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Darlena LaCrosse a.k.a. Blake Marler
Darlena LaCrosse Hearts Alone Darlena LaCrosse
Dear Readers!

Are you ready to join me on my latest adventure? I, Blake Marler (aka Darlena LaCrosse) am about to leave the world of the printed page and spread my wings even further into multimedia - I'm getting my own television talk show!

It's on my mother's television station, but I don't want you thinking there was any nepotism involved. I got this job purely on my own merits -- my ability to talk. And talk. And talk.

And I've already landed my first guest: Prince Edmund Winslow (late of San Cristobel, most recently of the bar at Towers). I'm sure you've heard of him. He's not only a deposed prince and a well-known mob consort, but he's also in the process of suing Ceder's Hospital over the (he claims) wrongful death of his brother, Richard, one of a triad of prince Winslows (and definitely the charming one).

I'll keep you all posted on details of when my exclusive interview with Edmund is scheduled to air, plus the air-dates of my other upcoming shows:

Out of Africa (guest : Ed Bauer)
The Rising Cost of Healthcare
(guest: Cassie Layne Winslow)
Married to the Mob - Or Just Thinking About It?
(guests: Michelle Bauer Santos & Marah Lewis)
Balancing a Yours, Mine & Ours Household
(guests : Harley Cooper, Phillip Spaulding, Rick Bauer and Gus Aitoro)
Is My Marriage Legal If I Was Someone Else at the Time?
(guest: Beth Raines)

I'll be seeing you on the airwaves!

Best to all!

         Darlene / Blake


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