Tips on how to ask for the updo you want
  1. You need to be prepared when you talk to your stylist
  2. Having a photo of a hair style is a good start
  3. Have a picture of your dress or one like it if you can
  4. Take a picture of yourself in it or even bring it to the salon.
  5. If you are shy bring a friend who is not
  6. Talk about your updo not as a whole but break it down.


For the front I would like twisties, I want my bangs down, I want a side part, middle part…etc.

For the top I would like the height to sit back here, or right on top, or kind of in the back…..etc.

For the sides I would like them to be real tight, real smooth, soft with tendrils….etc.

For the curls I would like them real curly and springy, I would like them kind of like rolls, I would like the curls kind of flat…..etc.

For the back I want the curls to hang off the updo, I want some braiding details; do whatever looks good….etc

When you do have a picture pay attention to how the model is holding her head. That is why you see one thing and the stylist sees something else and you're both looking at the SAME picture! Look at the photos below.



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