Chris Egan's chat transcript

Chris Egan Live: Look forward to your questions!

Question: What's it like being with the cast?
Chris Egan Live: It's great, I have a lot of fun, it's like a big family, I learn a lot from them.

Question: When did you start working on Home and Away?
Chris Egan Live: Probably about two and half years ago.

Question: What's it like working with Jade?
Chris Egan Live: She's great, we have a lot of fun together, a lot of fun playing boyfriend and girlfriend, hard not to have a laugh between scenes. We have a lot of fun.

Question: Do you have any pets?
Chris Egan Live: Yes, a female golden retriever called Skye.

Question: Who is your favourite cast member?
Chris Egan Live: Probably Brett Hicks-Maitland, plays Dylan on the show, we are good friends.

Question: Are you gonna be at rumba this year?
Chris Egan Live: Yes. Looking forward to it!

Question: Have you got any holiday plans?
Chris Egan Live: Not at the moment, just chilling out, revitalising, catching up with family and friends. Might plan to go away for a week or so, but don't know where yet.

Question: Is it fun acting?
Chris Egan Live: Yes, it's a lot of fun. It's fun doing the thing that you love every day, but the early starts are killing me!

Question: What are your future plans after Home and Away?
Chris Egan Live: I have a huge passion for films - that's' the goal, work towards that, really.

Question: How do you get "in character" ?
Chris Egan Live: It depends cause usually it's really easy, because when you've been playing a character for so long, it's a part of yourself. It's worse when you have days when you are playing emotional stuff. Nick reacts in different ways to how I would. It depends on scenes - different parts of nick's personality start to come out.

Question: What was it like filming the Secrets and the City video?
Chris Egan Live: A lot of fun! It's never been done before in Australia on any TV show, so it was something new. The scenes were totally different, it was totally different. After all the hard work we put into it was good to see it finally finished!

Question: What's the best thing and worst thing about acting?
Chris Egan Live: Probably the best thing about acting is being able to experiment and make a story line real or a make a situation believable. I suppose the worst thing is when you do a day when there are emotional scenes back and forth, you get mentally exhausted when you do heaps of happy and sad scenes.

Question: What do u do in your spare time when u r not workin on Home and Away?
Chris Egan Live: Sleep! Hang out with friends. I do a bit of reading, play a bit of golf, I love to go to the movies… a few parties…

Question: Is your character fun 2 play?
Chris Egan Live: Yes! I would not want another character, I love Nick because they allow a lot of comedy to come into Nick's life, and playing a funny character is always so much fun.

Question: What was Zac Drayson like to work with?
Chris Egan Live: Zac was so much fun. I miss him heaps, and I hear he might be coming back for a bit - just a little bit. But I can't confirm that!

Question: What do you think of Rebecca Cartwrights new song?
Chris Egan Live: Love it! I keep listening to it in my car!

Question: What was it like filming in the UK?
Chris Egan Live: A lot of fun! It was totally different location, we got to see the big sights of London, a great experience for all of us. It was just so exciting, we had fun every day, we were looking forward to every day. It was the biggest spinout, it felt like we were shooting a movie or something!

Question: What do you think of the Home & Away Hits CD?
Chris Egan Live: Haven't heard it yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing it.

Question: What sort of stuff do you guys get up to backstage?
Chris Egan Live: Crack too many jokes!

Question: What path/plot would you like to see your character "Nick" go down?
Chris Egan Live: A lot of the stuff I'm doing now, the new stuff, has challenged me more than any other story I've done. A big one is about to hit the screens!

Question: If you weren't acting what would you be doing?
Chris Egan Live: I have no idea, probably still at school.

Question: Is it true that ur little bro is in a play?
Chris Egan Live: He did do a play.

Question: Do u have any advice for people wanting to go in acting?
Chris Egan Live: Go for it, I suppose. If you have a real passion for it don't give up. If you don't have a real passion for it, don't do it.

Question: Hey Chris, what's the best piece of fan mail you've got?
Chris Egan Live: Someone sent me a bra once, some girl sent me a bra a long time ago, can't remember when exactly!

Question: What music do u listen to?
Chris Egan Live: I like a lot of different music, a lot of R&B. I like everything man! There is so much I like.

Question: Which is your most favourite episode of home and away that u enjoyed making most?
Chris Egan Live: Probably Secrets & the City.

Question: What are the best and worse things about being in the public eye?
Chris Egan Live: Probably the best thing is when people ask for advice and you can influence their decision, and when people compliment you on a story line they like. Probably the worst thing is people that put us down or sometimes you might be out and sometimes people hassle you. Some people won't leave you alone.

Question: Who's your favourite character on the show?
Chris Egan Live: Alf!

Question: Do u and your character Nick have any similarities?
Chris Egan Live: Probably the comedy that I try to bring out. I have a lot of that in myself and I try and pull it out in Nick.

Question: Hey Chris, how did you get into Home & Away? I really want to try out for a part!
Chris Egan Live: I auditioned for the show and found another 300 people had been auditioning, then I got a call back!

Question: If you were to meet anyone in the entertainment industry (alive or dead) who would it be and why?
Chris Egan Live: I would like to have a long conversation with Anthony Hopkins. I went to the Red Dragon premiere and never got a chance to meet him.

Question: How did u get in 2 acting?
Chris Egan Live: It started when I was much younger. I was always interested in it. I had a lot of people telling me not to do it, but I persisted with the acting classes. I had a real dream that I wanted to do something big with my life.

Question: What is like to pretend u r in love with someone?
Chris Egan Live: It's fun, it's not such a big thing, because the other person you are supposed to be love with is a professional actress. I guess at first it can be a bit uncomfortable because you don't know the person that well, but from then you get to know each other better and you have a lot of fun!

Question: If u had the role of any other character than "Nick", who would it be and why?
Chris Egan Live: Don't know, I don't want to be anyone else. I love Nick, he's a good guy!

Question: What's your favourite food?
Chris Egan Live: Thai.

Question: Do u spend much time with your friends when you're not working?
Chris Egan Live: You get weeks that you get really busy and all you are concentrating on is what you have to do that week, but when I get the time I spend it with my friends. I always make time for them!

Question: Which storyline have you enjoyed most being apart of?
Chris Egan Live: Probably the Secrets & the City episode.

Question: Chris, what's the weirdest question you have ever been given?
Chris Egan Live: I was asked by guy in the street if I knew how to tranquilise a horse!

Question: I heard you like body boarding and skateboarding. Is it true?
Chris Egan Live: Yeah, I used to skateboard when I was much younger, but I've always kept a bodyboard.

AuLive1: I'm afraid we're out of time for tonight. Thanks so much for joining us at AOL Live Chris!

Chris Egan Live: Thanks for the questions, it's always so lovely to chat to the fans! I love you all so much and keep watching Home and Away!

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