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November 28, 2002

Just a reminder to everyone that only a little over a week away, HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION will be haunting video and DVD.  December 10th, to be exact, is when you can rent or own the film.  The Special Edition DVD comes with audio commentary, ten minutes of deleted scenes, three alternate endings, featurettes, and more.

September 4, 2002

According to DVDFile, Michael Myers will revisit everyone's home again December 10th, on DVD.  Here is what they have to say:

On 12/10 Michael Myers once again comes home in Halloween Resurrection, featuring Busta Rhymes kicking some serious Myers ass. This special edition includes a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround tracks, audio commentary and deleted scenes, never-before-seen "Dangertainment" video-cam footage shot by the actors, and the trailer. (While early reports indicated that the "Dangertainment" footage would be accessible during the film via the multi-angle function, no details have yet been released, but stay tuned.) Retail is $29.95.  

July 21, 2002

Cinema Secrets has unveiled it's new limited edition Michael Myers mask, based on HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. Jump over and have a look at the all new mask!


July 21, 2002

HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION continues slashing at the box office. Variety states that the film made $5.4 million over the weekend, bringing its total to $21.8 million since release.

July 15, 2002

Variety reports early estimates of a $12.3 million opening weekend for HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. The film earned a spot at #4 for the weekend, just under REIGN OF FIRE.

July 14, 2002

It's just now hit theaters, but plans are already under way for the DVD release of HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. Director Rick Rosenthal has already clued us in that several cut scenes will most likely be included. Rosenthal also says that they're working to bring a multiple angle format to the disc to allow you to view the entire film directly through the cast's cameras. In other words, you'll be able to experience Dangertainment first hand, much like the character of Myles did in the movie, choosing whichever point-of-view you wish.

July 12, 2002

You've watched the movie come together over the past few years - you've seen pictures from the set as the movie was shot - and you've read the interviews and seen the video clips - now it's finally time! HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION hits theaters nationwide today. Happy Halloween!

July 11, 2002

Sneak preview screenings (usually sponsored by a television or radio station) for HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION take place tonight across the United States.

In other news, HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION star Thomas Ian Nicholas and director Rick Rosenthal are set to participate in an online chat on Monday, July 15th, most likely at 8:30pm EST. The chat will take place through Lycos - keep an eye on their website for further information.

Finally, make sure you've got your popcorn money ready - tomorrow HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION opens nationally!

July 6, 2002

Straight from the director's mouth - an all new interview with Rick Rosenthal.

July 5, 2002

You can always tell it's time for a new HALLOWEEN film once the famous mask hits the cover of Fangoria magazine. Issue #214 is available now. Also be on the lookout for Rue Morgue Issue #28, a Canadian horror film magazine featuring several HALLOWEEN-related articles. 

July 4, 2002

Break out the fireworks for an interview with HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION star Busta Rhymes.

July 3, 2002

HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION premiered in Los Angeles on Monday. While Jamie Lee Curtis was unable to attend, a star-studded crowd viewed the film. Bianca Kajlich, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes, Moustapha Akkad, director Rick Rosenthal and his wife Nancy Stephens were just some of the names in attendance. Anthony Masi provided these photos of the event for hm.c - visit his Myers Museum for more!

July 2, 2002

Visit the set with our all new behind the scenes documentary HALLOWEEN RESURRECTED. View it through DialUp or Broadband.

July 1, 2002 

Our HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION homepage opens today! Check out all the new features and updated material. HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION has its world premieres tonight in Los Angeles - look for a wrap up report later this week.

Update #2 - Check out all new video clips from HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION on the homepage.

June 27, 2002 

In Los Angeles and think you might want to go to the premiere of HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION? Check out The Myers Museum for details! Get there quick!

June 26, 2002 

News comes in today that the final cut of HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION lasts 85 minutes. 

June 25, 2002 

Pictured here is the HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION soundtrack, set to be available July 19th.

June 18, 2002 

A new image from HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION...Photo by Kimberly French.

June 4, 2002 

HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION has had yet another release date change. The film now hits theaters July 12th. A premiere is tentatively set for July 1st.

May 31, 2002 

With HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION being sound mixed this week, what better time to talk with composer Danny Lux? Check out the exclusive interview.

May 29, 2002 

Danny Lux will be the man responsible for scoring HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. A veteran of numerous television scores, his soundtrack promises to continue the fine tradition of terrifying themes present in past HALLOWEEN films. The HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION soundtrack is currently set for release July 16, 2002 on the familiar Varese Sarabande label.

May 6, 2002 

You can catch the trailer for HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION now at Yahoo Movies in streaming format, or at Apple for a Quicktime verison.

