Biography of Me

(Criminal Record Photo)

Name: Gary Short
Age: 18
Location: Birmingham, England
Job: Full time tramp and student at the University of Central England in Birmingham

The legacy began when I was born out of satan's arse in the wonderful year of 1984. I left hell at the age of 3 months to live with my new family in England. Nothing happened for about 14 years (nothing you care about anyway) and then one day I'd decided to try my hand at making a website. It grew from there, bla bla bla, and over the years I designed many sites. These included Fantasy Wrestling Federations (please stop laughing, the FFW and LPW were pretty good, y'know), a Harry Hill tribute website, a website about the story of a young man and his moped,, (The Chamber of Freaks), and the almighty ZSOA. I've made a few flash movies in my time. At one point I tried pandering to the Newgrounds crowd (Ninja Turtles NES, Skate or Die, anyone?) to get more hits and better flash movie scores but I became sick of it. Now I just do stuff that I feel like doing (The Blue Blob series, Charles Arse) which get low scores and much abuse from the Newgrounds crowd, but I don't care. Fuck them silly bastards. I don't bother putting my flash movies on Newgrounds anymore. I don't feel the need to prove myself to a bunch of pussies who like Xiao Xiao and movies with Tom Fulp in them.

As far as my likes and dislikes go, I enjoy heavy metal (but no fucking way nu metal). Bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Cradle of Filth I really cream my pants over. I also enjoy horror very much. I really like a good cheesy 80's Zombie flick. Dislikes I can't be bothered to tell you, as it would take me far to long to list 'em all.