Dylan Russell
played by Brett Hicks-Maitland

At 16½, Dylan is wiser, and perhaps more jaded, than his peers. Whilst other boys are thinking about sports and girls, Dylan has mostly dismissed the former and is already active with the latter. Tall and lithe, with great looks and a sense of detached mystery about him, it's his air of maturity which could easily see him pass for eighteen. He's likeable, and not in anyway a dork - here is a kid to whom everything comes easy, and he is therefore not driven to prove himself. It's not that he isn't competitive, he just doesn't need the approval of his peers and is not a team player when it comes to sports. He KNOWS he could do it if he wanted to, but he much prefers the one on one challenge in everything.

Dylan has been brought up exclusively by Angie, who has been more of a best friend than a mother. He's been encouraged to explore the world at large and himself, and has had incredible support without real pressure. He calls her by her first name, and has always told her everything - he believes his mother has been as open with him as he is with her, and his illusions are dealt a cruel blow when he discovers that much of his life has been a tissue of lies.

Dylan is a lone wolf by conditioning - socially adept, there is still a sense that he has always been the centre of his own universe. Angie has taught him that they can only count on two people in the universe - himself and Angie. Consequently, there's an air of detachment about him even when he is part of a group.

He has learned manipulation from Angie but doesn't recognise it as such - it's a survival mechanism, not an attempt to hurt anyone else. He has a nobility that Angie doesn't - at his heart there is light, whereas Angie is as dark underneath as can be.

When he is hit by instant love his world rocked and he experiences a whole range of emotions he has never even considered before.

He's quietly spoken but not trivial. Even his wit is sophisticated compared to Nick's boyish humour. There's an air of authority in what he says, and very obvious natural leadership qualities.


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