Dave Fridmann/Tarbox News/Notes

*Nov. 19, 2002 Rogue Wave here from San Francisco recording with Bill Racine.
*Nov. 16, 2002
Phil Broikos recording with Dave.
*Nov. 1, 2002 Dave begins recording with Mexican band,
Cafe Tacuba on MCA.
*Oct. 29, 2002
Joi Veer in with John Petri.
*Oct.22, 2002
Brother Eye Contest at Rolling Stone.
*Oct. 8, 2002 Today,
Wheat is here mixing songs with Dave for Aware Records.
*Oct. 4, 2002
Whirlwind Heat in mixing with Jack White producing and Dave engineering for Third Man Records.
*Oct. 2, 2002
Goldrush mixing.
*Sept. 23, 2002
Webb Brothers return for mixing.
*Sept. 20, 2002 Dave in mixing
Goldrush songs for Virgin.
*Sept. 18, 2002 Dave attends
Longwave mastering session at Sterling Sound, NYC. Bill Racine mixing Collider at Tarbox.
September 2002, Rolling Stone thingy. Brother Eye coolest band in America. They mention Lips too.
*Sept. 16, 2002 Dave in mixing two
Broadcast songs for Work.
*Sept. 9, 2002
Longwave returns to finish their new album for RCA and East West...
*Sept. 4, 2002
Sirens in mixing with Michael Ivins.
*August 31, 2002
John and Mary in mixing their new album with John Petri.
*August 29, 2002 Dave is mastering the new
Grand Mal album, Bad Timing, for Arena Rock.
*August 1, 2002
Longwave returns to (not) finish their new album for RCA and East West.
*July 26, 2002 Tarbox gets a new ProTools system. HD2 with 96 I/O and an Apogee AD 8000 interface. This complements the existing ProTools MixPlus with AD8000 interface already in place.
*July 5, 2002
Collider here recording with Tony Doogan.
*June 28, 2002
Longwave plays BJs, Fredonia NY. It is true. We were all feeling the love...
*June 18, 2002
Longwave back recording for East West Records. Bill Racine is here as assistant engineer while Michael Ivins begins Flaming Lips duties.
*June 10, 2002
Wheat here recording for Aware..
*June 6, 2002 Grand Mal arrives to finish mixing their new record which will come out on Arena Rock.
*June 3, 2002 A gold record delivered on the back porch for Weezer's Pinkerton. Also Wayne called, Flaming Lips' new song, Fight Test, is on this week's Six Feet Under on HBO. AND May Issue 2002 Q Mag had songs from Dot Allison, Ed Harcourt and Gemma Hayes on the accompanying cd, Rise and Shine The Best New Music of 2002.

*May 17, 2002
Longwave begins recording with Dave and Michael.
*May 15, 2002
Delgados here for a couple days of mixing with Tony Doogan, Dave and Michael.
*May 1, 2002
The Webb Brothers are here working with Dave.
*April 28, 2002
Grand Mal back for more mixing for upcoming Arena Rock release.
*April 27, 2002 Dave and Michael mastering upcoming re-release of
Flaming Lips back catalog and bonus tracks from the Restless years.
*April 10, 2002
The Delgados are here mixing their upcoming album with Dave and Michael.
*April 6, 2002
Grand Mal in recording with Dave and Michael.
*March 31, 2002 Dave Fridmann in mastering the new
Flaming Lips record tentatively titled Yoshimi vs. The Pink Robots for Warner Brothers Records.
*March 30, 2002 Greg Snow in doing overdubs with
*March 18, 2002 John Petri in recording some new tracks with
*March 12, 2002
The Sirens from Detroit in recording with Michael Ivins.
*March 6, 2002
Wheat back recording a new song with Dave and Michael Ivins.
*February 20, 2002
Flaming Lips in for perhaps a final session for the new album.
*February 15, 2002
Grand Mal in recording.
*February 12, 2002
Blanco in recording with Michael Ivins engineering.
*February 4, 2002
Steve Burns returns for mixing 4 songs for Songs for Dust Mites with Dave.
*January 31, 2002
Mercury Rev here mixing the song, Funny Way. for a movie. And a radio mix of Little Rhymes.
*January 17, 2002
Number Girl returns for mixing.
*January 4, 2002
Flaming Lips begin another session here at Tarbox with Dave for their future album on Warner Brother's Records.

