Robert was a devoted fan of the Albion, a regular contributor to North Stand Chat and a friend to many in the Chatroom. He was killed on 11th September 2001 in the attacks upon the World Trade Center.
This page is dedicated to him


The Argus: First published on Tuesday 18 September 2001
Flag tribute for fan feared dead
by Jason Woodward
Albion fans hope to dedicate a club flag to one of the victims of the atrocity in New York.
Former Sussex schoolboy Robert Eaton, 37, was believed to be working in the World Trade Centre at the time of the attacks and is among thousands feared dead.

Mr Eaton, a loyal Albion supporter, would make sure he watched his favourite team every time he returned to England. Albion followers have now offered to dedicate the club's £2,000 flag in his name. Organiser Simon Sissling said: "When we found out he was among those missing out there, a few of the fans decided to organise a tribute for him. "It was suggested we name the flag after him or dedicate it to him in some way. "I think it is a wonderful idea as long as his parents and wife are happy about it."

Mr Eaton was a regular contributor to the Albion fans' chat room web site North Stand Chat and was speaking on the internet to fellow fans the night before the disaster. The ex-Brighton College schoolboy, a former chorister at St Paul's Cathedral, London, worked in New York as a merchant banker.

More than 100 tributes have been posted on the chat room message board since the attacks last Tuesday. Many fans have backed the plan to dedicate the club flag to him. Mr Sissling said: "The fans are devastated. Last week there were lots of rumours in the chat room that an Albion fan was working in one of the towers.

"When we found out it was him, everyone was pretty cut up about it."
Another suggestion put forward by fans is to compile a book of all the tributes to Robert and present it to his parents Doug and Laura Eaton, who live in Ditchling. The 64ft by 32ft flag is likely to be displayed behind the west stand at Withdean Stadium when it is delivered from its manufacturers in Sheffield later this week. Mr Sissling has already been in contact with the Guinness Book of Records to check whether it is one of the largest flags in the world.
Albion chief executive Martin Perry said: "We were approached by the supporters with this suggestion and we thought it was a lovely gesture. Dedicating the flag to Robert is our way of remembering him and showing our support to his loved ones. "Everyone at the club was very distressed to hear that one of our supporters was caught up in this terrible chain of events.
"Our hearts go out to all of his friends and relatives."

London Evening Standard: 20 September 2001
This is how I want to remember my lovely Robert
by Danielle Gusmaroli
When Robert Eaton and his bride, Jacqui, went up the aisle eight years ago a bright future lay ahead. The former St Paul's chorister had left Britain for New York and had become a rising star in the tough world of international finance.
But today Jacqui waits grief-stricken for news of her husband, missing since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center last Tuesday.

He was a merchant banker for finance firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, on the 105th floor of the north tower, when the first hijacked jet slammed into it.
The 37-year-old is one of more than 5,000 missing in the wreckage and a week after the attack his parents in Britain have finally come to accept they will never see him again.

"This is my Robert," said his mother, Laura Eaton, pointing to his picture. "This is how I want to remember him. He had such a lovely smile." Her voice cracking, she breaks down in tears. Watching the news of the attacks live on television she had immediately pressed the button on her telephone that dialled his direct line. After the third ring the line went dead.

Originally from Brighton, Robert sold his one-bedroom bachelor flat in Battersea 10 years ago to pursue his dream in the US. He had been selling bonds at brokers Garban in London and transferred for a brief spell to the firm's New York offices. His talent was recognised and rewarded by the firm but in no time he was headhunted by Cantor Fitzgerald - one of the world's largest financial companies. He rose rapidly into the higher echelons of New York's financial world. While there he met and married Jacqui, an American. The couple, who lived in Long Island, never had children. "She is so distressed I can hardly make out what she is saying," said Mrs Eaton, a former singing teacher. "Like all of us, she hates to think of him and all those people desperately trying to get out."

Last Friday Mr and Mrs Eaton travelled from their home in Ditchling, Sussex, with the rest of their family to attended the memorial service at St Paul's in honour of the victims. For his family it brought back poignant memories of the times Robert had sung there, his "beautiful" treble voice filling the great building.
From the age of nine to 13 he boarded at St Paul's Cathedral Choir School. By 10 he could read music by sight and was singing twice a day, six days a week in the choir. In 1977 he sang at the special service marking the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Later he won a scholarship to Brighton College, where he learned to play the cello, joined the Brighton Youth Orchestra and toured with them in Canada and Europe. His voice can still be heard on the CD, Royal Music From St Paul's, which his parents feel is a fitting and lasting tribute to him.
His former choir master, Barry Rose, 67, said: "Robert always had an answer for everything, which is why I liked him so much. If you told him off for not doing well enough he would shout back 'I am doing my best'. He was very spirited and had enormous personality. He stood out from the rest, had get up and go, was confident and always laughing. "His voice was so stunning we would send him up to the Whispering Gallery, which is very high up, just to hear him sing. I am not surprised he went on to do so well in commerce as a banker.
"I always thought about looking him up. Now all I have is the CD, but I shall always hear his voice now even though I never saw him again."

Choking back tears, Robert's father, Douglas, 78, said: "He was kind, funny, always willing to help; one of those people you instantly liked.
"We have been overwhelmed with telephone calls and visits from his friends. They tell us stories about his kindness. That makes it all the more difficult.
"We don't know what happened to him that day. No one knows. Probably no one will. A friend who knows the building well rang us and said realistically there is no chance he could have survived."

Fans at Brighton and Hove Albion FC, Robert's favourite team, are planning to unfurl a giant flag in his honour on Saturday. He attended games whenever he returned from the States. "It is a very nice gesture," said Mr Eaton. "He would be very shocked, but proud to have a tribute to him at the ground."

Robert's best friend at school, Craig McLeish, now a 37-yearold musician from Hertfordshire, added "He had a better voice than Aled Jones, he was so talented. He was suave and had a swagger about him. You could tell he would be brilliant at everything he did."

The Argus: 22 September 2001
Albion fans pay tribute to terror victim
by Jason Woodward

Tributes from Albion fans to a victim of the US terrorist attacks will be placed in a New York square that has been transformed into a shrine.

Former Sussex schoolboy and avid Albion fan Robert Eaton, 37, is believed to have been working in the World Trade Centre at the time of the attacks and is among the thousands of people feared dead. An Albion jersey, with Robert's name on the back, a club pennant and more than 120 tributes will be taken to New York and placed in Union Square alongside other memorials.
Fellow Brighton fans will also dedicate the new giant club flag to Robert at a ceremony before the Albion's match against Bournemouth at Withdean Stadium today.

Robert was a regular contributor to the Albion fans' chatroom web site, North Stand Chat, and wrote on the internet to fellow fans the night before the disaster.
Within hours of finding out one of their members had been involved in the tragedy, fans bombarded the site with tributes and suggestions about how to honour one of their own.

The idea to take the jersey and tributes to the US was suggested by 16-year-old fan Nick Lovett, who is travelling to New York with his father today for a holiday booked before the disaster. Nick, of Dover Road, Brighton, said: "I felt, as I was going to New York, perhaps I should take something with me from everyone who couldn't go and wanted to pass on their sentiments. Robert was a Brighton fan and will be missed by a lot of people."

Gareth Glover, who helped organise the tributes, said: "I responded to Robert's postings and emailed him in New York a few times. I never met him personally but I felt I knew him." Gareth, 39, of Whitelot Close, Southwick, said: "The chatroom is like a little community in itself. When we found out Robert was one of the victims, everyone was devastated."

The ex-Brighton College schoolboy, who used to sing as a choirboy at St Paul's Cathedral, worked in New York as a merchant banker. Robert's sister, Barbara, has posted her own message on the web site thanking fans for their decision to name the club flag in memory of her brother. She wrote: "Having just read the comments regarding the flag, I would like to thank you for your kind thoughts.
"I know Robert would have been really proud."

The 64ft by 32ft flag is likely to be displayed behind the west stand at Withdean Stadium.

BBC ONLINE NEWS: 21 September 2001
A dedicated fan of Brighton and Hove Albion who is missing presumed dead after the terrorist attacks in New York has been honoured by his fellow supporters. Robert Eaton, who was working for financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald (CF) when the World Trade Center collapsed, had the new supporters' flag dedicated to him.

The flag, which measures 64ft by 32ft, was unveiled on Saturday at the start of Albion's official centenary match against Bournemouth.

Mr Eaton, 37, had been working for CF in the World Trade Center for two years, but regularly came back to Britain to see the Seagulls in action.

The flag, which could cover up to 600 fans in the stands at the ground, was delivered to the club on Thursday.

Supporters were originally due to name the flag after the fans' website "North Stand Chat". But Andy Heryet, a Seagulls fan, said: "Because of what happened to Robert in New York, it seemed appropriate to call the flag the Robert Eaton Memorial Flag. "He also used to regularly contribute to the chatroom from New York, which made it even more appropriate."

Silent tribute
The move comes after the club held a minute's silence in memory of Mr Eaton, prior to the Seagulls' game against Stoke City on Tuesday. A feature about him also appeared in the match programme.

Mr Eaton used to go to the games with his father Douglas, who, with wife Laura, has supported the fans' tribute. Mr Heryet said: "We got in touch with Robert's parents to let them know what our plans were, and they said they were touched by the gesture."

Safety checks
"Subject to checks by the club's safety officer, the flag will be unfurled on a grass bank at the football ground, on Saturday. "We also hope that we will be able to pass it between all fans of the club at future games, both home and away."

On Saturday Brighton beat Bournemouth 2-1 to go four points clear at the top of Division Two.

