Next to Joxer, Eli is one of Xena and Gabrielle's most beloved friends. He makes his debut in the Xenaverse in Season Four's "Devi", in which he heals Gabrielle who became possessed by the demon Tataka. He returns in many memorable episodes, some of the best in the show in fact. The most memorable being the controversial Season Four ep- "The Way", in which he and Gabrielle are kidnaped by the demon Indrajit. We do not see Eli again until "The Ides of March" when he and Gabrielle are once again taken, this time by Brutus in Caesar's plan to get rid of Xena once and for all with Callisto's help.

Eli is proves himself invaluable to Xena and the rest of the world, through his love for life and his loyalty to the heroine's of this show. He is the one chosen by the angel Callisto to resurrect Xena and Gabrielle, and he is the one chosen by the forces of Heaven to be "The Hammer" which will begin the fall of the Greek gods in the episode "Seeds of Faith". His presence is continually felt throughout the show, though he himself is no longer physically present. His death spurs a cult following that inspires the people to look to him as well as within themselves for strength and spiritual fulfillment instead of the to gods of Olympus. However, it cannot be denied that as the show evolves, strong similarities are drawn between this character and the Christian deity Jesus Christ. For example, his teachings of non-violence and the Christian fish symbol which is seen in "Seeds of Faith", as well as "Eve" and more recently "Heart of Darkness". Regardless of who they pattern Eli after, his character has become one of the most important, memorable, and loved characters in the history of Xena.

-Caina Q. Fuller.