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  • All 29 NBA teams and authentic arena floors
  • Over 300 players with real-life faces, smooth skin textures and true size
  • Hi-Rez' graphics with 3-D polygonal sports engine
  • Endorsed by New Jersey Nets rookie sensation Keith Van Horn
  • Over 500 motion-captured moves by the sensational Keith Van Horn
  • The most advanced NBA play calling system designed by NBA scouts
  • 5-on-5 simulation with authentic team play styles like the Sonics trap, Celtics press and Bulls triangle offense
  • Features 5-on-5 Jam mode with special dunks and graphics
  • Play by play from Kevin Harlan and color commentary from basketball analyst Bill Walton
  • 5 play modes: shoot out, exhibition, season, custom season and playoffs
  • Total Team Management includes: trading, drafting, signing and releasing players.
  • Create a player, create a team and customize your own team's play style
  • Scouting reports on individual player skills and team play styles
  • Players possess their real life skills and attributes
  • On screen play plaques allow you to call plays on the fly
  • Track season-long player and team stats in over 200 categories.
  • Instant replay and multiple camera angles.
  • Play the '98-99 NBA schedule and view out of town scores
  • Arena announcing by Dan Roberts of the Utah Jazz.
  • In-game player highlights feature color photos and stat updates
  • Player injuries affect game and season performance.



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