You'll Never Walk Alone...
NSC: messages of condolence
Friday 14th September 2001 onwards

gareth glover: Following earlier postings the front page of the Argus today leads with Robert Eaton / Ricky Marlowes Hairpiece who is feared dead from the bombings on 11/9/01. I e mailed him this morning and feel devastated. NSC have lost one of its members due to the bombings
Simster:That is sickening. I can't believe it.
n1 gull: This puts things into perspective.
gareth glover: We only discussed this, this morning. It reads about him being a mad Albion fan. I checked out his e mail this morning and e mailed him to put our mind at rest. I feel utterly gutted.
SM BHAFC: Heartfelt sympathy to his family & all who knew this man. God bless his soul.
Man of Harveys:Terrible, shocking news.
TEO: After what Zig posted earlier about the list that had RMHP listed as one of the survivors, let's pray that The Argus have got this one wrong - saying he is feared dead does not necessarily mean he is, and it may well be that The Argus have not seen this list. It puts it into perspective and sickens me enough just to think that one of 'our community' could have been killed - please God let him have survived.
Ben Andrews Girlfriend: It just shows that almost everyone has been affected by this tragedy. I give my upmost sympathy to all his family and all who knew him.
ofab: Oh Jesus no. The PM said 'Every community in Britain will be touched', it looks like our little on-line community has suffered. Sincere sympathy to all his family and friends.
afters: ofab...i echo your sympathies entirely how very sad
Dick Knights Mum: Sad news. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Let us hope it is not confirmed.
Tooting Gull: That is terrible news if its confirmed. Echoing above, thoughts with family and friends and hoping he made it out of there.
Birdy: unbelievably sad, the whole thing, makes you realise how far this tragedy reaches. sincere sympathy to all.
gareth glover: Can I send my sincere condolances to Robert's family. This is devastating, terrible news. May he rest in peace and god give his family strength
rool: I am very sorry to hear this My deepest sympathy goes to his family and all who knew him
Gershwin: Didn't know him but very sad to read the above, and share those thoughts. Don't know about everyone else but I had hardly any interest in the Southampton game, despite looking forward to it for weeks, and the coming matches don't seem to mean a lot either. Very disturbing times just now.
Bugs Hill Seagull: I sincerely hope the "unofficial list" is right, but, reading the following Argus report, regrettably, it doesn't look likely. I add my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
" Slaughter of an innocent by our news team A former cathedral chorister from Sussex is among the thousands of people missing, feared dead, in the terrorist attacks on New York. The Brighton College schoolboy, whose voice brought tears to his former music teacher's eyes, is believed to have been working in the World Trade Centre tower first struck by one of the hijacked jets. Today his parents, Doug and Laura Eaton, of Ditchling, were travelling to St Paul's Cathedral, where he was a chorister, to attend a service to remember their son and thousands of others who are believed to have perished in the attacks. Albion fan Robert, 37, was believed to have been working on the 105th floor of the tower when the terrorists struck just before 9am local time. The plane ploughed into the building three storeys below. His mother Laura heard news of the attacks on the radio at her home in Ditchling. She immediately tried to call her son but the phone rang three times before the line went dead. Yesterday she said: "I can't believe I will never see him again. We keep seeing these horrific scenes on television and it doesn't seem real." Robert, a merchant banker for Cantor Fitzgerald, last spoke to his parents on the phone when they were on holiday in Spain. He had called his mother at the hotel two weeks ago to check she was feeling better after hurting her back. After hearing of the attacks Mr and Mrs Eaton at first did not think it was their son's building that had been hit. It was only after calling Robert'sAmerican wife Jacqui at the couple's home in Long Island that they realised their son was probably in the building. Mrs Eaton said: "He was so near the top we know the chances of him getting out alive were slim. It's terrible to think of him and all those other people desperately trying to get out. His wife is so distressed I can barely understand her on the phone. She still doesn't believe it is true." Robert's three sisters travelled to stay with their parents the night after the attack. Tomorrow the family will attend the memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be present. Mr Eaton said they were still working out how to tell the youngest of their seven grandchildren, aged six to 13, that their Uncle Robert has gone. He said: "The young ones are upset but don't really understand what is happening. They think he is in hospital and will be coming to see them again." On regular visits to Sussex, stopping over on flights between his bank's offices in New York, Frankfurt and London, Robert spent weekends with his parents. Whenever he was back, he and his father used to watch the Albion play. Mr Eaton said: "He was mad about football. He used phone me to talk about the game after looking on the internet before I even knew the score. "He was kind, funny and always willing to help. He was one of those people you instantly liked." Robert attended Balfour School before winning a scholarship at St Paul's Cathedral where he studied for four years. After four years at St Paul's, Robert, attended Brighton College in 1977. One of his former teachers, Conrad Sandercock, said: "I still remember Robert's voice. He sang O For the Wings of a Dove by Mendelssohn and it was breathtakingly beautiful. His loss is extremely sad." Robert's parents will travel to New York when flight restrictions to America are lifted."
nascih:It is very sad, and football or anything else just doesn't seem right. Sympathy to his family and friends.
Gary Nelson: My thoughts and Im sure thousands of other albion fans who like me, didnt know him, are with his family at this tme. R.I.P *Would be nice if the club could acknowledge this at the Bournemouth game next week.
Anonymous: Abide with me; fast falls the eventide The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide When other helpers fail and comforts flee Help of the helpless O abide with me
Blue Stripe: If this news is confirmed and this is just an idea but how about naming our new flag 'The Rob Eaton Flag' in his honour. After all it was purchased due to the efforts of this board?
gareth glover: A minutes silence before the stoke game on Tuesday is essential if this terrible new is confirmed. Can those who have contacts make sure the club are aware of this and arrange it
gareth glover: The Robert Eaton flag is a great idea to remember him. Excellent idea
Anonymous: Or a plaque on the centenary board?
Bozza: Was about to type similar. How much are they and is his birth year (1963 or 1964) still available ? Sure we could manage it...
The Seagulleater: I thought it was said he was OK, my mistake, I would like to send my sincere condolances to Robert's family and friends, my thoughts are with all of you.... This is indeed a tragic time in which we should all come together, spare a thought and a prayer for all those who died and all those who are still missing, their families and their friends.........SGE
ofab: Cheers SGE - and Bozza I think that all plaques after 1940 have gone. Excellent idea to name the flag after him though.
Dick Knights Mum: I think the Centenary Board is an inspirational idea.
Pit bull: no words really! I am at Church on Sunday and I will light a candle in his memory. So sad! dave
rool: Perhaps 1911 is available (200)1 (sept)9 11. Sorry can't explain how my mind works sometime Is the centenary board just for this year or will it be erected at the new ground. That idea is nice because we can have a few words on it for all to see
Herne Hill Seagull: Assuming our worst fears are confirmed, I wouldn't have thought anybody would be too offended if a particularly relevant year is not availalble - the point is to remember 'Ricky' and by extension everybody else who died. Put me down for a contribution if this takes off. I had four friends in Washington and New York myself, all of whom are safe thank God, so I know what that wait for news feels like. May he rest in peace. Naming the flag after him is a fine idea - the pics look great TEO, well done mate.
gareth glover: The Robert Eaton / Ricky Marlowes Hairpiece Giant Flag is essential and an excellent idea. Can this be unveiled and dedicated to Robert at the Stoke match Also a minutes silence before the Stoke Match and dedicate the match to him
Mustela Furo: The Centenary Boards will move with the club to the new Stadium.
zig: This news is precisely what I had feared and cautioned of earlier today. I didn't know originally whether or not to post the unofficial list. I checked for the other name mentioned in previous threads, Paul Neal and he was also on there [his entry was processed just 2 hours before the one for Robert]. All I can say in defence of the list, is that there is a slim possibility that more than 1 Robert Eaton was in the vicinity of the WTC on Tuesday. If the Argus is indeed correct, I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to Robert's family and friends.
Mustela Furo: I should add .. there are two Centenary Boards - one in the North Stand and one in the South Stand - but as somebody else has stated, very few years are left
Hans Kraay: I have been watching this thread and until it mentioned Brighton College hadn't linked it to the Rob Eaton I went to school with. I'm in shock. I hope his family and loved ones can be strong enough to get through this, and that the many sincere messages on this thread will help. This abomination has brought our own mortallity startlingly into focus - we should be very grateful for what we have and try to keep that feeling as the days go on, then this sad sad episode won't have been entirely in vain.
Stevie: The Argus report was written yesterday. It mentions in the body of the report Tomorrow the family will attend the memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be present That service is today. Is there still a remote possibility that the list is correct and that Robert is okay ? Should somebody contact the Argus to see if they have any updates ?
New York Geezer: Well what can I say, knowing that Robert was on the highest of floors, above the initial impact, it would indeed be a miracle to survive. I was on the 63rd floor of the same tower (not the 100th as has been reported),and was aware of people walking down from no higher than 81. Last night the CEO of Robert's firm gave the most moving, unbelievably compassionate account of the loss of 700 of his 1,000 employees. He survived because he took his son to his first day at school. I'm saddened by all the confusion surrounding who is on what list, etc andalso the added doubt caused by the unlikelyness of two Albion fans being in the same Tower. Love to all,Paul Neal
gareth glover Friday, September 14, 2001 - 05:11 pm Paul I hope you are coping and wish you all the best. I can only imagine what you are going through. All the best Gareth
Lush: This is all becoming almost too much to bear. Rob e-mailed me earlier in the year because he was hoping to join the NSC table at the Centenary Dinner. He said "I would love to go. However I just don't know at this stage whether I will be in England that week." I just wish he had been able to join us.
sb: It's hard to believe. His poor family.
PB: The idea of the centenary board is a fabulous idea. Surely the current one could be amended? I cannot even begin to find the words to say how sorry I am for his family and friends.
harts shirt: I can't believe it. I know all of us on NSC rarely seem to agree on anything these days, but if the news is as we fear, each and every one of us on NSC has lost one of our own. My deepest sympathies to his friends and family from another Old Brightonian and passionate Albion fan.
y2dave: I cannot find words to explain how this terrible news has made me realise the human tragedys these evil terrorists have caused. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
fatboy: This is so awful. A tribute is a must. All thoughts to his family.
Coxy Friday: My thoughts are with his family. And with all the human beings who have suffered and are suffering.
nmh:I don't know if this is the 'Rob in NY' that visited the chatroom or board. I hope upon hope we may still hear better news. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
DeeDee:Sincerest sympathy to his family and friends. Like most, I only knew of him from his postings on NSC. Words cannot say how I feel about this tragedy. I was shocked anyway but this news brings things sharply into focus. RIP
Trish: I would also like to send my condolences to Robert's family. As previously said, we have lost one of our own. I think Blue Stripe's idea of naming the newflag after him is great, but I wonder if the Club would consider namingone of the Withdean stands the Robert Eaton stand. To Paul - I do hope the scars of the 11th September will heal soon. Trish
Kev:This is terrible news. There are still some messages from Rob on this board,the last one posted on 10th September. We can only hope the Argus has got it wrong, but it just doesn't seem likely if he was on the 105th floor.
Arthur: deepest sympathy to his family and friends from a fellow Brighton fan.
Mental Lental: Maybe we should e-mail Mr Perry regarding a minutes silence at Stoke. Or against Stoke I should say
darren: i still can't believe whats gone on..deepest sympathies to his family and friends
Simster: My deepest sympathies to Robert's family and friends from another Albion fan.
Stoke Seagull: My deepest sympathy to Robert's family and friends. NSC cannot let him be forgotten. The flag must be named to honour his memory. God bless you Robert. A fellow fan.
Caveman: I would just like to echo the above my condolences , may he rest in peace
culvers: I work in a shop in the village where Robert's parents live, my thoughts are with his family. Its just such a shock. i think naming the flag after him would be a wonderful gesture from NSC.
