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an egg day = fragile

still haunted by people, situations from my past. my life moves in a spiral. as i grow and reach new awareness/health, i seem to revisit painful times.

i don't know what i'm searching for in those experiences.

other times, i don't go looking for the memories. they just surface. such an intrusion. always just as i'm hitting a new stride in my life.

i feel grumpy today. tired, wobbly, fragile.

d. is blue. worried about him.

today was rainy. leaves everywhere, soggy on the ground. need to clean up the front. need to paint the closet before we put the new door on. need to clean the bathrooms. need to mop the floors and give the cabinets some wood oil. need to rearrange drawers. need to trim my toenails.

i shaved today, though. i also did 3 loads of laundry. baking beets.

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