Brett Hicks-Maitland
plays Dylan Russell

Born on 11 March 1978 in Adelaide, Brett moved to Sydney 5 years ago to take up a position at NIDA.

It was always a dream for Brett to join NIDA, and after a couple of auditions over three years after he left school and a lot of patience later, he graduated in 2000.

Brett originally auditioned for a semi-regular role, but the producers realised he was perfect for a longer term stint as the character Dylan.

Brett, at 24 years of age, plays a 17 year old who moves to Summer Bay with his mother Angie. For Dylan the move will not be all smooth sailing.

'He is a 17 year old with the maturity of a 19 year old and the looks of a 20 year old, but, having said that, he is still growing up. I think Dylan is a really level headed guy who is quite compassionate', he says.

'I think it is great playing a younger character, it just means that when I am 30 I can play a 25 year old, it is great for career longevity to be able to play younger roles', he says.

There will be rocky times ahead for Brett's character Dylan and he is unaware of how much his life will be turned upside down.

Brett has joined a cast of 21 and already feels like part of the team.

'I have already had funny moments with the cast and crew, and felt like a part of the family in the first week'.

'Chris Egan and I have already formed a friendship and we can't stop laughing. In fact we really struggle sometimes trying to keep it together on set and not annoy everyone', he says.

Although this is Brett's first regular role on television, he is no stranger to it, having already notched up credits including a guest role on McLeod's Daughters and All Saints in 2001, and a role as a cop in the movie Dirty Deeds.


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