JetMoses: My sincere condolences to Ricky Marlowes Hairpiece's family and friends.
Derek Ainsworth: I have read this page every day for the last year. Despite all the contentious issues I have seen it that time, I have never yet felt moved to post anything myself. The tragic death of one of North Stand Chats posters has moved me to tears, and I could not live with myself if I did not add to this thread. I know all the names of the posters on this board, Ricky Marlowes Hairpiece was one of those. I did not know him in person, but he was one of those who brought me joy and pleasure and pride in my team with his contributions, and devotion to the team he also loved. His loss is a tragedy to all the members of this board, but more so it a devestating blow to those who knew and loved him. My heartfelt wishes and sympathy go out to you all. Please have a minutes silence at the Stoke game Mr Perry, one minute of our lives is not much to ask in the memory of someone who has lost his.
Dick Knights Mum: If one of Ricky's friends wants to sort it out then fair enough. But I am happy to organise the centenary plaque.
Timber-BHA: "in memory of Robert Eaton" would be a fitting tribute on the centenary board. Sincere sympathies to Robert's family, friends and colleagues. One minute's silence next Tuesday is a must. From another football fan
Shatners Bassoon: I'm so sad that this has happened. My deepest condolences to his family. We must do something to remember him by. This whole thing is awful.
Absque Labore: I have just spoken to Martin Perry who has asked me to put this message on NSC on behalf of the Club. All members of the Club are very distressed to learn that Albion supporter Robert Eaton is missing presumed dead in the tragedy in New York. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. We would like them to know that they are very much in our thoughts and prayers at this terrible time.
Gutted: We're top of the league but football seems irrelevent at this moment in time. I cant celebrate when something like this has happened. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Lindfield by the sea: Can't believe it. Sickens me to the core. I cannot imagine the pain this sensless act has caused. I echo peoples wish to have a minutes silence at the Stoke game. Please listen to our request Martin. My sympathies and prayers go to his family and friends Chris
n1 gull: Well said fellas, although we all rejoice our victory, I think we all know the real score. Some things can't be said or understood, and 3 points doesn'tseem that important. I have nothing but the upmost sympathy for anyone feeling pain. I hope my own ridiculous football related postings don't seem too shallow. My thoughts are with you guys, and isn't it wonderful that we all have a platform to express our views. Good work NSC and the Albion for nicking 3 points.
Fleet: Hard to go through the list above without feeling great emotion. The away win tonight would have brought joy to a loyal Seagull. Mat he rest in peace.
Gripper Stebson: So, so sorry to hear this news. Puts all this into real perspective dos'nt it. God bless Robert and his family.
Miles McSeagull: I have been away from my PC this week and consequently and with some albeit near irrelevant annoyance, I have been able only to look at the list and NSC: As a fellow Balfourite it makes it seem even closer to home. Our thoughts are with Robert Eaton and his family as they are with million of others are affected and touched by this henious event. I came home tonight to find us top of the table, it was nice , butin-perspective it was just nice and not much more. Good, will win in this. Reason is the power with which arguments are won...... How dare they act like this.... peace peace Miles
East Staffs Gull: I can't find words to express my feelings now. My deepest sympathies to Robert's family and friends.
Suffolk: I just do not know what to post. When I heard the news of the disaster I thought of Robert and I have just now gained access to the internet and read this post. I am just lost for words. I am crying, football is now no longer in my thoughts and I pray for some mistake. God be with you.
Top Cat: I will be unable to watch the Albion play, for a long time to come, without thinking about these horrible events and the effects they will have on Rob's family. I do not believe I have ever met the man but I will certainly not forget his tragic story....truely heartbreaking.
Downloaded Penguin: To name the flag after Robert is a wonderful idea. This is a tragic time. May his memory live on forever.
Bozza: The flag naming thing is all well and good but I think we HAVE to do something that will be recorded for ever. Like it or not, one day the flag will be tatty and frayed. I say we have Robert represented on the Centenary Board. No idea what it costs but willing to kick off a collection with £20. Also think that there should be a minute's silence on Tuesday specifically for Robert.
Downloaded Penguin: I agree. Naming a stand after him at Falmer would also be a wonderful gesture.The Robert Eaton Stand. That will be a permanent tribute. Someone should have a word with the club.
Sully Shuffle: An e-mail was circulated yesterday and went coast to coast over here, asking that everyone stand outside their houses and light a candle at 7.00pm on this, the day of mourning in the US. I lit mine for Robert Eaton, and for his family and friends. Be assured that the rescue operation continues around the clock in NYC, and that those involves are displaying incredible stamina and courage. The residents of the city of New York are also rallying to support them in any way possible. The CEO of Robert's firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, was on television yesterday, he lost 700 employees in the disaster. It was an incredibly moving interview, he was only out of the building because it was his daughter's first day ofkindergarten and he was involved in getting her to school. I firmly believe that the families of those members of his firm who perished will be supported fully. I also know that the gestures of support from the UK are greatly appreciated,and brought tears to the eyes of many. May time bring some sense of healing, but let us not forget Robert and the other innocent victims. Sully Shuffle, in Maine USA
Lord and Lady Bracknell: "Apocalisse America" - is how this tragedy has been described in the Italian press this week and before coming home today, we had been grateful that our family had been spared, since the Teaboy is in New York staying very close to the World Trade Center. But now, within the family that is NSC, we discover that we have all been touched by this apocalypse. Our deepest sympathies go to Robert's parents, friends and family. Yes, we must remember him and certainly we would be prepared to contribute to any memorial. And we hope that the Club will allow us to pay a final tribute to Robert's memory with a period of silence at the next home game.
dick knights dad: am mr & mrs eaton im sorry about ur son. i wish i had words that would make it seem better for u. but there aint nothing that can do that. i can only say i am sorry for the hurting going on inside u. me and my dad have just got back to leicester from wrexham. we was so happy that we won and was top of the division. but nowi got indoors and read this page it dont mean anything to methat brighton won when ur son cant be cheering as well. i cant type any thing more cos my eyes r filled with tears. im sorry.
Kalimantan Gull: Deepest sympathies to everyone who knew him, one of the many posters that make this board so much fun, now gone to the great Goldstone in the sky. Rest in eternal peace
SEAGULL USA: I can only echo the words of sympathy to Robert's family, and I do so with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. These tragic events have been so hard to take in, and now we have possiblylost one of our own aswell. PLEASE let there be a miracle. I didn't know Robert personally, but felt a connection as a fellow supporter in the colonies. Ricky Marlows Hairpiece will never be forgotten.
Iain: We chatted a few times before games in the rivals chat room, He was a devoted fan and will be much missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Goodbye Rob
Cheshire Seagull: This news brings it all so much closer to home. We have lost one of our own and he must not be forgotten. I'm not sure if we ever met but it felt like I knew him through his postings, RIP Rob. My heartfelt sympathy to all his family and friends.
Staffs Gull: I believe this is Rob in NY from chat, I can't believe this, what right does anybody have to take a persons life. I hope that somebody can organise a collection on NSC, Mailing list, at the ground etc, so that something can be done in lasting tribute to Rob. Chatted to him in the Rivals room v's QPR, I really can't believe it. Rob, I hope you are in a peaceful place now...
Deva BHA: The news made the minutes silence at the Wrexham game all the more poignant. Yes this puts the game into perspective, but what a tribute to win and go top of the league. Sadness on earth, but hopefully Rob is smiling on us now! Deepest respects to family and friends in their loss of a life tragically ended by this evil act.
Mr Ed: Just read this and feel absolutely gutted. My thoughts and condolences are with his family.
pranah Saturday, September 15, 2001 - 05:19 pm i have no words of my own for this, when you walk through a storm hold your head up high and dont be afraid of the dark at the end of the storm theres a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the light walk on through the wind walk on through the rain though your dreams be touched and blown walk on,walk on with hope in your hearts and youll never walk alone a liverpool song i know,but a song of hope,we sung it with donny fany on the pitch at the last game at the goldstone. from sussex by the sea, you can tell them all i will stand or fall for sussex by the sea. big love to the familys involved,not just the albion fans but world wide,keep the faith. ian sexton,aka pranah
Arkay: Well,after not using N.S.C.this week,because of what happened in New York and following all events on television,I AM GUTTED to hear this bad news,it just brings home the meaning of life. R.I.P.
Cheshire Dolphin: What can I say - it's all been said. RIP Rob.
SSSC aka Dirty: My sympathies go out to all his friends and family. I will hold my own minutes silence on Tuesday. Far over the seas we wander, Wide through the world we roam; Far from the kind hearts yonder, Far from our dear old home; But never shall we forget my boys, And true we'll ever be To the folks so kind that we left behind In Sussex by the Sea
despratefan: there's only one ricky marlowe. R.I.P
grunty: hell i went to school with robert!, this really brings the situation " over there" home. my thoughts are with him, his family and friends
Spam: I feel sick to my stomach and I just can't imagine how his family is feeling after this, my deepest sympathies go out to them and may Rob rest in peace and never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with Rob and everyone that knew him, i'm sorry.
Sigull: Deepest sympathy to Robert, Family and Friends Goodbye No matter how far away you travel, We will always be there. We hope you will keep us in your heart, for you will never leave ours We love you for everything you have done, and I hope your journey is pleasant. As your path doesn't lead back to us, above all we hope you are happy. You deserve the best there is, and with these words come our wishes. . . Wishes for love and happiness always. You touched our souls and we'll never forget, never forget the time that we shared, the friendship we had.
Hog Roast On The Pier: Cant believe it. Just put the PC on this morning and heard the news. The flag should definately be named after him, brilliant idea. So sad, our heartfelt sympathies go out to all his friends and family. I never thought that this would personally affect me but now it has. As an Albion supporter I'm sure you will all agree he was part of 'our' family too. God rest your soul Rob, David & Clair
legend: To be honest to you all, I have never been a strong supporter of the Albion and was introduced to this site by my mate Josh over the summer. The events of the past week have been truely heart wrenching and reading this thread has quite honestly bought a tear to my eye and has made what was oh so sereal, now oh so clear. Rob was clearly one of the true Albion fans that supported the club through the good and the bad and back to what we hope will be good once again. He typifies what I now come to salute in the great fans of BHA and that is solidarity and loyalty. The Albion, NSC, his family and friends must know that even those who perhaps knew him not are united in their sadness and sorrow. I salute you all and wish Rob ever lasting peace.
Southwick Gull: Very moving tributes on this very sad occasion. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, my deepest condolences to his family & friends. Do not stand at my grave and weep... I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awake in the mornings hush, I am the swift upflinging rush... of quiet birds in circling flight, I am the soft star-shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry... I am not there... I did not die...
CHRIS: Deepest sympathy to the Hairpiece and his family.
Tim from London: I'm watching all this again on Channel 4 News & it still brings tears to my eyes. God Bless Rob, & all other victims. We will never forget
Miss Bracknell: I cant begin to imagine what Roberts family are going through. Deepest sympathies to them and all who have lost someone close to them.
Spider: The Robert Eaton flag would be a tribute I'm sure Ricky would have appreciated. Maybe we could have an official naming when the flag is at Withdean. RIP from all seagulls. Spider
GNF: I'm cracking up here, its terrible being so far away from the UK at a time like this. As one of the contributors to the flag I would be 100% behind naming the flag after RMHP. GNF
