From the first of May until 15th. september, the monument for languages threatened with extinction:

"the House of the Small Languages"

had to be closed down. In spite of the number of visitors exceeding 11.000 ( more exactly 11140 on the first of May) the obstacles to its set up forwarded by many specialists, linguists, ethnologists and anthropologists have rendered any pursuit of the enterprise impossible.

The House of the Small languages will re-open without any guarantee for its future. We will still remain under threat of prohibition.

It is of little concern to the ones in authority that the languages and those who speak them are threatened with extinction. Confortably seated on their lingustic material, like a Scrooge on his pile of gold coins, they will forbid any spread of information because their narrow sense of copyright. They consider that the sonorous treasures gathered by them everywhere, because they are for everybody, belong to them once they are contained in boxes, papers, theses, and colloqies.

The House of the Small Languages aspires to constitute an open and free work of art, available to everyone. There are those who, by theats and legal proceedings, try to impose prohibitions. They will not succeed, prohibition of the official site will immediately entrain its multiplication on numerous mirror sites.