The Descendants of John Boyan
 prepared by William Wires, 20. Nov.1996

1. John BOYAN, son of James BOYAN and Mary MURRAY, * 14.Jul.1848 Co. Westmeath ?,Ireland; † 3.Feb.1921 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; ¥ ca. 1872 to Johanna LYONS, dau. of Andrew LYONS and Mary BURNS. She * 10.Aug.1843; † 27.Aug.1927 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; Both bur. Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY.

 + 1. James F. BOYAN, * 1876; † 13.Jul.1947
 + 2. Andrew Xavier BOYAN, * Apr.1878; † 26.Jan.1931
  3. Catherine BOYAN, * 6.Jan.1880
 + 4. Thomas A(loysius?) BOYAN, * 20.Mar.1883; † 20.Oct.1942
 + 5. Matthew Aloysius BOYAN, * 16.Feb.1884; † 9.Feb.1959?
  6. William Henry BOYAN, * 25.Oct.1886
  7. William BOYAN, * Nov.1887

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY baptismal records: John Boyan and Johanna Lyons:
  Andrew, 22 Dec.1877 (23 Dec.); sponsors: James Coneys, Ellen Kane
  Catherine, 6.Jan.1880 (11.Jan.); sponsors: Nicholas McGinn, Mary Kane
  Thomas, 20.Mar.1882 (22.Mar.); sponsors: Philip Brady, Sara McGee
  Matthew, 16.Feb.1877 (19.Feb.); sponsors: Dennis Shields, Kate Farschneder
  William Henry, 25.Oct.1886 (31.Oct.); sponsors: Thomas Griffin, Mary McKernon

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY, baptismal records: John McGinn and Mary Ann Boyhan:
  Edward, 20.Jun.1873 (26.Jun.); sponsors: John Boyhan, Jane Coyne

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY, baptismal records: Nicholas McGinn and Mary Ann Boyan:
  James, 19.Dec.1874 (27.Dec.); sponsors: Thomas Boyan, Mary Boyan
  Joseph, 13.Oct.1878 (20.Oct.); sponsors: Andrew Boyan, Annie Beaty
  Julia Ann, 3.Nov.1880 (7.Nov.); sponsors: Matthew Boyan, Bridget Boyan

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY, baptismal records: Matthew Boyan and Ann Beatty:
  Ann, 11.Sep.1882 (17.Sep.); sponsors: George and Lina Herzog

Census 1900 (1.Jun.), New York, Rockland Co., Orangetown, Piermont Village, (Main St), E.D. 71, Sh. 6, p.50A
  Boyan, John (J?), Head, July 1846, 53 yrs., M, 28 (yrs. married), Ireland, 1859 (immigr.), 41 yrs. (in    USA), Na(turalized), Signalman RR; Owner of house, no mortgage
  ----------, Johanna, Wife, Jan 1852, 48 yrs, M, 28 (no. of yrs. married); 12 child., 5 living; Ireland
  ----------, Thomas, Son, Mch 1883, 17 yrs, New York, Ire., Ire. (2.birthplace of father, 3.birthplace of    mother), Mail Carrier
  ----------, Matthew, Son, Feb 1884, 16 yrs, New York, Ire., Ire.; At school
  ----------, William, Son, Nov 1887, 12 yrs, New York, Ire., Ire.; At school

Note: Letter (1992/3) from John G. Boyan of Ireland noted following births in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath:
  Boyan, James, b. 1801, father: Matthew
  Boyan, James, b. 1816, father: James

Note: Interview (15.Jul.1975) with Marion (Boyan) Britton at her home in Tappan, NY by Wm. Wires
 Late in life, Johanna became blind.

Naturalization documents give reference to a
  John Boyan, of Piermont; naturalized: 16.Oct.1868, Superior Court, NY County (Bundle 217, Rec. 44); witness: ?

1.1. James F. BOYAN (John), * 1876 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; † 13.Jul.1947 Albany NY; ¥ Myra SNEDEKER

  1. Maria Johanna BOYAN, * 11.Jun.1898 (bapt. 26.Mar.1899 R.C.Church; witnesses: Andrew Boyan, Mary Kane) Piermont, Rockland Co., NY.
Note: Could Myra be a short form for Maria Johanna?
  2. Myra BOYAN; ¥  --------------- KESSLER

Obituary: New York Times; Albany, NY, July 14. 1947, 21:5
 „James F. Boyan, former President of Albany Common Council & Registrar of Vital Statistics, died today after a long illness. He was a prominent Democrat. Mr. Boyan was born in Piermont, NY. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Myra Kessler of S. Nyack and a brother, Matthew of Sparkill."

1.2. Andrew Xavier BOYAN (John), * Apr.1878 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; † 26.Jan.1931 Manhattan, NY; ¥ 1899 to Ida McMAHON, dau. of Daniel McMAHON and Ann SULLIVAN. She * Feb.1879 in NJ; †  ca. 1920; bur. Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ

 + 1. Ida BOYAN; ¥ Ray--?---; res. Hawthorne Ave., Newark ?
 + 2. Loretta BOYAN; ¥ Peter LEAMAN?
  3. Joseph (or Andrew) BOYAN
 + 4 Mary Dorothy BOYAN, * 23.Mar.1907; † 17.Oct.1985

Census 1900 (4.Jun.), New Jersey, Hudson Co, Jersey City, 12th Ward (44 Bleeker St), E.D. 171, Sh. 4
  McMahon, Anne, Head, Nov 1861, 38 yrs., Widowed, 3 child., 3 living; Pennsylvania, PA, PA     (2.birthplace of father, 3.birthplace of mother
  ----------, Clementine, Daughter, April 1886, 14 yrs,; New Jersey, Ire., PA; At School
  ----------, Nora, Daughter, Mch 1891, 9 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., PA; At School
  ----------, Agnes, Daughter, May 1896, 4 yrs, New York, Ire., Ire.; At school
  Boyen, Andrew, Head, Apr 1887, 22 yrs, M, 1 ( yrs. married); New York, Ire., Ire.; Telegraph Operator
  ----------, Ida, Wife, Feb 1879, M, 1 (yrs. married); 0 child., 0 living; New Jersey, Ire., PA

Death record: 3179, Andrew Boyan, Metropolitan Hospital, NYC
  White; Single; Age, -53 yrs; Occup.: Laborer; Birthplace: United States; Name/ Birthplace of father: John Boyan; Ireland; Name/ Birthplace of mother: Johanna, Ireland; Last place of residence: 48 New Bowery (NYC); Date of death: January 26, 1931 (10:00 PM); Cause of death: Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Undertaker: E.F.Moloney; place of burial -Rockland Cemetery; Sparkill, NY; Date of Burial: Jan. 29,1931.

Death record, Stevenson Funeral Home, Piermont)
  Andrew Boyan, bur. Rockland Cem. , 29.Jan.1931; paid by C.H. Kane

Jersey City directories:
  1899 - (no Boyan entries)
  1901 - Boyan, Andrew, ins(urance) ag(en)t; 143 Brunswick
  1902 - (no Boyan entries)

Note: According to Hugh Lawson Porter, Jr.: Ida said to have been an accomplished pianist.

1.4. Thomas A(loysius?) BOYAN (John), * 20.Mar.1883 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; † 20.Oct. 1942, Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; ¥ to Mary („Mamie") R.-?-, dau. of ?. She * 1885 in NY City; † 30.Apr.1946; Both bur. Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY.

  1. John A. BOYAN, * 1908; † ca. 1979 (Soc.Sec.records, * 26.Apr.1908; †  Feb.1979, res. Piermont, NY); ¥ Mary T. (O’Brien?), * 1913; † 26.May.1953
 + 2. Thomas BOYAN, * 10.Apr.1914; † Apr.1983

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: John A. Boyan was a fireman in Piermont.

Note: A plaque in the town hall commemorates a John A. Boyan as mayor of Piermont in 1937, the above was 24 yrs. old at the time.

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY, marriage records:
  Thomas Boyan and Mary Morrissey, 16.Aug.1906, witnesses: Matt Boyan and Mary Doherty

Death record, Stevenson Funeral Home, Piermont)
  Thomas A. Boyan, R.R. Agent, bur. Rockland Cem., 24.Oct.1942
  Mary Boyan, died 26.Sep.1949 (baby)
  Mary Boyan, died (?)5,May.1953

Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY
  1. Boyan, John A. 1908-
   Mary T. 1913-1953
  2. Boyan, Matthew A. 1884-1959
   , Ellen T. 1885-1956
  3. Boyan, Thomas A. 1884-1942
   , Mary R. 1885-1946
  4. Mary Boyan, d. Apr. 30, 1946 (age 60)
  5. (stillborn) Sept. 26, 1949 (owner of plot - John Boyan)
  6. (stillborn) Jan. 12, 1952 (owner of plot - John Boyan)
  7. three unknown Boyans

Englewood, NJ directories:
  1926 - Boyan, Thos., fr(eigh)t & ticket ag(en)t Northern R.R., Depot sq station, h(ome) Piermont, NY
  1930-31 - Boyan Thos A sta(tion) ag(en)t Hudson Arc Sta r(esidence) Nyack
  1938 - Boyan Thos A ticket agent Erie R.R. r(esidence) Piermont NJ (sic, Piermont, NY)

1.5. Matthew Aloysius BOYAN (John), * 16.Feb.1884 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; † 9.Feb.1959., Nyack Hospital; ¥ Ellen (Ella) T. WHITE, dau. of William H. WHITE and Mary GALE. She * 1885 Brooklyn, NY; † 30.Nov.1956 Sparkill, Rockland Co., NY; Both bur. Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY.