West Hoathly Seagull: What can I say? I did not buy the Argus on Friday, but if this is true, may I add my name to the others on this site. I did not know any of the British people who lost their lives in the World Trade Center, but it brings it home hearing some are from Sussex, and especially a fellow Albion fan. I have often wondered what I would miss most if I went to America to work, and after my family it would be the Albion. I write as an Old Ardinian (Ardingly), rivals of Brighton College on the sports pitch, and we still do not know if any were involved from Ardingly. I shall add Robert and his family to my list of people to pray for. I think a stand at Falmer named after Robert would be the mostfitting Albion memorial.
GullDownunder: There is not much that I can say that hasn't already been said except to register my deepest sympathies to Robert Eaton's family and friends. Gone but not forgotten. RIP.
Fenland Seagull: I was only saying yesterday how lucky I felt that I didn't know anyone involved last Tuesday. Like many I didn't know Robert, but I feel more touched by Tuesday's horrific events after hearing this news. R.I.P.
On the Left Wing: No excuses for this being late but been off the web for 4 days. Sincerest sympathies to Robert's family from all of my household and our extended family. This news coming after the Wrexham match makes the result and everything else pale into insignificance. I hope the club finds some fiiting trubute.
sm: Sympathies to Robert's family and to all victims of this tragedy. Just read this whole thread and the dedication of the flag,the win on Friday and any further success for Brighton should be dedicated to his memory.I guess that's the one thing that connects all of us and although the majority of us didn't know Robert we know that we've all shared good and bad times together. I think if someone who has contacts within the club could organise a collection it could start at the stoke game and i'd be honoured to donate. Rest in Peace fellow Seagull.
Anon: If his family do not wish to accept any collection, maybe it could be donated to the Red Cross, NY Fire Brigade Benevolent fund or similar but a collection should definitely take place
KLS: A resounding Yes to the Flag naming plan, from another Stateside contributor. I can't watch the news on the tragedy over here without thinking of our chatroom buddy. Truly though, in the words of that late 70s icon, Sister Sledge, We Are Family -- especially at times like this. And that at least brings some comfort. Take care and aloha, all -- KLS
Nathan Barley: You don't need to be an Albion fan to appreciate the warmth and sincerity of this wonderful thread. I didn't know Robert but he clearly loved the Albion. It's great to seeAlbion fans loving him back. My deepest sympathies go to his family and friends. Sleep well, Robert.
Ian Simms: Our thoughts are with you Robert Until we meet again watch over us R.I.P.
Brisbane Gull Tuesday, September 18, 2001 - 03:44 am I have only just returned to NSC after watching the horrors of America unfold on TV for the past week and have been devastated by the news of Robert. Especially being an Albion fan now living outside the UK may my thoughts be with Robert's family and friends - and I will be with all in spirit at the Stoke game for what must be a minute's silence. Football has become somewhat irrelevant at the moment but let's hope time will heal...eventually. R.I.P. Rob. Gordon.
Herne Hill Seagull: Rob Eaton is featured in a very moving article, full page on p.3 of the Evening Standard today, and also shown on the front page. His support of the club and the flag are mentioned. The man has obviously left a huge hole in people's lives. Our thoughts go with you Jacqui.
RG: As a colleague of Robs, I never had call to talk to him directly although I knew the name very well, and I was not aware that he was also an Albion fan until I turned up at the Stoke game last night. I was very touched at the observance of the minute silenced. As mentioned earlier in this thread Rob was only one of 700 friends and colleagues lost by myself and my company last week. Difficult times but we will prevail.
ECF: you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Man of Harveys: I hope this link to the Evening Standard website will work: His evident career success, his musical talent and his devotion to his family and his club make this dreadful loss seem even greater to some of us who sadly never got to meet him.
zig: MOH - that link goes to a story about SoDamn Hussein. Were you looking to link to a story on Robert? If so, please re-post. Also, does anyone have a link to the Argus article?
Man of Harveys: With my usual technical brilliance...apologies. That does seem to be the link but it just doesn't work. This should: go to Choose 'top news stories', then 'This is how I want to remember Robert'.
Hamilton: Sympathies to Rob's family. I knew him and didn't know him at all. His postings were just one of the things that made visits to this site enjoyable. Taking him from us has affected us all as it has made it all the more real. Let us hope that the world learns something from this. I would never want to have to post another message such as this again.
zig: A touching article - especially the mention that the club will "unfurl the flag in his honour". NSC, you all have a lot to be proud of, and I am humbled in even considering myself a distant ambassador to such a great bunch of lads. Now, let's win that league for Robert.
zefarelly: Sympathies to all family and freinds, not that I knew you, but an important part of our upbringing and lives has been shared with the Albion, RIP in the goldstone ground
Heathfield Seagull: There are no words adequate for this-my heart goes out to every one involved
Haddon Seagull Thursday, September 20, 2001 - 05:58 pm RIP Robert. You've made this tradgedy so real for all of us. I'm proud to support the same great club and to be part of such a great bunch of fans.
CARDBOARD: God Bless Robert Thoughts with you and your family
Billy Seagull: My deepest sympathies to Robert's family. Words don't mean too much right now but we're all thinking of you. R.I.P. Billy Seagull aka Rob Bain.
Skintagain in Alba: I'd held back in hope that there would be a miracle... but sadly no. Together with the Albion. Snow? Kip Collins Seagulls over Scotland
cyril: Rest in Peace Rob. You are in all are thoughts. Is it to late to have Robert's names put on the flag? A stand named after him at Falmer is a fitting gesture and one that would show how much this news has hurt us all..we are one and lets never forget that.
Lampton: I have been totally touched by all the kindness and humility shown on NSC.I never had the fortune to 'chat' with Robert but, like so many others feel that I have lost a friend. I'd like to send my very sincere sympathies to all Robert's family and friends. I am sure he was as proud to be a Brighton fan as I am now.
Seagull over Sevenoaks: Have taken this long trying to find words that can convey how we are all feeling. I don't think there are any, my thoughts are with his family. Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I and You are You. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile. Think of me. Pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word it always was. Let it be spoken without effect, without the ghost of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was - there is absolutely unbroken continuity. What is this death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well. Rest in Peace Robert SOS
CANNARIAN SEAGULL: My sincere sympathies to the loved ones that Robert has left behind. May you rest in peace Robert. Lance King. Tenerife.
GVR: ROBERT Rest in peace my chat room friend. You are in a better place. You'll never be forgotten. ROBERT'S FAMILY Sincerest condolences. Nothing we can say can take away your pain. Time is the only healer. Be strong. You are in my thoughts and prayers. GVR
NickL: Robert, i hope you like our small gesture, to show how deeply sorry we all are on nsc. i can only offer my heartfelt sympathy to your family, it truly is a tragedy. RIP YOU'RE ONE OF US
portslade seagull: robert from a fellow blue my thoughts are with you and your family. such a senseless waste god bless.
paul Friday, September 21, 2001 - 10:55 am details of this message board and your tribute flag are on the bbc website, under sports. I followed the link, Good luck, Paul.
Surrey Seagulls: The world is a smaller place without those who needlessly perrished yet we will never forget you. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have to grieve and we only hope that these can offer some comfort. The tributes above are moving and the minutes silence on Tuesday showed the kinship us fellow supporters have for each other. R.I.P Surrey Seagulls aka Steve Ferris
Palace Boy: A friend of a friend lost their life in the WTC as well, so I wish to send my condolences to 'Roberts' family & friends and NSC colleagues. It's just amazing how this evil act has affected everybody all over the world. At this time, football and all it's bitter rivalry is irrelevant.
Oz girl: ROBERT May your light continue to shine eternally and may it be caste over your loved ones left behind, that they may always feel and be guided by the pureness of your heart and soul. Sincere thoughts and blessings to Robert's family and friends and I hope you can all somehow find comfort with your memorys. RIP Rob... Sandie...Rival's Chat Room match days
Hillian Seagull: Robert, My thoughts are with you and your family. We never met but we shared so much - the high & the lows, the winning & the losing, the ups & the downs. We now share one small part of your families sorrow. R.I.P.
Alan Edwards: Nice touch Albion fans! Born bred and raised in Stockport I have lived and worked in Houston, Texas for 19 years. I felt the shock, anger and every other emotion last Tuesday just like every person living here. With all the telephone lines tied-up I even relied on my Stockport County fan site to e-mail a request to contact my mother and let her know I was okay.She must have received about 20 calls within 1/2 hr. We all group together in times like this and to see the football community from top to bottom showing in their own way their feelings about this tragedy brings a tear to my eyes nearly every day. Your action regarding the dedication of yournew supporters flag to the memory of Robert Eaton prompted me to say "NICE ONE".
Train Spotter: Sincerest condolences to Robert's family. Rest in Peace Robert, you are with the Goldstone ground in a developement free place. Train Spotter & family.
dave page: to all the contributors above and other members of NSC: my name is Dave Page. I'm originally from Southend in Essex but have lived in Toronto, Canada since 1998. I can proudly say Rob Eaton was one of my closest friends from the time we first met 17 years ago when we were both hired around the same time to work for a u.s firm in the city. in the subsequent years our friendship grew and as a couple of aspiring traders, we shared many of the same ambitions as well as a passion for football! we did a bunch of fun things together over the years and i was very proud when rob and jacqui asked me to be in their wedding party in ny in 1993. they were a fantastic couple. i'd just like to say that, as someone who knew rob well and appreciated the guy for the unbelievably great friend he was, i think the tribute you're all paying him with the flag is an amazing gesture. i used to wind him up about the team (i'm an arsenal fan!) but he was very proud of their achievements down the years. even living in london, rob never seemed inclined to change allegiance to one of the london clubs! he was as loyal to the albion as he was to his friends. that's what made the guy. i know he'd be honoured by your kind and thoughtful gesture. i'm sure jacqui will be comforted in the knowledge of the supporters club's affection. god bless you rob.
zig thanks for that insightful post.
zig As the laminating will take about 3 hrs to complete, I'll be printing this off at the end of your day over there [today], Sunday. So if anyone hasn't already done so, don't put it off till tomorrow.
30something After tonights very moving program it's seems right to keep this thread at the top of NSC. Thankyou Helen Mirren and all involved at the BBC
Bryan Barnard Caught Helen Mirren's programme on the Beeb last night. Recognised Rob as soon as his picture came up. Hadn't seen him for years, since we were at Balfour Middle School together. Rob lived in Rugby Road and I lived in Chester Terrace, just around the corner. He hadn't changed a bit. Can't believe he's gone. I always remember Rob - he was just about the nicest guy I'd ever met. I missed him when he went to St Paul's. My condolences to his wife and Family. Will be thinking of you. Thanks for putting this page up - it helps.
Southend seagull Well said 30something a very good thought. from the day that we realised that we lost one of our own to last nights very moving BBC1 programme, nothing more than this threads moving tributes could be more poignant. R.I.P ROBERT EATON from someone you didn't know but who now feel's like a friend.
northstandsteve Sincere condolences in the loss of Robert. may he rest in peace Northstandsteve & family
Fylde Seagulls So sad a loss, and a most moving tribute. Rest in peace.
Stand Up 4 Terracing Just heard the terrible news on my own regular site, (the chat forum for Square Ball,Leeds United fanzine). Sincere condolences to all who new and loved Robert. The loss of a true football fan affects supporters of all clubs. I believe some of my LUFC colleagues have posted similar condolences but felt I must add my own. Our thoughts are with you all. Gary Hewitt
Sir Norman Gall I came to this news quite late and for a number of reasons have not been able to post a message until now. There is nothing I can add to the words for Robert already posted. Reading through the thread has again brought tears. What comes out of this is the tremendous and genuine sense of community that is NSC. I've only been an occasional contributor in the past, but feel I want to be much closer now. I would like to make a contribution to the shirt or anything else now being done. Would someone please tell me where I can send a cheque.
gareth glover Sir Norman Gall - we are setting up a bank account for the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund / soccer academy - I will post the details as soon as we have them for people to make contributions to
Sir Norman Gall Thanks Gareth. I've found the memorial site and will take the bank account details from there when you have posted. Many thanks and appreciations for your work on this

