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Darkthrone was formed in 1986 by by Gylve Nagell (drumms/lyrics), Ted Skjellum (guitars/vocals), Ivar Enger (guitars) and Dag Nilsen (bass). They started up as a death metal band, released 3 demos (Land Of Frost, Thulcandra and Cromlech) one promo tape (A New Dimension) and were signed to the british label Peaceville. Where in 1991 they released their debut album Soulside Journey, at this point they were just a typical Scandinavian death metal band.

In the end of 1991 the members of Darkthrone met Euronymous and were deeply influenced by him and his musical ideas. They decided to leave everything they have done so far and to play dark\grim\raw\ugly music (Black Metal!!). Dag Nilsen didn't really like the change and he left the band (after doing the bass lines for the up coming album). The remaining members of the band changed their names to Fenriz, Nocturno Culto and Zephyrous and released the "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" album. This is was a really massive change of turned the metal world upside down. It was the very beginning of the modern black metal!!

The Black Metal scene in Norway started to grow and in 1993 Darkthrone relaesed another album, "Under A Funeral Moon" which was even more harsh\extreme than the first one. In 1994 "Transilvanian Hunger"...the most extreme Darkthrone album at this point. The CD also had a phrase on the back "Norsk Arisk Black Metal" which the band claims was ment to be "True Norwegian black metal", this phrase caused alot of controversy and Fenriz made this statement "We wish to state that Transilvanian Hunger is beyond criticism, and any man who attempts to do so should be thoroughly patronized for his obviously jewish behaviour." This caused even more controversy especially when Fenriz wanted to put the phrase on the sleave and Peaceville refused to release it. Around this time Darkthrone stated that they want to work only with Norwegians, so they Left Peaceville and joined Satyr's label, Moonfog.

In 1995 Darkthrone released another album, it was "Panzerfaust"...their most hatefilled\fearsome. About this time Zephyrous left the band (for unknown reason).In 1996 Darkthrone released "Total Death" was a little return to "A Blaze..." but it is way weaker than the legendry album, all of the lyrics on this album were written by people from the Norwegian black metal scene (Satyr, Ihsahn...). Later on in 1996 Goatlord was released which was originally recorded in 1991 during the transition Darkthrone made from their Death metal days to the black metal sound. it was originally recorded without vocals but vocals were added in 1994. This album was probably one of the most dark\evil\ugly releases kicks ass!!!

In 1997 Nocturno Culto left the blackmetal scene which ment that Fenriz was the only person left in the band. Darkthrone disappeared for a little while...but by the end of 1999 a new Darkthrone album was finally released..."Ravishing Grimness"...a typical Darkthrone release...still primitive, dark and raw...but in my opinion it is nothing like the early 90's stuff.

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