 + 1. Ruth W. BOYAN, * 26.Nov.1916
 + 2. Marion BOYAN, * 30.Jul.1918

Note: Interview (15.Jul.1975) with Marion (Boyan) Britton at her home in Tappan, NY by Wm. Wires
 Matthew was a freight agent and dispatcher for the B&O R.R. Before marriage, Mary was a school teacher in Brooklyn, NY
Death record, Stevenson Funeral Home, Piermont)
  Matthew A. Boyan, Freight Agent, d. 9.Feb.1959 Nyack Hosp., aged 74 yrs., 11 mths., 23 dys; bur. Rockland Cem.

1.2.1. Ida BOYAN (John, Andrew X.), ¥ Ray--?---; res. Hawthorne Ave., Newark ?

  1. Dorothy; * ca. 1925

1.2.2. Loretta BOYAN (John, Andrew X.), ¥ Peter LEAMAN

  1. Maria LEAMAN, * 1929; † 1984
  2. Jack LEAMAN, * 1930; dau., Loretta, * ca. 1966
  3. Charles LEAMAN, * 1931, has 5 children
  4. Ida LEAMAN, * 1933, has 3 children
  5. Joseph LEAMAN, * 1935
  6. Irene LEAMAN, * 1937, has 6 children

Note: Information relating to the above family was related to William S. Wires by Jack Leaman of 555 Buchanan St., Hillside, NJ at the funeral of Mary Dorothy Porter (1.2.4) 3.Nov.1985.

1.2.4. Mary („Marie") Dorothy BOYAN (John, Andrew X.), * 23.Mar.1907 Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ; † 17.Oct.1985 East Orange (Hospital), Essex Co., NJ; ¥ 6.Jul.1930 St. Joseph’s R.C.Church, Rutherford, Bergen Co., NJ to Hugh Lawson PORTER, Jr., son of Hugh Lawson PORTER and Anna Rose RATHGEBER. He * 14.Apr.1908 Bronx, NY.

 + 1. Hugh Lawson PORTER III, * 7.May.1931
 + 2. Joan Ann PORTER, * 24.Dec.1933

Note:  She res. until 1919 Jersey City, NJ; 1919-1921 Piermont, NY; 1922-1926 at Aunt Eleanor Mintz, Broad St., Elizabeth, NJ; 1926-1929 at Aunt Agnes Pladek 255 Hackensack Ave, East Rutherford, NJ; was employed at Bamberger’s in Newark, NJ.
  Hugh, Jr.’s father died two weeks before his birth in a trainyard accident. Early on, he did small jobs to help support the family. After Zeley Porter’s death, his widow, Imogene, left Maine to stay with the Porter family in Newark, NJ. Hugh worked 14 yrs for Public Service as an auto mechanic. During WWII he worked on LCI’s for 3 yrs. at Federal Shipyards, Port Newark as an installation machinist (sub-foreman). Later he had a confectionary store on Vermont and S. Orange Ave. in Newark for about 14 yrs. Later he worked as an outside machinist for Weldatron (Piscataway) for 5 or 7 yrs., then as a toll collector for the Garden State Parkway for 7 yrs. They res. since 1935 at 348 Chapman St., Newark, NJ. They later removed to 128 S. Doran Place, Irvington, NJ 07111.

1.4.2. Thomas BOYAN (John, Thomas), * ? (Soc.Sec.records, * 10.Apr.1914; † Apr.1983, res. Piermont, NY); ¥ Mary („Pearl") TAULMAN of Upper Nyack, Rockland Co., NY

  1. Carol A. TAULMAN, res. 15 Bay St., Piermont, NY (1991)
 + 2. Jo Ellen TAULMAN, ¥ ------ PUTTER

Note: Pearl Taulman, 502 Hudson View, Upper Nyack, NY
Note: On a monument in a park in Piermont is engraved among other names in stone; Roll of Honor (WWII) in Piermont, Employees of Rob’t Gair Comp.,Inc. ...Thomas A. Boyan, Jr.
Note: letter (19.Oct.1996) from Jo Ellen Mary Boyan Putter.
1.5.1. Ruth W. BOYAN (John, Matthew), * 26.Nov.1916 Sparkill, Rockland Co., NY; ¥ 11.Jul.1935 Ovid, NY to James Thomas TRAINOR. He * 6.Apr.1912 Romulus, NY. He was employed as an admissions clerk at Elmira prison. They res. in Horse Head, NY. Divorced 30.Oct.1958. She res. in Florida.

  1. Thomas James TRAINOR, Jr., * 5.Jun.1936 Ovid, NY; ¥ Patricia O’BRIAN. They have six children.
  2. Gale Eugene TRAINOR, * 2.Jan.1941 Ellenville, NY; ¥ Constance EMANUEL. They have four step sons.
 + 3. Wayne Matthew TRAINOR, * 7.Apr.1945 Elmira, NY
 + 4. Gary John TRAINOR, * 11.Jul.1946 Elmira, NY

1.5.2. Marion BOYAN (John, Matthew), * 30.Jul.1918 Sparkill, Rockland Co., NY; ¥ Piermont, NY to John BRITTON, son of John Draper BRITTON and Anna E, DACKERMAN. He * 13.Apr.1917 Brooklyn, NY. They res. in Tappan, Rockland Co., NY, retired to 6868 W 28th St., Sunrise, FL 33313

  1. (twin), † early
  2. (twin), † early
  3. Barbara Ann BRITTON, * 18.Jan.1948 Nyack (Hosp.), NY
  4. Beverly Ann BRITTON, * 16.Mar.1952 Nyack (Hosp.), NY Hugh Lawson PORTER III; * 7.May.1931 in Newark,NJ; m(1). 9.May.1960 in St.Mary’s R:C: Church, Nutley, NJ to Louise Francis GORMAN, daughter of Frances Joseph GORMAN, She. * 20.Jan.1934 † 12.Feb.1996 Toms River, NJ. She attended St.Vincent’s Hospital, School of Nursing, NY and is a R.N. (registered nurse); They res. 308 Dogwood Dr. Brick, NJ 08723; divorced. He m(2). 30.Aug.1975 at her home in Palisades, NJ to Patricia Coen. She * 4.Feb.193- He graduated St. John’s Law School in Brooklyn, NY. Partner in various law firms including the association with William J. Murray, 921 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, NJ; „Porter and Bennett", 2679 Route 70, Manasquan, NJ, later „Porter, Bennett and Daniel"; „Enright, Bright & Porter" in Bloomfield, NJ

 Note: Five children from first marriage, one from second marriage. Joan Ann PORTER, * 24.Dec.1933 in Bloomfield, NJ; employed by Bell Telephone Co. (until 1956); ¥ 31.Jul.1956 in Newark, NJ to William Stanley WIRES, son of Ephraim Stanley WIRES and Helen MEAD. He * 16.Jan.1927 in Newton, MA. He attended Univ. of New York at Alfred, NY and received an associate degree in rural engineering, employed by „Lewis Shepard Co." (material handling equipment), later self employed with own shop in Paterson, NJ (material handling equipment sales and repair)

 Note: Four children. Jo Ellen TAULMAN, ¥ ------ PUTTER

  Note: Three children. Wayne Matthew TRAINOR, * 7.Apr.1945 Elmira, NY; ¥ Toinette CROW

  Note: Two children. Gary John TRAINOR, * 11.Jul.1946 Elmira, NY, ¥ Winona BUCHAUS

  Note: Four children.