Pictures from New York - Page may take some time to upload

North Stand Chat: NY Tribute Photos Thread
From 25th September 2001 onwards

Zig Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 02:31 am: These are just a few pics to document the brilliant effort by all fellow members of the NSC in this great tribute. Just to give you all some idea of what impact it had here - we were constantly stopped by locals asking questions and sharing respect to the memory of Robert. A lot of people were very impressed by your combined effort. Well done to all NSC who contributed, you made us all proud. We placed laminated the thread and placed the Jersey in a simple plastic bag to protect it from the inclement weather.
Seagull over NZ: A fitting tribute - is that an Albion flag on the statue as well?? Just as a matter of interest - what actually happens to all the tributes that are put up in New York. Some of the ones I have seen on TV plus this one have had considerable work put into them. Are they kept as a memory of those they paid tribute to??
DeeDee: Nice one lads. RIP Robert.
Ozgirl: The pictures say it all no words needed........
zig: I believe the BBC are going to go with the family to the tribute at some point. Then they can make the decision as to when to take it down. We also believe the BBC are going to include our tribute in a special documentary on the British families effected by this tragedy.
CANNARIAN SEAGULL: The dogs bol+ocks lads, well done, sorry but I have to sign off as I have a tear in my eye, I lie, I´m balling my eyes out. ROBERT RIP.
jmsc: A fitting tribute, R.I.P. Rob.
NMH: Respect to you, a salute spiritually shared by most BHA (and other) fans I'm sure. I think of Rob every time I'm in the chatroom for a match. This tribute is moving .
Kev: That is quite superb - well done, a truly fitting tribute. Rest in peace Rob.
gezza: Suberb lads a great tribute.... R.I.P
Hans Kraay: Well done guys - we're all proud of you.
Staffs Gull: Thankyou
Surrey Seagulls: Well done to all involved. I am sure his family were touched by our efforts in remembering one of our own. IMHO and please let me know if you think it is too much or too soon, but I would like to suggest that when Falmer is built that either one of the stands or perhaps one of the lounges is named in honour of Robert. This would then be a lasting memorial of Robert. RIP - Robert
Herne Hill Seagull: Top effort all round - moving and respectful. Nice one all.
Uncle Grovers: Well Done all. The Pictures say a thousand words.
Ben Andrews Girlfriend: Well done all of you. A brilliant tribute to him. R.I.P Robert. May God bless his soul
Seagull Pete: Totally brilliant tribute. Well done to all those involved. RIP Robert.
zefarelly: A1 Robert would have done the same Im sure.
Man of Harveys: A lovely gesture and carried out with all due dignity and solemnity. Beautifully done lads. You did it for all of us. RIP Rob.
Barnet Seagull: A fitting tribute Thanks
afters: well done lads, a truly warm gesture
lady bracknell: Very well done lads and thank you so much for doing this for all of us. A marvellous tribute for Rob - may he always be remembered. You are Championes yourselves.
gareth glover: To Zig, Paul & Nickl The tribute is absolutely magnificent. It is making me well up looking at it. I think everyone on NSC has done a magnificent job in remembering one of our own. I am sure Robert will be looking down with great pride and I hope his wife and family will be proud of the impact Robert made. Well done
Lush: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I would say more but the screen keeps going all wobbly... RIP Robert.
Yorkshire Seagull: I also understand that Leeds Utd are naming the roadway to their new ground after the two Leeds fans stabbed to death in turkey. If we cant name a stand how about naming a roadway to Falmer Stadium as Robert Eaton Way? He desreves something permanent. Seeing those pictures, I must admit to being tearful. Makes me prouder still to be an Albion fan. Well done lads. Steve
Sheffield Seagull: Well done lads, RIP Robert Good idea Yorkshire Seagull.
bha4ever: Absolutely fantastic. Well done to all contributers. Special thanks to Zig, Nick and Paul. Hopefully Robert is looking down at what it means to be loved and respected by all. RIP Rob.
Southend seagull: A very brilliant, very moving tribute to the life and memory of Robert Eaton. Im also sure that Roberts family will be moved and more importantly comforted that we are all with them at least in thought in this time of great sorrow.I know after the harrowing scenes that we have witnessed that football in the grand scale of things means nothing, but wouldn't it be lovely if the Albion could carry on their success this season and come May time if we gained promotion make a presentation to Roberts family and name the season in honour of him.
Stoke: Well done lads. I am so proud to be a Seagull. Robert Eaton RIP. Gone, but never forgotten.
zig: Humble thanks for kind posts. As you can imagine, we were all deeply touched by this day. And just as a footnote, it's pizzing down with rain here at the mo - good job we had the sense to wrap it all up in the placky. The BBC filmed it going up, so fortunately it was documented for all time.
Stevie: Have you left the shirt there - or is it considered too risky for theft purposes ? I'd hope that nobody would be such ba$tards that they would desecrate a memorial but you never know. ? It's a really poignant set of photos - thank you indeed for thinking of it.
zig: Cannarian kindly offered to have the entire squad sign a jersey for Jacqui, Rob's wife [we're searching for a Ricky Marlowe original]. As our shirt was from our entire community, we decided it should rightly be shared with the world. Literally within seconds of it going up, we were bombarded by loads of locals wanting to know the significance of all of this - and believe me they were deeply moved. I think Rob's story and the way it developed on our chatroom is one which many here can relate to. I went back about an hour after to get the train uptown and a lady stopped me on the other side of the park to thank all of us for sharing with NY, such a moving tribute - you can't do better than that.
pat: to all those involved in this. you are different class and i for one am proud to be an albion fan well done lads you are a credit to our club R.I.P. ROBERT
Somerset: This all has the mark of true gentlefolk, never, well not since the Cup Final, have I been so pleased and proud to be part of the greater Seagull family.
Storer68: Absolutely top of the league effort - my humble congratulations for this brilliant effort. I am immensley proud of everyone involved. It certainly puts things into perspective. Has anyone considerd contcating TOFFS (The Old ashioned Football Shirt Company) about possibly comissioning a one one Ricky Marlowe shirt?
Nascih: The pictures are very powerful. I feel proud to be a Brighton fan. Well done to all.
Hamilton: Here's to you Ricky. Thank you guys.
zig: Okay, regarding the jersey, my sis just spoke to her mate, Steve Piper. Ricky Marlowe was originaly from Derby, and is believed to have returned after Albion, but he didn't keep in touch. Played around 20 games circa '76 season. If anyone knows of someone who may know him and could initiate contact, please let me or Cannarian know. cheers.
harts shirt: Quite, quite brilliant. It's brought a lump in my throat to realise that for all the people who see the tribute there or the pictures on NSC, there's a little part of New York that will be forever Brighton.
Quint: A fitting and moving tribute. Well done to everybody involved, and particularly to Nick L, who I thought showed muturity beyond his years to get the ball rolling for this tribute. RIP Robert. Quint, Cardiff City FC
Yorkshire Seagull: If its Steve Piper the ex Albion player your after, I maybe able (after a fashion) to get hold of him. An old school mate is Steve Pipers nephew. I probably can track him (Steve) down, but It might take a few days. Let me know if you want me try. Steve
GullDownunder: Well done. A moving & touching tribute. Proud to be Albion. R.I.P Robert.
Mr Ed Well done to all those involved. A truly excellent and moving tribute.
zig: Thanks Yorks, but as it says, my sis just spoke to Steve Piper - they're long time friends. But Yorks is closer to Derby than Brighton - know anyone there that may know Ricky? Quint - I too was impressed how Nick handled himself in this sensitive situation. In a word - Class.
Seagull in Scumhampton: I haven't been this moved for ages. It makes me so prod to be a Seagulls fan to know that the other fans are so considerate. A lasting memorial as mentioned above is definitely a good idea. Excellent tribute Robert Eaton may you R.I.P.
rg: Nice one lads - mission accomplished.
Website: Zig Can we use a couple of the photos on the official website. It would be nice to mention this story there, to catch the Albion fans who do not visit NSC. Please respond in this thread and it it's ok, I'll write a piece to go up later this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks.
zig: Website, I think that's totaly cool. Would you need them to be of different size. My originals are 1280x960. I could forward directly, if needed.
Website: I think I can take these directly off this site. Thanks
Grizzly Adams: A wonderful tribute. I so proud to be a Seagull fan at this point. I was in NYC when it happened and it was truely horrific. Thankfully i wasn't near the WTC, but things could have so easily be different. Nice one lads
Anonymous: RIP Robert.
zig: Website, just be sure to mention the combined initiative of the NSC and if poss include Hamilton's letter from the thread 'I'm going to new york on saturday...' The post starts off 'FAO zig, this is my attempt at a one..' We all believed, it summed it up perfectly. Thanks.
New York Geezer: I went back to Union Square around 7pm last night,and sat watching people slowly and carefully reading all your messages.One or two people were leaving flowers, I didn't like to intrude and ask if they were friends or collegues, or simply passers by. I'm so glad we did this,I now think this tribute is more than only remembering Robert,it shows our solidarity with a whole people.
Mental Lental: Absolutely top class, well done. Truly the Seagulls are flying high in the face of adversity.
Tim from London: Great effort lads. What you have done makes me proud to be Albion. I like the idea of naming a road after him when the new ground is built
Brighton Bob: Although I never met the chap it is a tragic loss, just like all the others on the 11th. I note that the official website has a "Hall of Fame" for fans to contribute pieces about others. At present there are no entries, it would be good for Robert to be the first.
lady bracknell: Zig, would you mind if I added your pictures to the material collected here? This saves the messages of condolence and will appear as a page specifically devoted to Robert in the next couple of days.
zig: M'Lady - that would be a great idea.
VOR: This makes me proud to be a Fan, not just of the Albion but of football. It's a great effort and thanks must go to all those who helped and contributed to making this a lasting memorial to Rob in NY. Rest in Peace Rob We'll chat again someday about our beloved Stripes.
McVicar: Brilliant tribute. Well done to all involved, and especially to young Nick for the initial thought. It makes me very proud to be a football fan when I see achievements like this. Rest in peace Robert.
Skintagain in Alba: Top Drawer Zig, NYG and Nick! Thinking of you tonight Rob as we thrash Wycombe and have a good crack in the chatroom with Lancs, Staffs, Moonie, R62, NMH, Tokyo, Sengalor, Oz Girl, Vor, Miles McSeagull and everyone else. Seagulls!!!!!!!
zig: All NSC - have kindly placed a mention of our tribute on the club's official site - Take a look. [couldn't link directly as it has a comma in the address]. Website - Really nicely done, thanks.
Yorkshire Seagull: I know everybody says that their club is the greatest and that their supporters are the best....but WE KNOW that the Albion is the GREATEST and WE KNOW that our SUPPORTERS ARE THE BEST. RIP Robert
Lampie: This is a such a fitting tribute. Brings the enormity of this catastrophe crashing home knowing that one of our own has been lost. I am a very proud albion fan tonight. Great work guys!
West Hoathly Seagull: Really great effort Zig, Nick and Paul, especially Paul as you had to escape this awful tragedy. This has really brought me back down to earth - I was getting all fed up over Wycombe's equaliser. These pictures have brought tears to my eyes, just as those in Grsovenor Square did and the service at St Pauls' Cathedral. I wish I could visit and take a look at the tributes myself. May God rest Robert's soul
Soulful Gull: Well done Zig, NYG and Nick, The new stadium, when it is built, will have four stands (all with roofs!!!!!!) One of these will be the new "North Stand". This will be THE FAN'S STAND. How could this be named after anyone else than Robert Eaton? The remaining three - What about Peter Ward, Alan Mullery, Mike Bamber and Dick Knight, oh, that's four. What about Charlie Webb? Oh dear, help please!!!!! Paul