April 25, 2002

You can catch your first glimpse at the HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION trailer - it's now playing at a theater near you! You'll see Busta Rhymes in action, the new mask on screen, and even a peek at Jamie Lee Curtis confronting her brother again! The trailer should be attached to prints of New Line Cinema's JASON X, which opened today. Double check with your box office to insure the trailer is showing.

April 25, 2002

Cinema Secrets crafted the Shape's mask for HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION - and now you can purchase your own duplicate! Visit Cinema Secrets to find out how!

April 22, 2002

The hype is just beginning for HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. Check out Entertainment Weekly's story on summer flicks.

March 15, 2002

HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION is currently set for a release date of July 19, 2002.

Look for poster artwork soon!

February 28, 2002

HALLOWEEN 6 was originally subtitled "The Origin of Michael Myers." HALLOWEEN H20 was known as "The Revenge of Laurie Strode." And, while fans continue to play the waiting game, HALLOWEEN 8 has managed to go through a name change. The newest installment in the series will (for now, at least) be called HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION instead of the previously announced HALLOWEEN: HOMECOMING.

January 16, 2002

Dimension Films adds a bit of HALLOWEEN 8 information to their website.

January 7, 2002

Time for rumor control! Moustapha Akkad released a statement today:

"The film is fine and will be released in the summer of 2002. Yes, there were re-shoots - but no, Rick Rosenthal has not been fired. The franchise remains in tact."

October 3, 2001

HALLOWEEN 8 director Rick Rosenthal was recently interviewed by the Sci-Fi Channel for an upcoming edition of their short-film showcase EXPOSURE. Rick Rosenthal's film THE OBIT GUY, along with interview clips, will air on the Sci-Fi channel on October 14th at 12am EST. Rosenthal's film will be the second shown that evening. 

September 26, 2001

The Compuserve network recently interviewed director Rick Rosenthal - check up on the current status of HALLOWEEN 8. A few re-shoots are set to take place next month, but other than that, HALLOWEEN 8 is in a holding pattern.

August 17, 2001

As fans try to adjust to the disappointment of the HALLOWEEN 8 delay, director Rick Rosenthal offers a gleam of hope...

"Ever since Paramount re-shot the ending of FATAL ATTRACTION and it became a huge hit, studios have become great believers in tinkering with the finale of a film, trying to make sure that the ending is a home run and the audience leaves completely satisfied.

I think when the film is released next year, audiences will agree it was well worth the wait!"

August 16, 2001

Sources involved in the distribution of the film reveal that HALLLOWEEN 8 has been now been moved to an Easter, 2001 release.

August 10, 2001

HALLOWEEN 8 continues its journey through post-production. There is still no date set for a trailer release. Meanwhile, to combat internet rumors, here's a statement directly from Moustapha Akkad's office...

Mr. Akkad is denying all allegations that he is not pleased with the film, according to the Canadian source. There was no rough cut at that time [when he was in Canada], therefore making it impossible for him to comment.

July 25, 2001

"The powers that be" screened a rough cut of HALLOWEEN 8 today for the first time at noon (PT).

July 17, 2001

Catch your first glimpse of HALLOWEEN 8's Shape in the first publicity photo. Click the photo to enlarge. You'll see a familiar homestead, too.

July 13, 2001

Director Rick Rosenthal is currently working on his cut of the film. There is still no confirmation on a composer for the film. The producers are aiming for a late September release of the film. Producers report a trailer should show up around the end of August.

June 29, 2001

HALLOWEEN 8 wrapped principal photography at the end of last week. Parties involved have since departed Canada for their home territories. Post-production is set to begin soon. To finish our production coverage, we've added one final picture of the HALLOWEEN 8 crew jacket. More information on post-production will be released as soon as it is available.

June 21, 2001

Read  Ian Bailey's HALLOWEEN 8 article in the  National Post - just jump to their site and search for "Jamie Lee Curtis."

June 19, 2001

With only 3 days left for production, the set has been busy. Steve Newton, writer for the UK horror publication Shivers was a visitor on set last week, with an article planned for September. Ian Bailey of Canada's National Post newspaper visited set Friday, as well - look for a feature sometime this week. All together, a total of 8 different media outlets were on set Friday - and all were wowed by the Myers house set. Brad Loree is getting a lot of attention from the local media. He has been featured in 4 television stories. Vancouver seems proud that a local guy is playing America's favorite monster.

June 8, 2001

Join us on the set for an interview with HALLOWEEN 8's Michael Myers - Brad Loree.

June 7, 2001

Sean Patrick Thomas, who plays Rudy in HALLOWEEN 8, won two MTV movie awards - Best Breakout Performance and Best On-Screen Kiss.

June 2, 2001

Fangoria reporter Mark Shapiro is currently visiting the set for an upcoming article. He ended up playing an extra in a scene shot on a school campus. Something to keep your eyes open for when you see the film. In other news, the following is the current major cast list, although it is subject to change...


