J.R.R. Tolkiens
Songs from Middle Earth
By The Hobbitons

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After every track you can see where the lyrics can be found. E.g. LotR I-3 means Lord of the Rings Book one chapter three. AoTB means The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.

Our CD contains the following tracks:

1. A Walking Song (Upon the Hearth) - LotR I-3

2. Bilbo's Song (Beside the Fire) - LotR II-3

3. The Man in the Moon stayed up too late - LotR I-9 and AoTB nr.5
This file is 8 bit mono, 44,3 sec. and 899 kb

4. The Man in the Moon came down too soon - AoTB nr.6

5. Stone Troll (The Troll Song) - LotR I-12 and AoTB nr.7

6. Gil Galad - LotR I-11

7. Old Walking Song (The Road goes ever on) - LotR I-1 and LotR I-3 and LotR VI-9

8. Goblin Town - Hobbit 4
This file is 8 bit mono, 36,06 sec. and 684 kb

9. The Mewlips - AoTB nr.9

10. Roast 'em Alive! - Hobbit 6

11. Oliphaunt - LotR IV-3 and AoTB nr.10

12. The Valley - Hobbit 3

13. Perry the Winkle - AoTB nr.8

14. Bathsong - LotR I-5

15. Bilbo's last Song - Bilbo's last Song (book or poster edition)

16. A Drinking Song (Ho! Ho! Ho!) - LotR I-4

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This CD was made by Tolkien-fans. Not for commercial purposes! The making was with the kind permission of The Tolkien Estate and was sponsored by members of the Dutch Tolkien SocietyUnquendor (check out their Internet Homepage through our Links-page).
You will find all Lyrics in Tolkien's books: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings. The adventures of Tom Bombadil and Bilbo's Last Song.
The music was written by Ron Ploeg & Willem van Wordagen except for 'Bilbo's Last Song', 'The Road goes ever on' and 'Gil Galad' which were composed by Mr. Stephen Oliver. The melody for 'The Man in the Moon came down too soon' was taken from a traditional folksong.
A whole army of musicians volunteered for this Middle Earth CD, we would like to mention Jacco de Wijs for his contributions.
The CD was mixed by Gilles Tuinman.
Editing and additional mixing by Tony Janssen at Lothlorien!
Produced by Ron Ploeg, Willem van Wordragen en Gilles Tuinman.

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