North Stand Chat:
Robert Eaton: BBC1 "Terror in America"

From 4 October onwards

Stephen Very touching, well done the BBC. Still got a lump in my throat.
Uncle Grovers I'm wiping away the tears
zig Uncle G - how did they portray Rob's section? Sorry to ask, only I'm just anxious that they did it right.
Blackpool-Supporter I've just watched the BBC programme. Seagulls supporters are a credit to the game.
Gripper Stebson My God, so sad. Will everyone spare a thought and a prayer for Roberts wife and family.
Uncle Grovers zig, the show was done perfectly. Rob's part of the show was probably the most moving thing I have ever seen. The part where Jacqui was interviewed, just did me in and I had to reach for the Kleenex.
lady bracknell A very moving and impressive programme. And well done again to zig, NickL and New York Geezer. Your section was so beautifully done and you came across so well in what must have been a very difficult interview.You are indeed a credit to the game. A million thanks to you. The programme left me even more determined that something positive must be achieved in Rob's memory so let's put 110% into the Memorial Match.
Rob Martin I've still got tears in my eyes. That was so sad.
Southwick Gull Well said Lady B. It was a time of absolute silence in our front room, you are so right we must not let Jacqui down. I'm proud of everyone who as become involved in this great cause.
Bob Just to add my 'Well dones' to those in NY for the programme. The NSC bit on the fence was the most tear jearking part of the whole programme, showing how much we all cared about someone most of us never knew. The BHA Community is really strong, and this came across really well. We can all be proud of ourselves.
zig I am relieved - I've just got off the phone with my Mum, who also said it was well done and very moving. NYG and I were just a bit concerned as you know what some journalists are like and we didn't see anything beforehand [still haven't]. Well done to all NSC - let's keep the ball rolling . zig.
Trish The most moving part of the programme for me was when Jacqui said she didn't want Robert to be forgotten. I was so proud to be an Albion fan when we saw the "Robert" shirt and the NSC tributes in Union Square. Thanks again to the three of you for organising it all.
NickL jacqui left me in tears, and i'm still shaking. it's really had a bad affect on me, worse than i thought it would. it's made me realise that i was really part of the whole tragedy, and hopefully jacqui will come and see it. i'll leave it at that as i'm still upset. my thoughts are with jacqui and the rest of the family.
Roberts Sister Barbara I would just like to say a big thankyou to all the NSC that contributed and arranged the shirt and messages that were put up in Union square. Having read the messages as they were posted soon after the tragic event, I found them very moving and realised that Robert had many friends who cared .I know I speak for my family and Jacqui when I say how touched and comforted we have been by everyones kindness.
borogull I feel very proud to call myself a Brighton and hove albion fan tonight. Well done to you all for the superb tribute and all the very best for the memorial match next month.
Timber-BHA The programme was a fitting tribute in itself - not only to Robert but to a unique football club that nearly went out of business a few years ago. Well done to everybody involved in making sure Robert will never be forgotten.
30something I have never been as proud as I was this evening to be a Brighton and Hove Albion football supporter. A lot of television viewers will have seen tonight that not everyone who goes to football matches are simple, mindless thugs. The actions of those who bring our game into disreput, whether they be from Wales, London or our own beloved Brighton, should never over-shadow the fact that football brings people from all walks of life together. It is at times like this that you wonder why there has to be so much pain, violence and hatred within the game we all love. Be very proud Zig, NickL and NY geezer and all on NSC - you have shown to the world that people from all walks of life can come together at a time of need. To all who have been effected by the events in America, our hearts go out to you.
NickL i hope we did it justice barbara, and i'm proud to have carried the shirt over to america.
Dave the Seagull It really brings it home when you see the aftermath such a terrible event leaves behind, with friends and family left to pick up the pieces after having a loved one so brutally taken from them. Seeing poor Jacqui in so much pain after losing Robert was both moving and distressing. I never knew Robert, but as a fellow Albion fan we all will have stood shoulder to shoulder in the same crowd with him at some point, and in that respect we have all lost a friend in this. As Jacqui so poignantly said, she can't bear the thought that Robert would be forgotton, just another face amongst the thousands who lost their lives that day. Perhaps it may be of some small comfort to her that Robert will never be forgotton amongst the humble community who occupy this board, and who follow the Albion.
Seagull over Sevenoaks Silly question. I've just got in from work, don't suppose anyone recorded it?? Please
Arthur So very,very sad.I have not cried since my son was born but I did tonight.Strength to his family in the coming months.
NickL yeah i did
NickL i'll see what i can do sos
West Hoathly Seagull Well done the BBC, and thanks to Helen Mirren for her very sensitive commentary. The section on Robert has moved me to tears, as did the piece on the young family and the roll call at the end. Thanks again to Zig, Paul and Nick for arranging the tribute. At this time, one can feel proud to be part of a community, not just on North Stand Chat, but as supporters of Brighton and Hove Albion. It makes you realise what a special football club it is. My prayers are with Robert's parents, Barbara and especially Jacqui. Jacqui has asked for Robert not to be forgotten. Jacqui, rest assured, the fans of this football club will never, ever forget Robert.
Barbara To Nick L I think you should feel as proud as we are of Robert and i would like to thank you and your friend for their efforts.
Wandering Seagull The programme was very moving and touching. Well done to all those involved the tribute to Robert it was very emotional. Everyone in our front room fell silent and it wasn't hard to guess that many of us were close to tears. Many respects to Robert's family I hope one day that they can begin to repair the damage in their lives that has been caused by this disaster. Seeing the guys from NSC in their Brighton shirts paying their respects in Union Square really made me proud to be a part of this wonderful BHAFC family we belong to. Many people throughout the world have been brought closer together as a result of this disaster. Football has been uniting people from around the world since it began. Not only do have we a team to be proud of on the pitch but the best supporters off it anywhere in the world as proved by the programme tonight. Rest In Peace Robert Eaton from the Wandering Seagull.
NickL u don't know what that means to me,to hear you say that. i feel utterly honoured to have spoken to you, and would love for you and your family to come to a brighton match, so we could show you the flag and the posters on this site.
Lush A wonderful programme - I too have just finished wiping away tears. If anyone was touched by the programme and wants to help Rob's memory to live on, please get involved in the Robert Eaton Memorial Match. The monies raised will help underprivileged kids in NY who want to play football. It's on the evening of Friday November 9th at Southwick FC - more details on the site -
Uncle Grovers In case you haven't seen the Memorial Site yet, please visit. It includes information on the Memorial Match, how you can help and a special message board. The Robert Eaton Memorial Fund Thanks Grovers
zig Barbara - I hadn't got back to you regarding the Fund we had discussed as I needed to get a definitive answer from Downtown United, re the scholarships. Would you be so kind as to email me directly so I can bring you up to date.
Mr Ed Incredibly moving tribute. I feel very proud to be an Albion supporter tonight. RIP Robert/RMHP
lady bracknell We are already getting a lot of press interest in this event and the Palace lads are looking to sell programmes and help make this a top event. We owe it to Robert and his family to do the very best we can. So, as Lush suggests - visit the Memorial Fund Site As before, I shall keep collecting these messages for Robert as a permanent tribute to him here And yes Nick, it would be wonderful to meet Jacqui when she feels ready.
Robyn I would also like to add my praise to the guys responsible for the Robert Eaton Tribute in New York. I think it shows what a wonderfull set of supporters that Brighton and Hove Albion have, supporters a team can be proud of. I thought the programme got across our family feeling excellently and showed other supporters just what Brighton fans mean to each other. I will mention it tonight on Jezzas Confessions because it is something truly worth praising. Rest in Peace Robert.
Roz Holding the Front Page Robyn - if you need a background press release about the Memorial Match just email me.
lou Just wanted to say what a wonderful tribute from the Brighton upporters. Deepest sympathy to all the family of Robert Eaton. Regards from a Cardiff City supporter.
Kev I'm lost for words. Very sad and very moving. Well done to everyone involved. Thanks to you Rob will never be forgotten by the fans of our club.
joel It was the most moving and sad programme I have ever seen in my life. Thankyou so much Paul Neal and the other guys for the tribute in New York. Robert will never be forgotten RIP
Barnet Seagull Transfixed, utterly transfixed. Truly moving and memorable television.
KLS Aloha. Could some kind soul send the US contingent a copy of the programme so we can get it "dubbed" for US TV's and distribute it to us BHAFC expat fans around the country? I think we'd all like to see this. Email me if so. Thanks -- KLS
PROUD SEAGULL USA Indeed KLS, if Nick or someone who taped it could get a copy state side so we could get it switched to American format. I'm sure we could send it around the dozen or so seagulls this end. By all accounts a very moving programme and again, many thanks to all for the tribute. There will only ever be one Ricky Marlowe's Hairpiece, and only one Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.
zig Seagull USA - The beeb said they would forward an NTSC copy to me. I'll gladly forward it to you after I've viewed and then if you send it on to KLS and so on til it comes back - I'd like to eventually give it to my kids to have oneday as a reminder of TEAM spirit. KLS - I hope you don't mind him going first, but it was SEAGULL USA's initial post on SSC that got me involved.
DeeDee Very moving and very touching. I'm stuck for the right words here. I feel numb. Just a huge thanks again to zig, NickL and New York Geezer. RIP Robert (Never to be forgotten)
rg Once again, Nick, zig and NYG you did us proud. I couldn't bear to watch the whole program but had to watch Robs bit. I would like to think that things like that are going on on behalf of all the victims.
On the left wing 40 odd messages on this thread already and it's only 8am. What a wonderful and moving piece of TV documentary. And what a superb idea to hang the NCB thread for Robert following 11 Sept. Whose idea? Well done it was fabulous. Any more news yet of the fund for Robert's family?
On the left wing Sorry bout that but just caught up with the fund page ....
Southend seagull Proud to be an Albion fan. Proud of the guys for the breathtaking tribute. Proud for Jacqui and all of Rob's Family. PROUD FOR THE MEMORY OF ROBERT EATON.
rool Very moving, I was glad the wife was out and I could be alone. Well done all of you involved and thanks for making us feel proud to be an albion supporter.
Row Z New Boy A very moving and touching tribute. Well done to all those who organised the NY memorial. I for one certainly now intend to go to the Memorial Match. I hope that Jacqui can be consoled, that at least in Sussex Robert will not be forgotten.
Mr Blobby A very moving programme and once again shows that the Brighton fans are more than just supporters of a football club. Like many I feel that it is only now that I have got to know Robert. He will not be forgotten, I know Paul Neal (he is a memeber of the Seagulls over London) and have been to many away games with him and also had many a beer in the Lord Nelson with him after matches as well. Keep you spirits up Paul. Mark R (Mr Blobby)
rool I know its early days but wouldn't it be fantastic for annual exchanges of kids coming over from NY, and vice versa, to play footy. What better way to keep the memory alive