1. Andrew J. BOYAN, son of James BOYAN and Cathern MURRAY, * 9.Oct.1857 Co. Westmeath ?,Ireland; † 9.Mar.1913 Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ; ¥  ca. 1883 to Catherine A. DRISCOLL, dau. of James DRISCOLL and Honorah -?- (She. † 17.Jul.1911, age 64yrs.). She * 9.Sep.1857 Ireland; † 14.Nov.1936 Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ; Both bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ

 + 1. James J. BOYAN, * 23.Oct.1884; † 30.Nov.1959
 + 2. Catherine („Kitty") L. BOYAN, * Jan.1887; † 1962
 + 3. Ellen („Nellie") L. BOYAN * 17.Apr.1888; † 15.Jan.1970
 + 4. John Joseph BOYAN * Jun.1891 (bapt.7.Jun.1891); †
  5. Jerome (Jeremiah?) BOYAN, † less than one yr. old
  6. Mary E. („Mamie") BOYAN, bapt. 7.Dec.1895 (St. Cecilia’s, Englewood, NJ); † 1963, bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood, NJ
 + 7. Andrew Thomas BOYAN * 5.Dec.1898; † 10.Mar.1947

Census 1900 (1.Jun.), New Jersey, Bergen Co., Englewood, 4th Ward, (Englewood Ave), E.D. 13, Sh.1
  Boyne, Andrew J., Head, Oct 1856, 43 yrs., M, 17 (yrs. married), Ireland; 1864 (immigr.), 36 yrs. (in    USA), Na(turalized), Day Laborer; Owner of house, no mortgage
  ----------, Catherine, Wife, Sept 1857, 42 yrs, M, 17 (no. of yrs. married); 7 child., 6 living; Ireland;1880    (immigr.), 20 yrs. (in USA
  ----------, James, Son, Oct 1884, 15 yrs, New York, Ire., Ire. (2.birthplace of father, 3.birthplace of     mother), At School
  ----------, Catherine, Daughter, Jan 1887, 13 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; At school
  ----------, Nellie, Daughter, Apr 1889, 11 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; At school
  ----------, Joseph, Son, June 1891, 8 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.); At School
  ----------, Mamie, Daughter, Nov 1895, 4 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.
  ----------, Andrew, Son, Dec 1897, 2yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.
  Minahan, Mich., Boarder, Oct 1875, 24 yrs.,single; Ireland; 1900 (immigr.), 0 yrs. (in USA), Day Laborer

Death record: No. 44, Andrew J. Boyan
  Place of death: Englewood, NJ, 14 Central Ave., 3rd Ward; White; married; Date of birth: - ;Age, 54 yrs; Occup.: Laborer; Birthplace: Ireland; Name/ Birthplace of father:James Boyan; Ireland; Name/ Birthplace of mother:Cathern Murray, Ireland; Date of death: March 9, 1913, last seen alive 8:30 PM; Cause of death: Endocarditis Aortis & Mitral regurgation, Pareimoma? of the Colon; Duration: General 1 yr.; Undertaker: Voght & Mackham, Tenafly and Englewood; place of burial -Mt. Carmel Cemetery; (Englewood, NJ); Date of Burial: Mch. 13,1913.

Death record: No. 363 (crossed out) 371, Catherine A. Boyan
  Place of death: Englewood, NJ, 85 Central Ave.; White; Widow, wife of Andrew J. Boyan; Date of birth: Sept. 9, 1857; Age, 79 yrs, 2 Months, 4 Days; Occup.: Retired; Birthplace: Ireland; Name/ Birthplace of father:James Driscoll; Ireland; Name/ Birthplace of mother:?, Ireland; Informant: Mary E. Boyan, 85 Central Ave.; Date of death: Nov. 14 1936, last seen alive 5:40 PM (Nov.13); Cause of death: Arterio Sclerosis Nephretis Senile dementia; Duration: 6 Mo.; Undertaker: J. Myers, Englewood; Place of burial -Mt. Carmel Cemetery; (Englewood, NJ); Date of burial: 11/17 1936.

Death record:
 Jeremiah Boyan, Age: 7 Mths.; Place of death: Englewood, NJ; Cause of death: Entent(is?) General Tuberculosis; Date of death: 11.Jul.1894; Place of Burial: Mt. Carmel Cemetery; Undertaker: J. H. Voght

Englewood & Hackensack, NJ directory:
  1894-5 - Boyan Andrew J, saloon, opp old Depot n. Palisade av., h. do
   - Boyan James, foreman, b(oar)ds. at Andrew J. Boyan’s

Englewood, NJ directories:
  1900 - Boyan Andrew J. 21 Englewood av, laborer
   -  Mrs Andrew J. 21 Englewood av
  1903 - Boyan Andrew J. 15 W Englewood av, prop 4th Ward Hotel, 15 W Englewood av
   -  Mrs Andrew J (Catherine) 15 W Englewood av
  1908 - Boyan Andrew J. Englewood av
   -  Mrs Andrew J (Katherine) Englewood av
  1911 - Boyan Andrew J, Central av nr Demarest av, laborer
   -  Mrs Andrew J (Catherine), Central av nr Demarest av,
  1913 - Boyan Mrs Andrew J (Katherin), wid, Central av nr West End av
  1922-23 - Boyan Catherine, wid Andw, h(ome) Central av nr Demarest av
  1926 - Boyan Catherine, wid Andrew, h(ome) 85 Central av
  1930-31 - Boyan Cath A (wid Andw, h(ome) 85 Central av

IGI file: Bohane, James / Honora Driscoll - Tullagh District, Cork (Batch C 701291/6121)
 1. James, 17.May.1866

1.1. James J. BOYAN (Andrew J.), * 23.Oct.1884 Staten Island, New York; † 30.Nov.1959 Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ, bur.: Mt. Carmel Cemetery; ¥ Laura A. HOGAN, * Albany, NY. She was 100 yrs old (ca. 1981) and res. c/o Mrs. G. Furey, 6 Pepperwood Ln, Cleveland, OH 44124. (Soc.Sec.records: Laura Boyan, * Feb.1884; † Nov.1983, res. OH 44124)

  1. Marion D. BOYAN
  2. Francis („Buddy") J. BOYAN
  3. Loretta BOYAN
  4. (stillborn) BOYAN

Englewood & Hackensack, NJ directory:
  1903 - Hogan Miss Laura, Beech rd, waitress
   - *Boyan James w. Englewood av, clerk, Erie depot Jersey City
* signifies between 18 and 21 yrs of age

Englewood, NJ directories:
  1913 - Boyan James J, Central av nr West End av, mech(anic)
   - Hogan Miss Laura, Walnut St, waitresscare of Duncan
  1926 - Boyan James, chauf(feur), h(ome) 57 W Palisade av
  1930-31 - Boyan Jas (Laura), chauf(feur), h(ome) 145 Morse pl
  1938 - Boyan Jas (Laura), taxi, h(ome) 145 Morse pl
   - Boyan Francis J, student, h(ome) 145 Morse pl
   - Boyan Loretta, student, h(ome) 145 Morse pl
   - Boyan Marion D., student, h(ome) 145 Morse pl

Note: In Englewood directory 1926 is an advertisement: „B and M Inc. Taxi Service Safe, Clean and Comfortable Cars, Any Time Any Place, 75 W. Palisade Ave., Englewood."

Death record, No. 21: (stillborn) Boyan
  Place of death: Englewood, NJ, 19 James St., 3rd Ward; White; Single; Date of birth: Feby. 8, 1915; Age, - ; Occup.: - ; Birthplace: 19 James St.; Name/ Birthplace of father:James J. Boyan; Staten Island, NY; Name/ Birthplace of mother: Laura A. Hogen, Albany, NY; Date of death: Feby. 8, 1915, last seen alive 4:40 AM; Cause of death: Premature Infant; Undertaker: William Conklin; Place of burial -Mt. Carmel Cemetery; (Englewood, NJ); Date of burial: Feby. 8, 1915.

1.2. Catherine („Kitty") L. BOYAN (Andrew J.), * Jan.1887 (Englewood?) NJ; † 1962; John J. QUINN. He * 1874; † 1954; Both bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery

  1. Mary L. QUINN
  2. Luceil („Lucilla") C. QUINN
  3. Helen A. QUINN
  4. Kaye QUINN

Note: one daughter ¥  Walter Egan, res. (1981) C-8 Country Club Blvd., Tuckertown NJ 08087.

Englewood, NJ directories:
  1930-31 - Quinn John (Kath), stmftr (steamfitter) h(ome) 181 Waldo pl
  1930-31 - Quinn Kathleen, sten(ograhper) h(ome) 181 Waldo pl

  1938 - Quinn John J (Cath L) spl (special) officer r(esides) 175 W Palisade av
   - Quinn Helen A, r(esides) 175 W Palisade av
   - Quinn Luceil C, clk (clerk), h(ome) r(esides) 175 W Palisade av
   - Quinn Mary L, sten(ograhper), r(esides) 175 W Palisade av

1.3. Ellen („Nellie") L. BOYAN (Andrew J.), * 17.Apr.1888 (1900 census 1898); † 15.Jan.1970; ¥ Justus C. WEBER. She bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood, NJ.

