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This Web Site was designed to help those women out there who want to have babies through non-traditional means, specifically lesbians. A disclaimer feels rather obligatory at this point, so here it goes, if you need a doctor, get one, if you need legal advice, see a lawyer, if you are looking for the wisdom and life experiences of other lesbian moms...read on. The lesbian mom's discussion group (for mom wannabees and moms of the young and old alike) was polled on a list of commonly asked topics. The files that are linked to each topic is really a compilation of the answers given by this group on the given topic. The topics currently are:

Doctors & Sperm Banks Assisting/Doing Inseminations
This is a state by state list of doctors and sperms banks that have been recommended by other lesbians who have used their services.

Information to consider on Donors
Thinking about the pros and cons of known donors vs. anonymous donors. This is the place look where other women have discussed this issues.

Insemination Information
Detailed information on useful tools for inseminating. Discussed are the different methods of determining fertile times, ovulation kits, etc.

Terminology Frequently Used--And What It Means
Ever tried to talk to someone who is using abbreviations for everything? Well, here is a list of commonly used abbreviations and terms used when discussing alternative insemination.

Health/Diet Factors
A list of the what to and what not to do's when trying to get pregnant.

Issues Regarding Insurance
Those of us who are lucky enough to have health insurance may be able to talk them in to paying for AI, a rather costly procedure. Here's who a couple women went about getting their insurance involved.

Creating OUR families
Unique issues for lesbian families.

The Adoption Option
List of LesBiGay friendly agencies that work with adoption/home study.

Legal Issues to Consider
What does the law say about AI?

Supplemental Resources
A list of agencies, books, and periodicals that can help LesBiGays start their own families.

Links to Related Web Sites
GLPCI, Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International

The Lesbian Mothers Support Society in Calgary, Alberta

An info sheet on how to get onto the mom's discussion list. The mom's group is the pulse of this webpage. Special thanks to list administrator, Dorsie Hathaway, for all her hard work on this list!

Special thanks to Lesbian.org for the donation of server space!

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