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Yendor Drums - Drum Works & Gallery

Yendor Drums
Box 13
British Columbia
Canada V0P 1Z0
(250) 935-6482

All are hand forged by a village blacksmith

striking double bell

Double Bell or Gonkogui
(Twi language. Gongo in Ga language)
Hand Forged in Ghana, West Africa

These are now available in 2 weights,
Light & Heavy

Light Weight
Small (4.5" - 5.5" at shoulder): $25.95 Canadian 
Med. (5.5" - 6.75"): $27.95 Canadian 
Large (6.75" - 8"): $29.95 Canadian
Extra Large (8" - 9.25"): $32.95 Canadian

Heavy Weight (~35% heavier)
Large (6.75" - 8"): $45 Canadian 
Extra Large (8" - 9.25"): $50 Canadian

This traditional bell is held in one hand & played by striking it with a straight stick. Occasionally the mouth of a bell is pressed to one's thigh to mute the sound.

Stick included of your choice:
Ocean Spray (Pacific Ironwood)

striking banana bell

Light Banana Bells

Heavy Banana Bells

Banana Bells
(Ewe name is Toke
Ashanti name is Dawuro)
Hand Forged in Ghana, West Africa

These are now available in 2 weights,
Light & Heavy

Light Weight
Sizes from 9" to 11"
$14.95 Canadian

Heavy Weight (~35% heavier)
7"-8": $28 Canadian
8"-9": $32 Canadian
12"-13": $44 Canadian

These traditional bell uses a metal stick as a striker. The bell can be played as shown, the bell resting across your palm, striking the near rim with a metal stick. Press your left fingers against the far rim of the bell to mute the sound. Or the Banana bell may be tied by the end knobs to a Jun Jun or Brekete drum. In this case, one hand holds the metal stick and plays the bell, the other hand holds a wooden stick and plays the drum.

Includes metal stick

striking praa
Measuring Praa:
For the praa striker ring, I need to know your thumb size (circumference). The striker should not pass your thumb's end joint, it sits over the base of the thumb nail. Make a paper ring that fits your thumb. Cut the ring open & measure its length.

(aka Firikiwa, Dodonpo in Ga)
Hand Forged in Ghana, West Africa

$12 Canadian

This traditional bell is played like a castanet, one in each hand. The bell hangs from the 1st finger with the other fingers behind and the little finger supporting the point. The iron ring striker fits snugly on the 1st thumb joint. Touching the bell with the middle fingers mutes the sound.


Praa Bells being forged in Northern Ghana.

Son helps his father by working the bellows.
Rocks are used for anvils, the bellows are clay pots built into the ground, with loose animal skins tied to the top. The blacksmith has a steel hammer and steel tongs. This is not really a cave, but rather the ground floor of his timber framed adobe house, open on one side.


small basket rattlebasket rattle
Basket Rattles
or Caxixi or Akasha in Ga
from Ghana

(Twi language), Axatse or Shekere
with seeds outside, from Ghana

Yenca rattle
Yenca Rattles
with seeds inside, made by Yendor

$7.95 Canadian

These rattles are woven of sturdy reeds with a gourd disk bottom.

Some have purple and green dyed reeds in the weave.

small 3"4" ball $25.95 Canadian
medium 4"5" ball $27.95
large 5"6.5" ball $29.95
extra large 8"9" ball $39.95 out of stock

A net of Job's Tears seeds sits very loosely over a hollowed gourd. These seeds, called Bimbas in Ghana, grow on a tall grass, ready to string with a hole already through the middle.

The Evé people play this rattle by striking it on their hand, then on their leg, in various patterns.

The extra large Shekere has no tassle at the top, so it can be thumped on the top of the ball, adding a deep tone to its shaker sounds.

length: 2835cm (1114")
width: 1213cm (5")
$18.75 Canadian

This gourd rattle contains seeds that make the sound, with an African vegetable luffa sponge for a removable plug. The sound may be changed by using tiny seeds to give a lighter sound or larger seeds for a sharper sound.

It is traditional to keep a few of the gourd's natural seeds.

Asratua or Aslatua
language, Aslato in Ga)
from Ghana
$7.00 Canadian

This rattle is made from 2 egg-sized pods with seeds inside, connected by a string. The first ball is held in the palmwith the string passing out between first & second fingers. The second ball is free to swing around the back of the hand, striking the first ball first by swinging over the thumb, then swinging the other way to pass behind the hand, around the little finger, again striking the first ball. Variations to the rhythm are made by adding shakes of the hand.

This is a common rhythm toy of youngsters in rural Ghana, and is accompanied by chanting.


*** Ordering ***

Place an order with me by phone ((250) 935-6482) or email (ydrums@island.net). I will help figure the shipping/handling/insurance for your items, and assure your items are in stock. I am also available for your questions.

I only ship by mail.

Shipping to Canada
* 4-10 business days by Expedited mail - recommended
2-4 business days by Xpresspost mail (adds $1-$11 for orders under 4 kg (9 lb))

Shipping to USA
* 8-12 business days by Expedited mail - recommended
4-6 business days by Xpresspost mail (adds $3-$4US for orders under 4 kg (9 lb))

Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on cost of items (not on s/h/ins)
British Columbia customers only must pay the 7.5% PST (unless you are a BC business and have a PST number).

Federal Sales Tax (GST) on Cost and s/h/ins
All Canadians must pay 7% GST.

Orders mailed to the US or overseas pay me no taxes.

Along with your order, send me your name, shipping address, email address and phone number so I can confer with you if necessary (and now required by US Post Office).

Photo of Yendor

Payment by bank deposit:
If you are in Canada or the USA, you can deposit your cash payment directly in my bank account at your local Royal Bank (Canada) or Bank of America (USA) branch. (It must be cash.) I will ship your order as soon as I get an email from you that the deposit was made and I see the deposit via the Internet.

From Other Countries a bank transfer to my account takes about 5 business days. Your bank can transfer Canadian or US funds, as I have both US dollar and Canadian dollar accounts.

Email or phone me for details

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