  1. Edward J. WEBER, res. Los Angeles CA
  2. Helen E. WEBER
  3. Francis WEBER
  4. Walter WEBER
  5. Katherine WEBER, res.(1981) Worcester MA

Obituary,Telegram & Gazette Worcester, MA, Page: A4 December 25, 1995
  Catherine A. Weber, 65, formerly of 1060 Main St., a longtime church leader and  teacher, died Saturday in University Commons Nursing Care Center after an illness.  She leaves two brothers, Edward J. Weber of Worcester and Walter A. Weber of Chula Vista, Calif.; a sister, Helen  McCarron of Worcester; three nephews; a niece; and four grandnephews. She was born in Englewood, N.J., daughter  of Justus C. and Nellie L. (Boyan) Weber, and lived several years in Washington, D.C. She lived eight years in  Brick, N.J., and 10 years here.   She graduated from Columbia University in New York City.  Miss. Weber was a buyer at Steinback's department store in Brick for several years before she retired. She was  previously an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, then in Washington, D.C.  Miss Weber was a member of St. George's Church and its Legion of Mary, and was one of its first Eucharistic  ministers. She taught in the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine programs at St. George's Church and Our Lady of the  Angels Church.  The funeral will be held Wednesday from Miles Funeral Home, 1158 Main St., Holden, with a Mass at 10 a.m. in St.  George's Church, 38 Brattle St. Burial will be private. Calling hours are 4 to 6 p.m. tomorrow at the funeral home. In  lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St. George's Church, Renovation Fund, 38 Brattle St.,  Worcester 01606; or another charity.

1.4. John Joseph BOYAN (Andrew J.), * Jun.1891 (bapt. 7.Jun.1891 St. Cecelia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ;† ?; ¥  10.Sep.1916 St. Cecelia’s, Englewood, NJ to Emma M. PELEZZARA

  1. Joseph BOYAN, † 1971
 + 2. Norman John BOYAN, * 11.Apr.1922

1.7. Andrew Thomas BOYAN (Andrew J.), * 5.Dec.1898 (bapt. 7.Jun.1891 St. Cecelia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ.; † 10.Mar.1947, bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood, NJ; ¥ 1927 to Elizabeth C. ?-

  1926 - Boyan Andw. T., carp(enter), h(ome) 85 Central av
  1930-31 - Boyan Andrew T (Eliz) carp(enter h(ome) 186 Everett pl
  1938 - Boyan Andrew T (Eliz C) ship clk (clerk) (NY) h(ome) 257 Teafly rd

  1. Elizabeth BOYAN
  2. Andrew BOYAN, Jr.
  3. Karen Anne BOYAN

Note: Letter (undated,1981?) from Mr. (Elizabeth) Andrew Thomas Boyan (283 Tenafly Rd Englewood NJ 07631) to John G. Boyan (Mullingar, Ireland), She has nine grandchildren.

Obituary: The Record, Northern New Jersey, Page: n06, October 22, 1995
  ELIZABETH SWITZER BOYAN, 91, of Park Ridge, formerly of Englewood, died Saturday. Before  retiring, she was a nursing office secretary at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. She was a parishioner of St.  Cecelia R.C. Church, Englewood. Arrangements: Barrett Funeral Home, Tenafly.

1.4.2 Norman John BOYAN (Andrew J., John J.), * 11.Apr.1922 New York City; ¥ 10.Jul.1943 to Priscilla M. SIMPSON. They res.(1996): Santa Barbara, CA. They have three children.

 Note: Harvard 1947 Ph.d.1951; see „Who’s Who in American West 1973"


1. James Boyan, * Feb.1856 Co. Westmeath ?,Ireland; † 9.Feb.1901 Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ; ¥ 21.Jun.1886 (St. Cecilia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, NJ to Catherine MURRAY. She * Dec.1862 Ireland; † 12.Feb.1905 Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ.

  1. Mary BOYAN, bapt. 8.May.1887 (St. Cecelia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, NJ; † 13.Sep.1969 Englewood, NJ
  2. James BOYAN, bapt. 21.Feb.1889 (St. Cecelia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, NJ; † ?
 + 3. Thomas Paul („Paul V") BOYAN, bapt. 17.Aug.1890; † 15.Feb.1975
  4. Catherine BOYAN, bapt. 7.Jun.1891 (St. Cecelia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, NJ; †

Census 1900 (5.Jun.), New Jersey, Bergen Co., Englewood, 4th Ward, (Jay St.), E.D. 13, Sh. 4.
  Boyan, James, Head, Feb 1856, 44 yrs., M, 14 (yrs. married), Ireland; 1870 (immigr.), 30 yrs. (in    USA), Na(turalized), Hotel Keeper; Owner of house, no mortgage
  ----------, Catherine, Wife, Dec 1862, 38 yrs, M, 14 (no. of yrs. married); 4 child., 4 living; Ireland;1870    (immigr.), 30 yrs. (in USA
  ----------, Mary, Daughter, May 1887, 13 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; At school
  ----------, James,Jr, Son, Feb 1889, 11 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; At School
  ----------, Paul, Son, Aug1890, 9 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; At School
  ----------, Catherine, Daughter, July 1896, 3 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.
  Russel, Wm. , Boarder, May 1864, 36 yrs.,single; Scotland, Ire., Ire.; ;1870 (immigr.), 30 yrs. (in USA

St Cecilia’s R.C Church, Englewood, NJ, marriage records:
  James Boyan and Catherine Murray, ¥  21.Jun.1886 by Rev. J. McDonald; witnesses: William Kilduff and Mary Sullivan

Death record:
 James Boyan, Age: 45 years; Place of death: Englewood, NJ; Cause of death: Pneumonia; Date of death: 9.Feb.1901; Place of burial: Mt. Carmel Cematery; Undertaker: J. H. Voght

Death record:
 Katherine Boyan, Age: 42 years; Place of death: Englewood, NJ; Cause of death: Acute Brights Disease; Date of death: 12.Jan.1905; Place of burial: Mt. Carmel Cemetery; Undertaker: J. H. Voght

Englewood & Hackensack, NJ directory:
  1894-5 - Boyan James, foreman, b(oar)ds. at Andrew J. Boyan’s

Englewood, NJ directories:
  1900 - Boyan James, Van Brunt & Jay sts, Mansion House
   -  Mrs James, Van Brunt & Jay sts
  1903 - Boyan Mrs Katherine, wid, 86 Van Brunt st, prop(rieter) hotel, 86 Van Brunt st

1.3. Thomas Paul („Paul V") BOYAN (James), bapt. 17.Aug1890 (St. Cecelia’s R.C. Church) Englewood, NJ (gravestone: „Aug.1893") Englewood, Bergen Co., NJ; † 15.Feb.1975 Englewood, NJ; ¥ Mary -?-. Both bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood, NJ

  1. Paul V. BOYAN, Jr.,

Englewood, NJ directories:
  1911 - Boyan Paul, 20 East Palisade av, plumber
  1913 - Boyan Paul, Central av nr West End av, plumber
  1922-23 - Boyan Paul V., plumber, h(ome) Central av
  1926 - BOYAN PAUL V., plumbing and heating, 66 Central av, h(ome) do, tel 754-R
  1926 - Boyan Paul V (Mary), plmbg (plumbing), 66 Central av, h(ome) 78 do
  1938 - Boyan Paul V (Mary), plmbr (plumber), h(ome) 70 Central av

Note: In Englewood directory 1926 is an advertisement: „Paul V. Boyan Plumbing and Heating 66 Central Avenue Englewood Repairs for all ranges and Furnaces Jobbing Promptly Attended To Tel.754-R Estimares Cheerfully Given"


Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Englewood, NJ

1a) Andrew J. Boyan Oct.9,1857 - Mar.9.1913
 Catherine A. Boyan Sep.9.1857 - Nov.14.1936
 Andrew T. Boyan Dec.5.1898 - Mar.10.1947
 James J. Boyan  Oct.23.1884 - Nov.30.1959
 b) Honorah Driscoll died July 17,1911 (age 64yrs)
 Nellie L. Boyan  Apr.17.1888 - Jan.15.1970
2a) Mary E. Boyan  1895 - 1963
 b) John J. Quinn  1874 - 1954
 Catherine L. Quinn 1887 - 1962
3) Paul V. Boyan  1893 - 1975
 Mary V. Boyan  1887 - 1969

Thomas Coyne  died Feb.6.1930
Johanna Coyne  1848 - 1912
Thomas, Jr.  1883 - 1890
Mary T.    1906 - 1962

Mary S. Boyhan  1906 - 1947

1 James BOYAN, * Feb.1889?; son of James BOYAN and Catherine MURRAY?

 + 1. William BOYAN, * 10.Apr.1925; † Nov.1981 [Soc.Sec.records]
  2. George BOYAN, * 27.Feb.1923; † 23.Jul.1991 [Soc.Sec.records]
  3. Thomas BOYAN
  4. James BOYAN
  5. Joseph BOYAN
  6. Edward BOYAN
  7. Katherine BOYAN, ¥ -?- KENNY
  8. Anne BOYAN, ¥ -?- GATENS
  9. Elizabeth BOYAN, ¥ -?- KELL
  10. Theresa BOYAN, ¥ -?- JOHNSTON
  11. Dolores BOYAN, ¥ -?- CHRZANOWSKI

1.1. William BOYAN, * 10.Apr.1925; † Nov.1981 [Soc.Sec.records], bur. St. Catherine’s Cemetery, Sea Girt, NJ; ¥ „Pinkey" GRUNDON

