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 Track & Structure

Arrow's track and structure has experienced significant improvements over the last 5 years. With the use of computers and sophisticated analysis programs, Arrow's structural engineers continue to improve the smoothness of Arrow rides. Through the use of an Arrow developed analysis software program called CVA (Coaster Vector Analysis), engineers are able to optimize track design for smooth element transitions.

In addition to track design improvements, Arrow has made significant changes to the manufacturing process of steel track and structure. Arrow has developed a process to accurately transfer precise engineering data from the design and concept to the finished product. This data can then be measured on the steel track ensuring that each track section is built to Arrow's exacting standards. This high level of precision and quality control ensures that each piece of track will be in alignment during the erection phase of construction.

 Coaster Vector Analysis (CVA)

Arrow's Coaster Vector Analysis software program is used to analyze track layouts. Arrow's engineers use CVA as a tool to improve the overall ride experience. CVA provides engineers and designers with detailed track layout data. CVA generates the following types of data:

  Longitudinal Acceleration
  Lateral Acceleration
  Vertical Acceleration
  Resultant Acceleration
  Ride Duration
  Optimum Banking

CVA can generate all data for the center, front, and trailing end of the vehicle or train. This data allows engineers to determine how different parts of a coaster are affected by a track layout.

Photo by Twisted Rails


In addition to improvements in track design and construction, the design and construction of Arrow's structure has seen dramatic improvements.

Arrow uses the latest in CAD and analysis software in the design of structural steel components. All new Arrow rides feature bolt-up track and structure.

Bolt-up track and structure ensures that all track and structure components can be seamlessly assembled during the construction process. Bolt-up track and structure reduces installation costs, and improves accuracy and alignment.

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