Rusco Last night just brought it home, seeing Roberts house and wife, it just made it even more real. I never new Robert, but have laughed at his postings. We shared a common interest and I shed a few tears last night and couldn't even speak after the programme without my voice wavering. To all of you that were involved in the shrine in NY, you should be very proud of yourselves.
Hiney It's difficult to know what to say after seeing the programme last night. It's obviously not just about Robert's tribute but as a Seagulls fan for nearly 35 years the depth of feeling that all fans of this great club have for their fellow supporters never ceases to amaze me. Living in Southampton means that as well as not being able to go to as many games as i would like, I feel detached from the real closeness to the club you get from living in the town. NSC helps to fill that gap and i get a massive amount of enjoyment from reading the posts and occasionally chucking in my own views. I never met Robert but the way that the contributors to this site have sorted out the tribute and all the other stuff is fantastic. The programme last night was incredibly moving anyway but the bit with Robert's tribute just did me in. I feel proud to be associated (in a very loose way admittedly) with what has been done and everyone involved should be very proud. Well done folks
northstandsteve I'm very proud to be an Albion fan, truly moving, tearful and memorable, well done.
Yorkshire Seagull When you watch the news, sometimes you can get a bit detached. Last nights programme showed the true horror of it all. I felt the pain coming from all those who had lost ones. Yet, there was also something uplifting. The fact that people will not be forgotten. Robert will not be forgotten by any of us. I too was in tears. Tears for the pain, and also tears for being so proud to be an Albion suppporter. No we are not all mindless hooligans. We are just supporters who love our club and who have lost one of our own. Finally, I would just like to thank Zig, Paul and very much to Nick. Nick you are a credit and so much mature and sensitive for a person so young.
Heathfield Seagull This program made me think about the personal loss involved for perhaps the first time. Until now the numbers had been too great. I suspect like many others I had tears in my eyes. RIP Robert
Dave in Mile Oak AKA Pit Bull There are a few times in your life when you really feel like letting go: 1. The birth of my two daughters 2. My wedding day 3. The day my father died in hospital ( 52...too soon!) I honestly felt that last night. Watching the placing of the tributes was emotional enough but when I saw the shirt, it really brought home to me that here was a guy, many of us had not met, but via 22 men kicking a bit of plastic about and talking about it over the net, we could all relate to him. Jacqui came over as a person very traumatised and I wish her all the courage and peace to get through this terrible ordeal. If there is such a thing as a God ( and I do believe there is), I wish He would look down on her and the rest of the family and give her peace and strength. The program was very traumatic for all watching and the sight of the young teenage girl, the daughter of one of the other victims on that ferry will stick with me for a long time. Just one final point, to Jacqui. You asked that Robert be not forgotton when all this dies down. I hope by reading this you will know in your heart that he will never be forgotton. When Dad died, I always remember someone saying to long as you remember him in your heart, he will live forever in there with you. this is a bit slushy and I dont mean it to be but it certainly kept me together at the time. God bless you and keep Richard. dave
Seagullforever Me, a father, grandfather and Albion fan for 45 years sat with a lump so big in my throat I could not talk. Watching the section on Robert and his family made me think that there were 7000 other such heartaching stories. Great fans, great club.
SOS Nick any chance of borrowing the video from you at the training on Wednesday??
NickL well said dave
NickL yeah ok, just so long as it comes back in one peice! it's something i want to keep forever.
Windsor Seagull I've been a BHA fan all my life, and NorthStandChat occasional contributor for the past few years. I have never been so proud to be both as I was last night, watching the tribute. Thank you so much to the fans (I'm sorry, but names escape me) who made the journey to Union Sq. for Rob. What you did was incredibly admirable , and I for one am really proud to be a BHA fan in times like this. It makes you realise that we're not just about football, but about being a club. And we've proved that, in the face of reality, as in life, that all the rubbish becomes irrelevant, and those things which are really important matter. RIP ROBERT EATON, BHA4EVER
Stoke To Jacqui, Barbara and family. I know words will never be enough but my thoughts are with you and although I never met Robert, as a family man I am sure we shared the same ideals, aspirations and hope for our wives, our children, and our futures. Because of the so many things he and I must have had in common and having read some of his NSC contributions I feel I knew him a little, I only wish I could have known him better. We will honour his memory and I know that the BHA community will never let him be forgotten. Your dignity and strength in this time of sadness does both you and Robert proud. God bless you all.
teaboy Thank you to everyone involved in the tribute. I was in New York when the tragedy occured and the week following and never had time to step back from the chaos of potential war and the confusion an incident like this brings. Until last night. Union Square has literally thousands of tributes to family and friends lost in the attack, but none of these touched me like the one to Robert Eaton. Well done to all those involved. Dan
IAN BAIRDS FIST Unfortunately didn't see the prog. but from what's been said on here and from what i heard it was excellent. The idea for the money to go to such a worthy cause is also a very good idea, as football really is the global language and should be available to anyone. As a previous entry mentioned, many of us didn't know him, but that doesn't matter, the aforementioned 'BHA Community' really does exist and even though i'm biased, i dont see that at ANY other club. It's mainly because what we live for near went out of existence, and in turn we value that more than ever. Many thanks to the BBC and the lads who sorted the tribute.
Storer68 Has anyone got a copy on video they would be prepared to lend me - (you will get it back I promise). I couldn't watch it last night - all too much!!!!
everest Watched the programme & recorded it too. Very, very moving, well done the BBC & Helen Mirren. If you only saw one prog yesterday, it had to be that one. I hope Robert would have been proud if he had seen it. Video will remain in my collection for ever. Special thanks to NickL, zig & NYG for what they did. My thoughts go out to Jacqui, and Robs family. I hope that they can find happiness in times to come, but one thing is certain, Robert Eaton will NOT be forgotten.
Seagull over Sevenoaks Nick you are a superstar. If i can borrow it on Wednesday I can watch it Thursday and let you have it back asap. If that's ok.
FER - Leeds Supporter I'd like to add my condolences. I saw the programme last night and wanted to express my sympathies from all on The Squareball (Leeds Fans Forum). I'm sure Robert would be proud of what was done for him.
Anonymous Well said FER Check out the Robert Eaton Memorial Site
Paul from London Robert will not and must not be forgotten. The tributes on this board have again shown the remarkable experience that it is being a Brighton supporter. I couldn't help smiling and shedding a tear when Paul described seeing falling masonry as things starting to get a bit "edgy". Our thoughts are with you NYG. Perhaps, whenever the Robert Eaton Memorial Flag is unfurled it should be greeted with a chant of "there's only one Robert Eaton". RIP
Leeds Fan We know what its like to lose one of your own. Sympathy from Leeds.
Maidenhead Seagull Well done everyone and my deepest sincere sympathies to Robert's family. V.moving indeed and make's us all proud to follow the Albion.
Sid the Seagulll Ive never been prouder of my fellow Brighton supporters in an affair with my club that goes back over 30 years, despite the tragic personal circumstances for those involved. A huge 'Well Done' to everyone involved. There are none finer.
Tim from London I was stunned how well the BBC did with last nights programme. I was brought to tears every time Jacqui spoke. The Brighton tribute was fantastic & Helen Mirren came across as someone who really did care about what was happening. Well done to all. I know Meridian TV are picking the memorial match up, but wouldn't Football Focus be interested as a BBC follow-up as well?? The more publicity the better I would say
Roz Already got in touch with Football Focus, Tim and sent them press release. And 5-live.
Row Z New Boy I've just mailed a wealdstone supporting friend whose other half just happens to be a palarse fan, and mentioned the memorial game to him, only to find out that he already knew. It seems that word is well and truly out in Croydon. Hopefully they will be coming down to lend their support. Lets hope the game will be a huge success. I also have to say, last nights programme and the upcoming memorial puts all the rubbish on this board re: cardiff well and truly into perspective. Life is too bloody short to worry about who has the hardest firm. Lets get on with living.
Vivienne Dear Forum, Although I live in Middlesbrough I write on two forums in Putnam County, Florida. Our own forum has been devastated emotionally by the Twin Towers tragedy but when I saw the BBC1 programme last night and watched the piece on Robert I must admit I fell apart. We were fortunate that we had nobody involved in the actual tragedy but when I saw the posts being pinned up on the wire mesh I knew exactly just how you were all feeling. Many, many condolences from us all on Putnam Free Forum and Palatka Forum to Robert's family and to you all.
Anonymous Deepest condolences from all in York. It kinda puts all the rivalry in perspective dont it. Good luck too you all in these troubled times.
freebird Unfortunately did not have the pleasure of meeting Robert , but being an Albion supporter brings this tragedy close to home. My thoughts are with Roberts family , let him not be forgotten. Well done to all involved in the tributes and to BBC1.
LLF Condolences from a Leeds United (Square ball forum)fan. United in your grief.
marvin Just watched the video of the tribute programme (Well no it is still on so watching it) waiting for the com to tonights game. I see (from messages on this board) a number of people around the world may have missed this and may want to watch it. Anyone who does can email me I will copy it ( I knew I still had 3 video's for a reason) and send it on (this way we can fill more demand). I ask though that anyone requesting a copy donates the cost of P&P (or any other amount they wish) to the memorial fund. Anyone requesting of course will need to be able to play a video recorded in PAL format (Just to prove I was once qualified as television engineer PAL stands for Phase And Line). SS if you want to put this offer on the memorial site please do. anyone interested can get the email addy off the Album.
Richard Devout Leeds We might wear different colours, but we all live for the passion of our team and 3pm on Saturday. Robert Eaton was a fan of Albion and football, and I salute him as a true fan.
Anonymous Thanks to the Leeds fans in sharing their condolences, at times when we lose friends there is a bridge over rivalry that 'the enemy' has only strengthened. We are seeing much of the World united against terrorism and intolerence, and in that lies some success and retribution already. We'll be thinking about Rob when bin laden and his mob gets the justice that's coming.
gareth glover Lets make the Memorial match and memorial fund a massive success so that we can present a huge cheque to hopefully, Jacqui Eaton and members of Roberts family at the Port Vale match. Then we can have an academy in New York named after Robert that will carry his name on forever
Corkwhite To the Eaton family, I offer my deepest sympathy. To Robert I salute you...a true Seagulls fan. Con, Leeds Utd Squareballer.
gareth glover I hope Robert's family and Jacqui can take some comfort from the tributes we have made. Now lets make a massive success of the sponsored match/Robert Eaton memorial fund to carry on Roberts name for a soccer academy in New York.
ARNOLD 28 (Only just seen this thread) I thought it was a very moving programme. Thoughts to Robert's family.
everest Cantor Fitzgerald are holding a rememberance service today. Thinking of you Rob.
everest And all those that died too.