*December 2001 Chart: NME Top 50 Albums of 2001...Mercury Rev All Is Dream #7, Sparklehorse It's A Wonderful Life #22, Mogwai Rock Action #28. Exclaim (Canada) Chart Pop Punk A Roll has Mercury Rev #4, Sparklehorse #5, Mogwai #11. Artvoice (Buffalo) Best Records of 2001 includes Sparklehorse and Mercury Rev. Japanese Music Magazine has selected Mercury Rev All Is Dream as #1 American Rock album and Mogwai Rock Action #4 British Rock Album.
*December 30, 2001
Steve Burns back recording with Dave, Michael Ivins and Steven Drozd.
*December 26, 2001
Junkbutton recording with Greg Snow engineering.
*November 30, 2001
Number Girl begins recording a new record with Dave for Toshiba/EMI. Returning to Tarbox from Japan, this will be their third release (2nd full-length) done with Dave. For this session,Tarbox's Neve 5104 is finally online, operational and in use. I have heard it sounds amazing. It can be used along with the Otari Console or on it's own..
*November 28, 2001 John Petri finishing
The Last Conservative record.
*November 25, 2001
Steve Burns here working on preproduction for a future release. Also, John Petri in mixing Inner Man's new record.
*November 8, 2001
Flaming Lips are here.
*October 28, 2001
Grand Mal here from NYC recording with Dave and Michael for Arena Rock Records..
*October 21, 2001 John Petri in mixing
The Last Conservative record..
*October 7, 2001 More with the
*October 1, 2001
The Mountain Goats are in recording with Tony Doogan for 4AD.
*Sep. 10, 2001
Gemma Hayes returns for album mixing.
*Aug. 22, 2001
Flaming Lips are back.
*Aug. 15, 2001 Dave is off to Japan to play a couple of shows with Mercury Rev..The Osaka Summer Sonic Festival Aug. 18 and the Tokyo Summer Sonic Festival Aug. 19..I believe he will be playing Kaoss Pad and a Proteus Sound Module..
*Aug.12, 2001 Dave masters
Phil Broikos record.
*Aug. 9, 2001
Bass Piggy Session 12
*Aug 2, 2001 Dave's working with
Chantal Kreviazuk for a couple of days..
*July 26, 2001 Dave interrupts Phil doing a one-off live sound gig for Boston band
The Sheila Divine. The show was in Buffalo's Thursday at The Square for a more than 20,000 person crowd which I guess was some sort of record but the crowds have been regularily huge for the last 2 years..
*July 25, 2001
Phil Broikos in mixing more songs with Dave.
*July 19, 2001 Dave masters the
Brother Eye record to be released on Bandaloop Records.
*July 9, 2001 Dave masters
Bodega record.
*June 26, 2001
Flaming Lips are back in Cassadaga working on some music..
*June 25, 2001 Petri recording and mixing three new
Imports songs.
*June 7, 2001
Gemma Hayes begins recording her new album for Source with Dave.
*May 23, 2001
Luna arrives to mix a new album with Dave.
*May 15, 2001 Flaming Lips here at Tarbox recording more with Dave. For Warner Brothers.
*May 2001 Ok got the Mojo. Dave is in a list of "100 Sonic Visionaries" . Page 79. The Sound on Sound Article from September 2000 appears to be available online now..
*May 9, 2001
Phil Broikos here mixing some of his own recordings with Dave.
*May 2, 2001
Brother Eye are here mixing with Dave for Bandaloop records.
*April 26, 2001 Dave's back in with
*April 25, 2001 Mercury Rev w/ Dave attending the mastering session at Sterling Sound, NYC. Mastering the new Rev album for V2.
*April 23, 2001 Dave is doing a
Collider mix.
*April 19, 2001 John Petri is mixing something..Let me know if you're looking.
*April 11, 2001
Mercury Rev are here. Will it jinx it to say that this is supposed to be their final session before mastering? This is not a press release...
*April 4, 2001
Wheat here working on their new album with Dave.
*March 31, 2001
Steve Copeland returns for some more recording.
*March 18, 2001
Mercury Rev returns.
*Feb. 28, 2001
Flaming Lips here to spend some time at Tarbox with Dave...
*Feb. 22, 2001 Dave mixing a song for
Satellite on Mercury Records.
*Feb. 21, 2001 Dave mastering
Michael Arden's new album. Michael Ivins begins working at Tarbox as the new assistant engineer.
*Feb. 7, 2001
Mercury Rev is back.
*Feb. 3,4, 2001
Phil Broikos here recording with Gemma and Dave.
*Jan. 31, 2001
Gemma Hayes is here from Ireland meeting and working with Dave.This is for Source Records.
*Jan.25, 2001 More
Mercury Rev.
*Jan.22, 2001
David Peters here mixing a song with Dave.
*Jan.19, 2001 Next is
Ed Harcourt mixing 2 songs with Dave for Heavenly Records. He's here from England.
*Jan. 15, 2001
Sparklehorse is in for more mixing with Dave for Capitol Records.
*Jan. 5, 2001 We have now become one with
Mercury Rev. They will always be here (except when they are not). They are recording. They will continue til they are done. Noone knows what the results will be...or when. With Dave for V2 at Tarbox..Yes this is real.
*Jan. 3, 2001 Dave is mixing a new
Pavers ep. This band includes Scott Reynolds formerly of All, Art Tantrum, Local Trauma..I believe they will put this ep out themselves.
*January 2001 The Delgados album The Great Eastern was #28 on NME's Best Albums of 2000..

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