 + 1. Timothy BOYAN
  2. Karen BOYAN, ¥ -?-LOCH
  3. Cathy BOYAN, ¥ -?- VAN FLEET

Obituary, unknown newspaper clipping included in a letter from Mr. (Elizabeth) Andrew Thomas Boyan (283 Tenafly Rd, Englewood, NJ 07631) to John G. Boyan (Mullingar, Ireland), Nov.1981: „(...) The grandfather of this group came from West Mead with the other Boyan brothers. The name of William Boyan’s father was James. There were 12 children in this family. They lived in Englewood at one time Two have died (Elizabeth + William)."
  „William Boyan, 56, of Spring Lake died Saturday. He was a retired self-employed general contractor. He had worked for 20 years with George M. Brewster and Sons in Bogota and had also formed a contracting company with his five brothers. He was part owner of the Tri-Brothers Stable in Livingston and a member of St. Catherine’s R.C. Church in Spring Lake. Surviving are..." (see table above)"

Obituary, The Record, Northern New Jersey, Page: f09, July 24, 1991
  GEORGE A. BOYAN SR., 63, of Wall Township, formerly of Paramus, died Tuesday. He was a  self-employed horse breeder in the Manchester area. He was a Navy veteran of the Korean War and a parishioner of  St. Margaret R.C. Church, Spring Lake. Surviving are his wife, Inez V. Lloyd Boyan; four sons, George A. Jr. of  Brick, Daniel Lloyd of South Brunswick, Russell James of Manasquan, and Kevin P. of Manahawkin; two daughters,  Ruth Toplitz of River Edge and Laura A. Boyan of Wallington; three brothers, James of Sea Girt, Joseph of Wall, and  Thomas of Spring Lake; two sisters, Dolores Chrzanowski of Spring Lake Heights and Terri Johnston of Lake Worth,  Fla., and seven grandchildren. Mass will be said Saturday at 10 a.m. at St. Margaret Church, with entombment at St.  Catharine Cemetery, Sea Girt. (...).
1. John BOYAN, * May.1842 Ireland; ¥ Margaret -?-. She * Jul.1845

  1. John F. BOYAN, * Nov.1869
  2. Mary J. BOYAN, * Aug.1874
  3. Agnes BOYAN, * Feb.1878
  4. Eliz. BOYAN, * Aug.1879
  5. Alfred BOYAN, * Oct.1884 (Soc.Sec. record (NY): * 30.Dec.1884; † Dec.1962)

Census 1900, New York, Kings Co., Brooklyn, (164 Prince), E.D. 163, Sh.19
  Boyan,John, Head, May 1842, 58 yrs; Ireland;
  ----------, Margaret, Wife, July 1845, 54 yrs; Ireland
  ----------, John F, Son, Nov 1869, 30 yrs; New York
  ----------, Mary J, Daughter, Aug 1874, 25 yrs; New York
  ----------, Agnes, Daughter, Feb 1878, 22 yrs; New York
  ----------, Eliz, Daughter,Aug 1879, 20 yrs; New York
  ----------, Alfred, Son, Oct 1884, 15 yrs; New York


1. Lawrence BOYAN, of Co. Westmeath, Ireland

 + 1. James J. BOYAN, * 9.Jan.1861
  2. Lawrence BOYAN,

1.2 James J. BOYAN, * 9.Jan.1861 Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland; † 3.Oct.1951 New Rochelle, NY; ¥ Delia MARTIN of Roscommon, Ireland

  1. Agnes BOYAN, (no issue)
 + 2. James J. BOYAN, Jr, * 1900; † 18.Oct.1950

1.2.2 James J. BOYAN, Jr, * 1.Jun.1900 New Rochelle, NY; † 18.Oct.1950 New Rochelle, NY; ¥ 1923 to Anna Plunkett O’BRIEN. She * 13.Aug.1898 (Soc.Sec. record) New Rochelle, NY; † Aug.1977 (Soc.Sec. record) New Rochelle, NY. He was Superintendent of Gas Mains and Subway, Bureau of the Westchester Lighting Comp. [Obituary NY Times 19.Oct.1950, p.31:2]

  1 Mary BOYAN, * 1925 New Rochelle, NY
 + 2. James J. BOYAN, III, * 1929; † 1986 James J. BOYAN, III, * 30.Jun.1929 (Soc.Sec. record) New Rochelle, NY; † Aug.1986 (Soc.Sec. record) New Rochelle, NY; ¥ 1954 New Rochelle, NY to Maureen DOYLE

 + 1 Tara BOYAN, * 1955
  2. Maura BOYAN, * 1958 New Rochelle, NY
 + 3 Darcy BOYAN, * 1959
 + 4. Sheila BOYAN, * 1962

Note: letters (28.Jun.1992, 10.Oct.1996) from Sister Mary Boyan (Ursuline Convent of St. Teresa, New Rochelle, NY), daughter of James J. Boyan, Jr.


1. Lawrence BOYAN, * Nov.1838 NY; parents of Ireland; ¥ Kate (Catherine COLLINS?). She * May.1851

  1. John BOYAN, * 5.May.1880 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY
  2. Jennie F. BOYAN, * Jun.1881
  3. Jane Ann BOYAN, * 24.Jun.1883
  4. Lawrence BOYAN, * 12.Sep.1884
  5. Mary Ellen BOYAN, * 14.Feb.1886
  6. Josephine BOYAN, * 14.Jun.1888
  7. Lawrence Christopher BOYAN, * 14.Mar.1890

Census 1880 New York, Rockland Co., Orangetown, Piermont Village, E.D. ?, Sh. ?,
  Boyan, Lawrence, Head, 40 yrs., Laborer; New York, Ire., (2.birthplace of parents)
  ----------, Katie, Wife, 29 yrs, Housekeeping; England, Ire., Engl.
  ----------, Mary, Sister, New York, Ire.

Census 1900 (1.Jun.), New York, Rockland Co., Orangetown, Piermont Village, E.D. ?, Sh. ?,
  Boyan, Lawrence, Head, Nov. 1838, 61 yrs., M, 20 (yrs. married), New York, Ire., Ire., (2.birthplace of    father, 3.birthplace of mother) Hotel Keeper
  ----------, Kate, Wife, May 1851, 49 yrs, M, 20 (no. of yrs. married); 6 child., 5 living; England, Ire., Engl.    1865 (immigr.), 35 yrs. (in USA
  ----------, John, Son, May 1880, 19 yrs, Clerk R.R.
  ----------, Jennie F., Daughter, June 1881, 17 yrs,
  ----------, Mary E., Daughter, Feby 1886, 14 yrs; At school
  ----------,Josephine, Daughter, June 1888, 11 yrs; At school
  ----------, Lawrence Jr, Son, Mch 1890, 10 yrs; At school

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY, baptismal records: Lawrence Boyan and Catherine Collins

John, b. 5.May.1881 (bapt. 8.May); witnesses: James Boyan, Annie Beattly
Jane Ann, b. 24.Jun.1883 (bapt. 24.Jun.); witnesses: Patrick and Mary Donnelly
Lawrence, b. 12.Sep.1884 (bapt. 14.Sep.); witnesses: John and Ann Shields
Mary Ellen, b. 14.Feb.1886 (bapt. 21.Feb.); witnesses: Thomas Smith, Kate Coyne
Josephine, b. 14.Jun.1888 (bapt. 17.Jun.); witnesses: Wm. Smith, ? Herzog
Lawrence Christopher, b. 14.Mar.1890 (bapt. 16.Mar.); witnesses: John McMahon, Cath. Rau


1. Thomas BOYAN, * Co. Westmeath, Ireland; ¥(1) -?-. She † early; ¥(2) Mary PURCELL. She * ? Tipperary; † 1920. They res. in Piermont, NY and rem. to Highland Falls, NY about 1901 (homestead: 22 Drew Ave, Highland Falls, NY 10928)

  1. (male) BOYAN, † early

 + 2. James BOYAN, * 14.May 1882
  3 Catherine BOYAN, * 27.Nov.1883 Piermont, Rockland Co., NY, died of TB unmarried at 25 yrs
  4. Thomas BOYAN, b.30.Nov.1885; † 1952; unmarried
 + 5. Andrew Charles BOYAN * 15.Apr.1887; † 1955

St. John’s R.C. Church, Piermont, NY, baptismal records Thomas Boyan and Mary Purcell:
  James, 14.May 1882 (bapt. 17.May); sponsors: Matthew and Bessie Boyan
  Catherine, 27.Nov.1883 (bapt. 27.Nov); sponsors: John Roach, Catherine Jaeger

1.2. James BOYAN, * 14.May 1882, Piermont, Rockland Co., NY,; ¥ Delia -?-. Both died in their 40’s

  1. Mary BOYAN
  2. Elizabeth BOYAN
  3. Catherine BOYAN

1.5. Andrew Charles BOYAN * 15.Apr.1887; † 1955; ¥ Anna SHELLEY, dau. of John SHELLEY of Tipperary, Ireland and Mary BRENNAN of Westmeath, Ireland