Robert Eaton was 37, he lived on Long Island, NY, with his American wife Jacqui. On September the 11th 2001 he left for work at Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower. He was never to return home.
Robert had been a regular in an internet chat room -"North Stand Chat". The room takes its name from a stand at Brighton Hove Albion FC, Robert was an ardent supporter.
His friends at North Stand Chat wanted to remember Robert, so after gaining permission from his wife Jacqui, they set up "The Robert Eaton Soccer Academy" a fund in his memory. Its mission - to donate monies gained to underprivileged children, both boys and girls, in New York who want to play football.
Before Christmas the fund had raised £ 25,023.16 mainly thanks to a supporters football match and an auction of football related items.
In 2002 the Fund has plans to organise more events in his memory and hope to raise more money to provide football to the underpriveleged kids of New YorK.

Picture courtesy of Tim Colville Photography



Brighton fans pay special tribute to one of their own
Nick Szczepanik - The Times 9 November 2001
AS BRIGHTON and Hove Albion continue their upward trajectory, their
supporters will pause today to remember a tragedy amid their recent

Over the summer, the Internet chatroom, North Stand Chat, was
buzzing with memories of last season's Nationwide League third
division championship, prospects for the coming campaign and delight
at a promising start in the second division. Then, on September 11,
one of its regular contributors went silent.

Robert Eaton, who wrote under the pseudonym "Ricky Marlowe's
hairpiece", had been working for Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade
Centre in New York when the hijacked planes struck, but Brighton fans
are making sure that he will not be forgotten.

Viewers of a BBC documentary saw Helen Mirren in conversation with
supporters who were placing a club shirt bearing his name and a book
of condolences among other memorials in New York and the club's giant
flag has been named in his honour, but his fellow supporters wanted
to do more.

A Robert Eaton memorial fund has been set up, proceeds from which
are to help to fund a soccer academy in New York for underprivileged
children, in accordance with the wishes of Jacqui Eaton, his widow.
It is being launched with a memorial match, for the Robert Eaton Memorial Trophy, between teams of fans from Brighton and their greatest rivals, Crystal Palace, at Old Barn Way, the home of Southwick FC, tonight (kick-off 7.45pm, admission £2).

Dick Knight, the Brighton chairman, Peter Taylor, the manager, and a
number of players are expected to attend and the game will be
followed by an auction of memorabilia donated by clubs including
Manchester United and Arsenal, with Internet bids already approaching
Pounds 5,000.

A guest in the Brighton team will be none other than Ricky Marlowe,
the inspiration behind Eaton's soubriquet. Marlowe played for
Brighton in the mid 1970s and apart from his pace and commitment, he
was memorable for a blond mane of hair that did not disguise a bald
pate -hence the "hairpiece" reference.

"The match is only the start," Gareth Glover, the fund chairman, said. "We can assure Robert's family his memory will never be forgotten."

Match in memory of terror victim
Argus News Team 3 October 2001

Rival fans will put aside their differences to play a charity football match in memory of a victim of the US terrorist attacks.

Albion supporters will join fans of arch-rivals Crystal Palace for a game on November 9, organised in honour of Seagulls fan Robert Eaton who worked in the World Trade Centre. The match is being organised by members of Albion chatroom web site North Stand Chat (NSC), to which Robert was a regular contributor under the name Ricky Marlowe's Hairpiece.

It is hoped the game will become an annual charity event in which rival supporters will compete for the Robert Eaton Memorial trophy.

The fans have even managed to track down the real Ricky Marlowe, a former fringe Albion player from the mid-Seventies, who has agreed to play in the match. Now 58 and living in Edinburgh, Ricky readily agreed to take part when he heard Robert had been using his name as a pseudonym on the NSC web site.

Fans were stunned when they heard Robert, 37, was among the thousands of people feared dead in the terrorist attacks.

During the last fortnight, the new club flag has been dedicated in his name while an Albion jersey and several pages of tributes were taken to New York and left in a memorial square.

Proceeds from next month's match will go to a football academy for underprivileged children in New York being set up in Robert's name by his wife, Jacqui. Organiser Gareth Glover, 39, said: "We had been thinking about a match between players in North Stand Chat when the Crystal Palace fans started posting on the web site they would play us. "It's a nice touch that Crystal Palace will be involved. It means two rival clubs coming together for a good cause." He said fans also hoped to persuade several Brighton-based celebrities to get involved.

The match, at Southwick Football Club, will kick off at 7.45pm. Entry, with a programme, is £2. There will also be a raffle and an auction on the night offering a two-week holiday in Tenerife. All proceeds from the match will go to the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund/Football Academy for underprivileged children in New York.

A match to remember
Martha Buckley - Evening Argus 12 November 2001

More than 1,000 spectators turned out to watch a charity football match in honour of a fan who died in the US terrorist attacks.

The match, between supporters of Brighton and Hove Albion and Crystal Palace, was organised in memory of Seagulls fan Robert Eaton.

Robert, 37, who was originally from Brighton, worked at the World Trade Centre in New York.

He was an avid Albion supporter and a regular contributor to the Albion's online message board North Stand Chat, under the name Ricky Marlowe's Hairpiece.

Fellow members of the room, who were devastated to find Robert had been among the victims of the September 11 attacks, decided to stage the match to raise money for the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund.

The fund, which has already raised more than £20,000, aims to teach football to disadvantaged youngsters in New York.

Among the hundreds who turned up to watch at Southwick Football Club's ground in Old Barn Way, Southwick, were actor Chris Ellison from ITV's The Bill and Southern Counties Radio presenter JoAnne Good.

Peter Taylor, the Albion's new manager, was also present and paid a visit to both teams' dressing rooms to pass on some tips before the match.

Ricky Marlowe, the Seventies Albion player who inspired Robert's online pseudonym, travelled from his home in Scotland to play.

Robert's parents, Laura and Doug, who live in Ditchling, held a raffle and presented trophies at the end.

Fund organiser Roz South said: "It was a brilliant night and we had great support. Everyone who was there said they had a great time and the atmosphere was fantastic.

"There was a real feeling of fellowship as everyone came together for such a good cause.

"It was a really good game and the score went to four all before Palace won on penalties.

"We have not finished counting but I know we collected more than £100 on the gate just in the first half-an-hour."

Organisers hope to make the Robert Eaton Memorial Match an annual fixture, with the Albion travelling to London to play Crystal Palace next year.

From those early ideas and discussions, the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund was created and is intended to be a living memorial to Rob and the glorious game he loved. The first Robert Eaton Memorial Match between Brighton & Hove Albion & Crystal Palace supporters took place on 9th November 2001 and despite the Palace winning on penalties the evening was a great succes. The 2nd Robert Eation Memorial Match is now being planned and will take place this autumn.
In the months since 11 September 2001, over £35,000 has been raised through the charity match, auctions of football memorabilia and some very generous donations and REMF is now able to offer a two-season package of funding to Los Peladitos, a youth soccer team from Queens, New York.

"Sometimes your feet are weary,
Sometimes the way is long,
Sometimes the day is dreary,
Sometimes the world goes wrong;
But if you let your voices ring,
Your care will fly away,
So we'll sing you a song as we march along,
Of Sussex by the Sea."