowboard and hit the mountain! Race down the alpine slopes while grabbing the stars along the way. Make sure Mickey avoids the trees and rocks along the way.
Release Date: 19th September 2002
(Suitable for All Ages)
Type of game: 3D Adventure
No. of Players: 1
Skill Level: Beginner
Suitable: Young children
Accessories: Memory Card, GameCube-Game Boy Advance Cable
Memory blocks: 3
Distributor: Nintendo

First GameCube game specifically designed to entertain young children.

Classic Disney charm and character. Mickey looks, sounds, animates and interacts just like a cartoon.

Perfect game for young children and parents to play and enjoy together.

Complete the game and play the special “Hide and Seek” mode, where players must find specially hidden hats like Donald Duck’s cap, then try them on in Mickey’s bedroom.
Transfer special items from Disney’s Magical Quest: Starring Mickey And Minnie on the Game Boy Advance (Requires GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable – sold separately).
6 entertaining mini-games to choose from.
Pull up a chair in the TV room and watch clips from classic Mickey cartoons.
Helpline Nintendo 190 224 1001
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