  1. Mary BOYAN, * 1916 † 1987 (* 13.Aug. 1916; † Jun.1987; res. Highland Falls, NY, Soc.Sec.records)
  2. Thomas BOYAN, * 1917; † 1983; ¥ -?-; four children ); res. Highland Falls, NY (27.Jan.1917; † Oct.1983, res. Tucson, Arizona 85730, Soc.Sec.records)
  3. Catherine BOYAN, * 1919; † ca. 1926, Diphtheria Epidemic
  4. Anna BOYAN, * 1920; ¥ -?- OGDEN; two children; res.: PA
  5. Margaret BOYAN; * 1922; † 1982; three children
 + 6. Elizabeth BOYAN, * 1923; ¥ William SORONEN
  7. John BOYAN, * 1925; ¥ -?-; three children; res,: Haverstraw, NY
  8. Patricia BOYAN, † 1988; ¥ --?-; five children
  9. Andrew James BOYAN, ¥ Mary T. -?-; four children; res.: Highland Falls, NY
  10. Helene BOYAN, ¥ -?- MOONEY; res. Highland Falls
  11. Barbara BOYAN, * stillbirth 1939

1.5.6 Elizabeth BOYAN,* 1923; ¥ William SORONEN; nine children; Cortlandt Manor, NY

1.   Larry SORONEN

Note: letter (20.Apr.1996) from Elizabeth Boyan Soronen.
  „(...) My grandfather (Thomas Boyan) born in West Meath, Ireland, was in the Seminary for 2 years but left and married and had a son John. They came to Piermont, NY and grandfather got work with the West Shore Railroad, both his wife and son died. He met Mary Purcell and had 4 children. They built a home in Highland Falls (which is on the West Shore R.R.). Grandpa opened a bar and a candy shop on one side of the house and Grandma ran a boarding house in the 16 rooms. my grandmother, Mary Purcell was born in Tipperary, she died in 1920 and my father moved into the house with his wife and 4 children. (...)
  Uncle Tom (1.4) lived with us most of his life. He was a carpenter and joined the CB’s in World War II.
  Uncle Jim (1.2) + Aunt Delia died in their 40’s and left 3 girls in Yonkers. Their mother’s family and oldest daughter Mary (now 85 yrs. old) raised the other 2 girls. (...)"


1. Matthew BOYAN, * 1826; † 1892; ¥ Mary -?-. She † 1893. Matthew listed as a land owner 1854

  1. Margaret BOYAN † unmarried
  2. Anne BOYAN, † unmarried
  3. Michael BOYAN, * ca. 1857; † 1891; ¥ -?-. She † 1889. He was a doctor.
 + 4. John BOYAN, * ca.1858; † 1938?
  5. Mary BOYAN, * ca. 1859; †1879
  6. Joseph BOYAN, * ca. 1861; † 1879
  7. Peter BOYAN, * ca. 1865; † 1935?;¥ -?-; no children
 + 8. Lenia BOYAN; ¥ -?- HYNES
  9. Bedelia BOYAN, ¥ William CUNNINGHAM; They have a large family.

1.4. John BOYAN,

  1. Matthew BOYAN, at  least 70 (1984); unmarried
  2. John BOYAN, ¥ -?-; no children
 + 3. Joseph BOYAN
  4. Mary BOYAN, unmarried
  5. Alphonsus BOYAN, alive 1984; unmarried
 + 6. Peter BOYAN, ¥ -?-

1.8. Lenia BOYAN; ¥ -?- HYNES

  1. Margaret HYNES, † young
  2. Matthew HYNES, removed to USA

1.4.3. Joseph BOYAN, † 1975 aged 48 yrs.; ¥ 1953 to Monica (Mona) KENNY

  1. John BOYAN, in 1984, 29 yrs.; regional manager for a Swedish paper firm
  2. Anne BOYAN, in 1984, 26 yrs.; secondary school teacher
  3. Eithne? BOYAN, in 1984, 24 yrs.; nurse
  4. Ita? BOYAN, in 1984, 17 yrs.

1.4.6. Peter BOYAN, (wife went with children to USA)

  1. Martin BOYAN
  2. Elizabeth BOYAN

Note: letter (21.Apr.1984) from John G. Boyan ( to Evelyn Mullen.


1. Patrick Sarsfield BOYAN, * Ireland; ¥ Catherine SULLIVAN, * Lancaster, Engl.?

  1. Mary BOYAN; * England?; unmarried
 + 2. Catherine („Kate") BOYAN
  3. Nellie BOYAN, * ca. 1884 Australia?; † 3.Jan.1956; unmarried
 + 4. John Joseph BOYAN
  5. Patrick Sarsfield BOYAN, Jr., ¥ Elvira („Elvie") GREEN; no children
 + 6. Margaret BOYAN
 + 7. Anne Veronica BOYAN
  8. Agnes Gertrude BOYAN, † 1978, unmarried (same Agnes? b.16.May.1895; † Jun.1977, NJ 07106,Soc.Sec.records)

Newark, NJ directories:
  1867-78 - (no Boyan)
  1884 - Boyan, Terence, Laborer, h 248 Warren
  1885 - (no Boyan)
  1886 - Boyan, Timothy, h 307 Warren
    ,Patrick Mrs, h r 87 Wilsey
  1887 - Boyan, Timothy, h 258 New
    ,Patrick, laborer, h 27 Mulock pl, E. Newark
  1887 - Boyan, Timothy, h 82 Clifton av
    ,Patrick, laborer, h 27 Mulock pl, E. Newark
  1889 - Boyan, Patrick, laborer, h 27 Mulock pl, E. Newark
    , Patrick, laborer, h 358 New
  1896 - Boyan, Jas, ins(urance), h 59 New
  1897 - (no Boyan)
  1900 - Boyan, Catherine, wid Patrick, h 10 Cabinet
  1901 - Boyan, Catherine, wid Patrick, h 10 Cabinet
  1903 - Boyan, Catherine, wid Patrick, h 11 Cabinet
    , Geo, tanner, h 29 Prince
    , Mary wid Wm. h 74 Sussex av
  1928 - Boyan, Agnes r 354 Clifton av
    , Lucy M h (26) 400 Clinton av
    , Mary A r 354 Clifton av
    , Mary J corsetwkr r 126 S 7th
    , Nellie mech opr r 354 Clifton av
    , Patrick J mech h 354 Clifton av
    ,Thomas C clk h 126 S 7th
  1930 - Boyan, Agnes emp CTCo r 375 N 12th
    , Helen emp CTCo r 375 N 12th
    , Mary emp CTCo r 375 N 12th
    , Mary mach opr r 239 12th
    , Patrick S builder 375 N 12th r do
    ,Thomas chauf h 239 12th
  1957-8 - Boyan, Agnes G emp City h 263 5th
    , Mary J r 197 S 10th
    , Nellie died Jan 3 1956 age 72
    ,Thomas S mach opr h 197 S 10th

h - head of household; r - resides with above

Obituary, unknown newspaper clipping
  Nellie Boyan of 263 North 5th St (Newark) died Jan. 3, 1956. Surviving are Agnes J. Boyan of Newark, Anna (Boyan) Wikle, Patrick Boyan of California, nephew Edward W. Fagan of Newark

Obituary, unknown newspaper clipping
 Thomas S. Boyan of 197 S 10th St (Newark) died Feb. 6, 1963. retired Newark Housing Authority, Jan. 1962.

1.2. Catherine („Kate") BOYAN, * Hull, Engl.; ¥ Jeremiah MAGEE

 + 1. Mary („Mae") MAGEE
 + 2. Catherine („Kitty") MAGEE
  3. Isabelle („Bella") MAGEE, ¥ Pat SULLIVAN; no children
  4. Letitia MAGEE, ¥ Cliff MACKIN; no children
  5. Elizabeth (Lillian) MAGEE, unmarried
 + 6. Jeremiah MAGEE
 + 7. William MAGEE
 + 8. Eleanor MAGEE

1.4. John Joseph BOYAN, * on a ship off the coast of Australia; ¥ Eugenie Regina OLSON

 + 1. John Joseph ("Jack") BOYAN,Jr.
  2. Charles BOYAN
 + 3. Eugenie Catherine BOYAN
 + 4. William Charles BOYAN

1.6. Margaret BOYAN, ¥ George MORGAN

 + 1. Margaret MORGAN

1.7. Anne Veronica BOYAN, † 1978;¥ George Ray WICKLE, res.(1996): San Jose, CA 95120

 + 1. Evelyn Clarice WICKLE

1.2.1. Mary („Mae") MAGEE, ¥ William LYNA

 + 1. William LYNA, Jr.
 + 2. Mary LYNA

1.2.2. Catherine („Kitty") MAGEE, ¥ Charles O’BRIEN

 + 1. Kathleen O’BRIEN

1.2.6. Jeremiah MAGEE, ¥ Katie -?-

  1. Kathleen MAGEE
  2. Jeremiah MAGEE, Jr.
  3. Dennis MAGEE

1.2.7. William MAGEE, ¥ Margie -?-

Margie MAGEE

1.2.8. Eleanor MAGEE, ¥ Carl JORGENSON

  1. Carl JORGENSON, Jr.
  2. Ronald JORGENSON

1.4.1. John Joseph ("Jack") BOYAN,Jr., (Soc.Sec. records * 25.May.1913; † Dec.1986; res. CA 94086); ¥ Elizabeth („Betty") Helen ZWICK;

