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 - Japanese fry

Most of all sea-food and vegetables can be ingredients for "Tempura". 
"Ebi Shuumai (shao-mai)"
Shuumai is basically not Japanese but Chinese.
But Japanese love this.
"shabu shabu"
Boil sliced meat with yourself, with Soy-sauce or sesame based sauce.
"Potato Korokke" New
Fry minced meat and potato. Not traditional, but very popular.
Boiled pork tea taste
English tea absorb fat and make this dinner light taste. Pork and soy-sauce create oriental taste.
"Konnyaku with spicy sauce"
Konnyaku is a gelatinous food made from a kind of potato, with very low fat. 
"Katsudon" - Pork Cutlet Rice
A bowl of rice topped with pork cutlet and egg.
"Syouga-Yaki" - pork fry with ginger
Pork fry with ginger taste. Source of stamina.
Appetizer & side dish
- Fried Chicken.  Soy-sauce based and Japanese tastes.
- Egg custard soup. Looks like pudding, but not sweet one.
"Okonomiyaki" Japanese pizza in Tokyo
Tokyo style traditional "Okonomiyaki".
"Yakitori" - grilled chicken
Japanese skewed grilled chicken.
"Noshidori" - Chicken bar
Chicken bar with a shape of "Hagoita". Fortune bar.
- Japanese Rolled Omelet. With "Dashi" taste.
 in Hiroshima

Hiroshima style. Noodle inside.
"Edamame" boiled green soybeans
People often have this with beer in summer.
 Rice & Noodle
"Sushi" is not always mean rice ball. This is round shape, beautiful, funny, and delicious!
"Sushi" made by Japanese noodle. Cold Sushi is nice match for hot "Konnyaku".
"Hiyashi-cyuka" is clod Chinese noodle. Popular in Japanese summer.
This is a round shape sushi. Very closed to Sushi-cake, but its small and cute.
"Kuri-Gohan" -Chestnut Rice
Chestnuts in the Rice. Japanese kids love it.
"Nabeyaki-Uson" New
Noodles served hot in a pot.
Salad & Dressing
There are many kind of Sunomono. This is most popular one, "Sunomono" with crab and cucumber.
Eggplant salad
Put boiled Pork on vegetables and spread grated Japanese white radish.
"Namasu" New
Japanese traditional new-year's recipe.
Salmon salad with "Ume" dressing
Its spicy, oriental taste. Japanese herb "Wasabi"  and "ume" in it.
Salad Dressing
Shrimp salad "Wasabi" Dressing and Crab salad Apple Dressing.
"Tomato-salad" - with tuna
Take flesh tomato with soy-source based Dressing.
Green onion Miso-soup
There are many kinds of miso-soup in Japan.
This is most general one. 
Green onion soup  New
This is Green onion soup without miso.
- Japanese cute, pink cake. Its matches the season of Cherry blossom.
 - Rice cake wrapped by leaf of oak tree.