Since Feb. 29, 2000

Last update: Sep. 23, 2002 (JST)

MINIX is one of UNIX clones and was designed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a professor of Vrije University. It was written for educational purpose. The first version was based on UNIX version 7. Current version (2.0) comply with POSIX standard partially. All source code is opened and free under BSD-like license.

Original MINIX works on PC (Intel x86 platform). Many people made effort to port to another platform - Macintosh, Amiga, SUN, Sharp X-68000, HP 200LX. And now Jornada gets MINIX. It is the most small UNIX platform with color screen and useful keyboard ...?


MINIX is simple and small. These factors are very important to study operating system and customize it. The existence of good book to explain itself is also important. In the case of MINIX, it is "Operating Systems: Design and Implementation" by A.S.Tanenbaum and A.S.Woodfull. I know there are books regarding this kind of Linux and BSD but to my knowledge they are not good for study. And Linux kernel is designed by classical method, i.e. monolithic kernel. In contrast, MINIX introduced micro kernel. From technical point of view, I am interest on MINIX more than Linux and BSD.

As I mentioned, MINIX is simple and is not monolithic kernel. This means MINIX has more overheads by message exchnage among system components. However, this is not the reason why MINIX is slower than another UNIX implementaions. MINIX was written for educational purpose. Thus, the authors selected simple and easy-understanding codes. Not selected performance.

Recent PDAs got more powerful CPU and more amount of memory. I found that Jornada's performance is enough to run MINIX. Actualy I satisfy with MINIX/SH (my MINIX Jornada version) 1.0. Who wants to run database server on the PDA?

To people who can't live without GNU Emacs or so, *BSD or Linux is better than MINIX obviously. But I am not interested in Emacs. X Window too. I am going to implement another GUI system. Mac OS and Palm OS will be refference to do that.


Developement Status Update

11/25/01: Development environment moved to Mac OS X

MINIX/SH Release History

05/11/01: MINIX/SH 1.1 Beta-1 released.

10/22/00: MINIX/SH 1.0 released.

09/23/00: 1.0 Beta-1 released.

06/14/00: 1.0 Alpha-2 released.

05/01/00: 1.0 Alpha-1 released.

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