 + 1. Robert Norman BOYAN
 + 2. Patricia BOYAN

1.4.3. Eugenie Catherine BOYAN, ¥ Thomas McKENNA

  1. Mary Theresa McKENNA
 + 2. Kathleen Ann McKENNA
 + 3. Margaret Rose McKENNA
  4. Patrick McKENNA

1.4.4. William Charles BOYAN, ¥ Colleen Agnes BOURRILLION, res.: Santa Rosa, CA

  1. Cathryn Frances BOYAN
  2. Mary Ellen BOYAN, ¥ Kevin SLUKEY

1.6.1. George MORGAN, Jr., ¥ Charlotte -?-

  1. Georgianna MORGAN
  2. Charlotte MORGAN

1.7.1. Evelyn Clarice WICKLE, ¥ Chester Daniel MULLEN, res.: San Francisco, CA

  1. Daniel Paul MULLEN
 + 2. Sharon Anne MULLEN
 + 3. Jane Elyse MULLEN
 + 4. Linda Teresa MULLEN
  5. Ray Thomas MULLEN, ¥ Sandra HILL William LYNA, Jr., m Marianne -?-

  1. William LYNA, III
  2. Joanne LYNA
  3. John LYNA
  4. Joseph LYNA
  5. Margaret LYNA Mary LYNA, ¥ Tom FITZGERALD

  1. Barry FITZGERALD, ¥ Roseanne GUSTON; They have : Stacey and Sean
  2. Jack FITZGERALD, ¥ Jeanne DORSA; They have : Shannon and Brian
  3. James FITZGERALD, ¥ Pat HILLER; They have : Diedre
  4. Eilleen FITZGERALD
  5. Janice FITZGERALD
  7. Thomas FITZGERALD Kathleen O’BRIEN, ¥ Hugh McFADDEN

  1. Dennis McFADDEN
  2. Maureen McFADDEN
  3. Terrance McFADDEN
  4. Kathleen McFADDEN Robert Norman BOYAN, ¥ Maureen HARVEY

  1. Anne Marie BOYAN
  2. Michele BOYAN Patricia BOYAN, ¥ Jay HARRIS

  1. Elicia HARRIS
  2. Stephan J. HARRIS Kathleen Ann McKENNA, ¥ Glen HILTON

  1. Glen, HILTON Jr. Margaret Rose McKENNA, ¥ Larry RUDD

  1. David RUDD
  2. Adam RUDD
  3. Michael RUDD Sharon Anne MULLEN, ¥ John Stephen MOLINARI, res.: Emeryville, CA

  1. John Joseph MOLINARI, ¥ Barbara SOUZA; They have : Michael Lance
  2. Theresa Rose MOLINARI
  3. James Thomas MOLINARI Jane Elyse MULLEN, ¥ Robert L. SPINDLE

  1. Kimberly Jean SPINDLE
  2. Anna Lee SPINDLE Linda Teresa MULLEN, ¥ William G. SPINDLE (brother of Robert L.)

  1. Tamara SPINDLE
  2. Shane William SPINDLE


1. Patrick BOYAN, † ca.1910; „He may have been a policeman."

1.1. Joseph William BOYAN, ¥ 1910 to ?; † 1956, aged 72 yrs: He was a hose painter and decorator in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1.1.1. William Vernon BOYAN, b.1910; ¥ 1936 to Claire GRAHAM. She † 1984

letter (2.Apr.1993) William V. Boyan, 20 Furley St., Aspley, Brisbane, Qld 4034 Australia

1. Patrick BOYAN, arrived in Australia with two brothers

1.1. Joseph BOYAN, * 1838 Peter R. Castle, res. Ligura St. South Coogee NSW 2034 Australia

letter (21.Apr.1984) from John G. Boyan of Mullingar, Ireland

Biographical Index of South Australians 1836 - 1885, Ed.: Jill Statton, 1986
 Boyan, Patrick, b.c.1851 Eng.; arr: 1878 Oaklands; occ: Pick and Shovel Labourer; m. Cath., b.c.1856 Eng; ch: Mary (c.1873-), Cath. (c. 1875-), Ellen (c. 1878-)
 Boyan, Thady, b. c. 1859 Ire; arr: 1881 Stirlingshire; occ: Agricultural Labourer


1. Daniel SULLIVAN, * Ireland; ¥ Hannah -?- , Ireland

  1. Abigail SULLIVAN, † ca. 1940 St. Petersburg, FL; ¥(1) Cornelius („Uncle Connie") -?-; ¥(2) John J. McLaughlin, son of Anne MANNING. He * Jun.1875 NJ
 + 2. Anne M. SULLIVAN, * Nov.1861; † ?

Census 1900, (2.Jun.), New Jersey, Hudson Co., Jersey City, 6th Ward (112 Cornelius Ave.), E.D. 116, Sh. 2,
  Manning, Anne, Head, May 1840, 60 yrs., Widowed, 7 child., 4 living; Ireland, Ire., Ire.; (2.birthplace of    father, 3.birthplace of mother; 1858 (immigr.), 42 yrs. (in USA), Owns own Home
  ----------, Edward, Son, Oct 1880, 20 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; Day Labor
  Jn. McLaughlin, Joseph, Son, Jan 1873, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; Day Labor
  ----------, John, Son, June 1875, 24 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; Day Labor
  Ryan, Joseph, Boarder, May 1881, 19 yrs, Single; New Jersey, Ire., Ire.; Day Labor
  Corcoran, John, Boarder, July 1864, Single; England, Ire., Ire.; 1880 (immigr.), Na(turalized), 20 yrs. (in    USA); Day Labor

Jersey City directories:
  1896 - (no McLaughlin entries)
  1899 - McLaughlin, John J., saloon, 112 Cornelius av
  1901 - McLaughlin, John J., saloon, 112 Cornelius av

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: Abigail had about five children, 4 from the first marriage, 1 from the second. She owned a tavern in Jersey City, in which John McLaughlin was a bartender. She had a bungalow in Metedeconk, NJ. She died in the 1940’s in St. Petersburg FL.

1.2. Anne M. SULLIVAN, * Nov.1861 in PA; † ?; ¥ 28.Apr.1877 Jersey City Heights, NJ to Daniel F. McMAHON, son of Thomas McMAHON and Johanna -?-. He * ca. 1853 Ireland; † bef. 1900.

 + 1. Ida F. McMAHON, * Feb.1879 NJ; ¥ Andrew BOYAN (see Boyan Genealogy)
 + 2. Clementine McMAHON, * Apr.1886
 + 3. Eleanor McMAHON, * Mar.1891; † 1970
 + 4. Agnes McMAHON, * May.1896; † betw. 1945-1949

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: there were also Marg McMAHON and two boys born after 1900, who all died early. (However, Anne is listed as a widow by 1900.)

Marriage record: Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ, p.379
  No.398; Apr.28.1877; Daniel McMahon; res.: J.C.Hts.; parents: Thomas and Johanna; occup. Boxmaker; age: 25; Ann Sullivan; J.C.Hts.; parents: Daniel and Hannah; age: 19; By whom Married: Robert Seton, Clergyman at 27 Baldwin Ave.

Note: According to the census records, Anne Sullivan would have been 15 ½ years old when she married. The marriage record shows her being 19 years old.

Census 1880, (8.Jun.), New Jersey, Hudson Co, Jersey City, (15 St. Paul’s Ave), E.D. 30, p. 6
  McMahon, Daniel, 27 yrs., Husband, Married; Occup.: Hose Maker; Ireland, Ire., Ire. (2.birthplace of   father, 3.birthplace of mother)
  ----------, Annie, 19 yrs, M(arried); Occup.: House Keeper; Pennsylvania, Ire., Ire.
  ----------, Ida, ! yr, Daughter; New Jersey, Ire., PA.

Census 1900, (4.Jun.), New Jersey, Hudson Co, Jersey City, 12th Ward (44 Bleeker St), E.D. 171, Sh. 4
  McMahon, Anne, Head, Nov 1861, 38 yrs., Widowed, 3 child., 3 living; Pennsylvania, PA, PA     (2.birthplace of father, 3.birthplace of mother
  ----------, Clementine, Daughter, April 1886, 14 yrs,; New Jersey, Ire., PA; At School
  ----------, Nora, Daughter, Mch 1891, 9 yrs, New Jersey, Ire., PA; At School
  ----------, Agnes, Daughter, May 1896, 4 yrs, New York, Ire., Ire.; At school
  Boyen, Andrew, Head, Apr 1887, 22 yrs, M, 1 ( yrs. married); New York, Ire., Ire.; Telegraph Operator
  ----------, Ida, Wife, Feb 1879, M, 1 (yrs. married); 0 child., 0 living; New Jersey, Ire., PA

Jersey City directories:
  1880 - McMahon, Daniel, leather cutter, 15 St. Paul’s av
  1881 - McMahon, Daniel F, cutter, 15 St. Paul’s av
  1882 - McMahon, Daniel F, lab, 15 St. Paul’s av
  1885 - McMahon, Daniel F, lab, 125 Oakland av
    , Anne, candy, 125 Oakland av
  1886 - McMahon, Daniel F, varieties, 125 Oakland av
  1887 - McMahon, Daniel F, clerk, 44 Bleeker
  1888 - McMahon, Daniel F, clerk, 44 Bleeker
  1896 - McMahon, Daniel F, fireman, 44 Bleeker

1.2. Clementine McMAHON, * Apr.1886 NJ; ¥ -?- O’KEEFE

  1. Clementine McMAHON; ¥ William DAWSON; divorced

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: Mr. O,Keefe was a policeman in Jersey City, NJ. They res. Bergen Ave., Jersey City, NJ.

