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Since the initial Arrow Mad Mouse was developed in 1998, we found customers asking for a Meaner and Madder Mouse.

Rather than adding a drop and hill before the "S" curves, Arrow decided to take an extreme approach and offer the traditional Mouse ride in a different form, the ArrowBATic.

Arrow has taken the premise of the single vehicle offered on our Mad Mouse ride and engineered an inverted five-passenger vehicle. The ArrowBATic's single car vehicle allows optimum banking for tight turns, negotiating small elements, and executing 90 degree down drops.

These manueuvers are not possible when using a traditional coaster train. This provides a "free flying" ride experience as the single vehicle moves around the track path rather than being hindered by a long train.

 Ride Packages

Arrow offers a family (non-looping) and an extreme (looping) ArrowBATic. Both versions can be accomplished utilizing a small footprint, therefore not requiring excessive real estate for ride placement as required by other inverting suspended rides.

A summary of both ride packages is provided below for comparison.

Ride Summary
Family Extreme
Ride Height: 96' 152'
Ride Footprint: 110' x 240' 190' x 330'
Ride Length: 1710' 2484'
Ride Time: 80 sec 85 sec
Capacity: 900 pph 900 pph
Max Speed: 34 mph 59 mph
Vehicles: 8 8
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