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New! Get you Link Cosmos as an RSS feed

Use your favorite RSS browser or aggregator (like Radio Userland or Headline Viewer or NetNewsWire Lite) to keep track of the inbound links to your blog or web site. It only costs $10 a year to get up-to-the-minute information, that's less than a dollar a month!

Set up a RSS Watchlist

Find out who's linking to you.

Cosmos allows you to find what's new in the blogging universe, and find out who's linking to whom. Simply type in a URL of a blog, website, or interesting article on the web, and Cosmos will tell you which bloggers are linking to the URL.

What Cosmos results mean

There are two ways of ranking the inbound links to a blog - either by "Freshness" or by "Authority".; When links are sorted in order of Authority, blogs that have the most inbound links are ranked first. This will give you a quick feel for the relative authority of the site itself - if lots of people who have authority are linking to this blog, it is probably credible or has interesting content. Very few authoritative links to a blog may mean that the blog is new, or is not often updated, or is not considering interesting to many bloggers. Perhaps it is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be found!

The freshness ranking places the most updated blogs first in the search results, without regard for blog authority. This allows you to find newly updated links quickly, which usually mean interesting content, rather than just "blogroll" links.

See an explanation of the Cosmos Results page.

Some examples:

Hit the (Cosmos) link to see the Link Cosmos for each of these recently updated sites...

1. Musings from the Underground 25 links (Cosmos)
2. Asymmetrical Information 199 links (Cosmos)
3. Memepool 78 links (Cosmos)
4. Robert Weiler online 11 links (Cosmos)
5. No Sense of Place 28 links (Cosmos)
6. niquelapolice 3 links (Cosmos)
7. 55 links (Cosmos)
8. Nicest of the Damned 11 links (Cosmos)
9. Playing with my food, and other things 1 link (Cosmos)
10. SHITHAPPENS 4 links (Cosmos)
11. 20 links (Cosmos)
12. Emulating Blogger in Manila 9 links (Cosmos)
13. Ecademy 8 links (Cosmos)
14. JC-Log 20 links (Cosmos)
15. Main Blog 8 links (Cosmos)
16. systematic instability 1 link (Cosmos)
17. hirn&verbrannt; 28 links (Cosmos)
18. Ethno::log 3 links (Cosmos)
19. The End of Free 67 links (Cosmos)
20. PageCount 93 links (Cosmos)

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