1.3. Eleanor McMAHON, * Mar.1891 NJ; † 1970; ¥ Joseph E. MINTZ. He * 1897; † 1967.

 + 1. Margorie M. MINTZ, * 14.Apr.1920
  2. Joseph MINTZ, † at 6 yrs. old, killed by a truck in front of home in Hillside, NJ
  3. John („Jackie") MINTZ, * bef. 1933
  4. Eleanor MINTZ, * aft. 1933; ¥ George MALONE

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: Joseph E. Mintz was an auditor, owned Iello Bros., meat packers and had a delicatessen shop on N. Broad St. in Elizabeth, NJ.

1.4 Agnes McMAHON, * May.1896 NJ; † betw. 1945-1949; ¥  Oscar PLADEK

  1. Oscar PLADEK, Jr., * 1929 Jersey City, NJ; ¥ Joan -?-; They adopted Barbara Joan at 5 mths. old, * 21.Jun.1960. Res. (1996) 12 Cambridge Rd, Uwchland, PA 19480?

  2. Eleanor PLADEK, * 8.Jan.1932 Montclair, NJ; ¥ -?-

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: Oscar was a mechanic in East Rutherford, NJ, where they resided. He later owned a gas station in Leonia, NJ. After his wife’s death, he remarried. Oscar, Jr. is a chemical engineer

1.3.1. Margorie M. MINTZ, * 14.Apr.1920 Jersey City, NJ; ¥ 28.Oct.1942 Osterville, MA to Banning REPPLIER, son of F. Ewing REPPLIER of Norwell MA and Dorothy BANNING (a desc. of John and Priscilla Alden), ¥2 Louis L. Hemingway, Jr. They reside in New Haven, CT. She has four children from her first marriage.

  Note: letter (23.Feb.1975) from Margorie Repplier, 93 Edgehill Rd., New Haven, CT 06511. Adress (19  ): 75 Round Hill Rd., Hamden CT. Adress (1996): 426 Prospect #5, New Haven, CT 06511-2121
 Margorie was educated at St. Elizabeth’s College, NJ and the Katherine Gibbs School.
 Banning graduated Wesleyan Univ. and was in the US Army (593rd Eng. Amphib. Regt.).


1. Andrew LYONS, * Ireland; ¥ Mary BURNS , Ireland

 + 1. Catherine LYONS, * Ireland; ¥ John J. GRIFFIN
 + 2. Johanna LYONS, * 10.Aug.1843; † 27.Aug.1921(see Boyan Genealogy)
  3. John LYONS, ¥ -?-, They had two daughters; Mary and -?-
  4. „Mamie" LYONS, † ca. 1950

Note: Birth order and number of children unknown.

Note: According Hugh and Mary Porter: Mamie Lyons introduced Andrew Boyan to Ida McMahon. Mamie lived on Hudson Blvd. in Jersey City, NJ. Often present at her home was Rev. Currall. She was a story teller. Hugh - „She was a good drinker at seventy."

Naturalization documents give reference to an
  Andrew Lyons, 210 E. 21st St., NYC; naturalized: 15.Aug.1861, Common Pleas Court (Bundle 270, Rec. 64), NYC; witness: Catherine Lyons, 210 E. 21st St., NYC
  Andrew Lyons, Piermont, Rockland Co., NY; naturalized: 19.May.1869, Superior Court, NY County (Bundle 105, Rec. 270); witness: Jeremiah Lyons, of Piermont.

1.1. Catherine LYONS, * Ireland; ¥  John J. GRIFFIN

  1. John J. GRIFFIN, Jr., * ca. 1878 Elizabeth, NJ; † 7.Sep.1946 Elizabeth, NJ; ¥ Katherine McBRIDE

Obituary, New York Times, 1946, Sp 8, 44:5 „John J. Griffin, Jersey lawyer, 68"
  „Elizabeth, N.J., Sept. 8, 1946 - John J, Griffin of 560 Irvington Ave., City Attorney of Elizabeth, former Assemblyman, and a Democratic Leader in Union Co. for many years died last night after a long illness. He. was an elder brother of the Most Rev. Wm. A. Griffin, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton.
  Mr. Griffin was with the City Attorney’s office for 34 yrs., first as assistant. A son of the late John J. and Catherine Griffin, he was born in this city and studied law in the office of the late Judge Patrick Hamilton Gilhooley. After his admission to the bar he practiced law for ten years.
  Mr. Griffin was elected to the assembly in 1912 as one of the last Democrats to represent Union Co. in the Lower House. He was also civic leader for years in the Elizabethport section, having been an officer of the First Street Association. He was a past exalted ruler of the Elizabeth Lodge of Elks, and was a member of the Union County Bar Association.
  Besides his brother, he leaves a widow, the former Katherine McBride and two sisters, Mrs. Frank J. Currall, wife of the Assistant Post Master, and Miss Hannah Griffin of Elizabeth."

  2. Hannah GRIFFIN, * in NJ; unmarried; res. Elizabeth, NJ
  3. Margaret GRIFFIN, † bef. 1946
  11. William Aloysius GRIFFIN, * 20.Nov.1885 Elizabeth, NJ; † 1.Jan.1950 Elizabeth, NJ

Obituary, New York Times, 1950, Ja.1, „Bishop W. A. Griffin of Trenton is Dead"
  „Elizabeth, N.J., Jan. 1 - The Most Rev. William A. Griffin, sixth Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, died here early today at the home of his brother-in-law and sister, Assistant Postmaster Frank J. Currall and Mrs. Currall, 208 Orchard Street, where he suffered a stroke on Dec. 26 while preparing to to return to Trenton after spending Christmas with the Curralls. His age was 64. (...) Bishop Griffin leaves also another sister, Miss Hannah Griffin of this city; a niece and eight nephews, including the Rev. Alfred G. Currall, assistant pastor of St. John’s Church, Jersey City. (...) Born in Elizabeth, Nov. 20, 1885, eleventh of twelve children of John and Catherine Lyons Griffin, Bishop Griffin ... received his academic training in Seton Hall College, where he obtained his A.B. degree in conjunction with his theological studies at Immaculate Conception Seminary, then in South Orange and later moved to Darlington, N.J. (...)

 + 12. Cecilia GRIFFIN, * ca. 1889; † 5.Jan.1961

Note: Birth order of children unknown. Much of this info from Hugh and Mary Porter.

1.12. Cecilia GRIFFIN, * ca. 1889 Elizabeth, NJ; † 5.Jan.1961 Westfield, NJ; ¥ Francis J. CURRALL. He * ca. 1885; † 23 Apr.1959 Elizabeth, NJ

  1. Rev. Alfred Griffin CURRALL, * late 20’s.; † 26.Jan.1972

Letter (27.Mar.1992) from Fr. Michael Desmond (St. John the Baptist Rectory, 3026 Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, N.J. 07306)
  „... Fr. Alfred G. Currall did serve as assistant pastor here some years ago [and] died on January 26, 1972. (...) I believe one of the Currall Brothers lived in Westfield, NJ and belonged to the Holy Trinity parish there at the time I was assigned to Holy Trinity in the early 70’s. This brother was with the FBI. (...)

  2. William Griffin CURRALL; ¥ Catherine Agatha BENDER, dau. of Frederick W. BENDER.
  3. Gerard Griffin CURRALL

Obituary, New York Times, 1959, Ap.24,27:4
  „Elizabeth, N.J., Apr.23,1959 - Frank J. Currall of 208 Orchard Street, former assis. Postmaster died today at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital of a heart ailment. His age was 74. Surviving are his widow Cecilia, 3 sons, Rev. Alfred Griffin Currall, Rom. Cath. chaplan of the Jersey City Medical Center, and Gerard G. and William G., a brother and 7 sisters."

Obituary, New York Times, 1961, Ja.6,27:4
  „Westfield, N.J., Jan.53,1961 - Mrs. Frank J. Currall of 716 Forest Ave, widow ...,, died last night in her home after a brief illness. Her age was 72. She was sister of the Most Rev. William A. Griffin, Bishop..."

Note: Number of digits refer to generations; numbers to birth order of children.
 * = born; ¥ = married; † = died