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Every day activists are making news and speaking out on the issues of our time. But far too often the filter of the corporate-media ignores those voices. Progressive NewsWire brings you the press releases and the statements from America's progressive community directly to you - no filters, no editing. And we do it in 'real time'.

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"Politicians like to say that government should be run more like a business. Americans, perhaps thinking of thrifty hometown mom-and-pop small businesses, nod in a collective "Amen."

Unfortunately, the Washington of today took its cue not from a 1950’s community-based small business but rather a 1990’s-style corporate raider.

Like the absentee corporate managers who care only about the bottom line in the next earnings report, our political system looks no further than yesterday’s poll and the next election cycle. Cut back on investments in the future in order to make the short-term ledger/next election look a little better. Put off the big problems for someone down the road to clean up. Slash benefits to the workers while the CEO’s get massive bonuses. Corporations pollute our air with toxic emissions; politicians pollute our airwaves with toxic "wedge issues."

Washington is awash in money. There are 90,000 lobbyists and 60,000 lawyers working the system for the benefit of their clients. Former Senators George Mitchell and Bob Dole -- like so many others -- join forces to lobby their former colleagues for the tobacco industry and Chilean salmon farmers.

It’s pretty clear why short-term politics beats out the long-term common good.

What shall we do?

America is at a crossroads. Will we continue down the path of cynical and shortsighted policies? A path that plays to our fears and divides our communities? Or, will we begin organizing Americans to think big and use our national imagination to create a roadmap for a better future?"

-- from Common Dreams mailing, 1998


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