BUSTA RHYMES Freddie Harris
TYRA BANKS Nora Winston

May 31, 2001

Jacinda Barrett is no longer in the film; Bianca Kajlich will be playing the character Sara.

May 25, 2001

Jamie Lee Curtis and Moustapha Akkad spoke with the Vancouver Sun, while on the set of HALLOWEEN 8.  Click on the link to read the interview where Jamie Lee discusses the challenges of family life and work, as well as a little insight into how the Laurie Strode character is presented in the new film.  Also, new photos from the set have been added.

May 23, 2001

A slight correction to earlier news - Katee Sackhoff will be playing Jenn Danzig, while Jacinda Barrett will be playing the lead of Sara.

May 20, 2001

Jamie Lee Curtis has not conducted any public interviews, nor has she been photographed in character, so fans will most likely have to wait until release of the film to see Laurie Strode's new look.

May 20, 2001

First week wrap up! First off, special thanks to unit photographer Kimberly French, who is kindly providing shots that take us straight to the set!

Jamie Lee Curtis has proven to be fun to work with for crew members, adding a great deal of input into the overall plan. Curtis gave several of the crew members wonderful momentos, and even autographed a Micheal Myers action figure in the box for one lucky crew member.

May 16, 2001

The special weather words for the week thus far -- Bleak and Cold.  Those two words describe the weather for the first two days of shooting in Vancouver.  Last night's downpour went on for hours and added to the scenes being shot outside the sanitarium.

Katee Sackhoff, now set to play Sara Moyer, has appeared in an episode of the TV series Zoe, Duncan, Jack, & Jane as well as the television movies Fifteen and Pregnant, Hefner: Unauthorized, and The Fearing Mind.

And to update -- Jamie Lee Curtis began filming her first scenes already on Tuesday (yesterday)!

May 14, 2001

The first day of production is over - and you can count on to take you right to the set! Pictured here on their lunch break in a creepy sanitarium hallway are some of the key creative minds behind the film...(L to R) Paul Freeman, Moustapha Akkad, Rick Rosenthal, and Malek Akkad. The crew didn't have to work very hard to recreate the atmosphere of was rainy and cold all day.

May 13, 2001

The crew is hard at work preparing for Monday.  The HALLOWEEN 8 company will set up Monday for the first day of shooting at a century-old psychiatric hospital that doubles (surprise) as a sanitarium in the film. As one crew member puts it, "Every strange story you could possibly think up for the place could be authenticated." Filming will take place in an abandoned building that formerly housed criminally insane inmates. Moustapha Akkad is heading for the set from his L.A. office today. Jamie Lee Curtis will have her first day in front of the HALLOWEEN 8 cameras on Wednesday.

May 10, 2001 (Update II)

Variety confirmed what Rick Rosenthal already has - Jamie Lee Curtis will indeed return for a role in HALLOWEEN 8. Shooting is now scheduled to begin on Monday. If all goes as planned, we should have pictures next week from the first day of shooting. In other news, Dimension Films has nixed the idea of having Danielle Harris star in an all-new role in HALLOWEEN 8. However, producers are keeping a constant eye on our fan poll - so make sure you have already cast your vote! Dimension Films has also decided to name the film HALLOWEEN: THE HOMECOMING - which is still a working title and may very well change. The production company is still using the working title HALLOWEEN 8.

May 8, 2001

Director Rick Rosenthal answers fan questions in our all new exclusive interview

April 30, 2001

Straight from the "Nightfall Productions" production office comes this press release...

Busta Rhymes (�Finding Forrester,� �Shaft,�) Bianca Kajlich (�Boston Public,� �Bring It On�) and Sean Patrick Thomas (�Save the Last Dance,� �Dracula 2000�) will star in the next installment of the �Halloween� franchise, it was announced today by Moustapha Akkad of Nightfall Productions. Filming is expected to begin on May 9, 2001 in Vancouver. The eighth installment of the cult film series was written for the screen by Larry Brand. Rick Rosenthal is set to direct.  The film will be produced by Paul Freeman and executive produced by Akkad. Miramax will distribute the film through its Dimension label. The original �Halloween,� produced in 1978 and directed by John Carpenter, grossed more than $47 million.  Miramax Films acquired the worldwide rights to the �Halloween� franchise in 1993. Akkad has been affiliated with the �Halloween� franchise since its inception.

Kajlich, who plays a lead character, will most likely also appear in HALLOWEEN 9, if the film is produced.

Kajlich, Thomas

April 26, 2001

Rap superstar Busta Rhymes has been cast for a role for HALLOWEEN 8. The artist has appeared in films like RUGRATS THE MOVIE, FINDING FORRESTER, SHAFT, and HIGHER LEARNING. A co-star from HIGHER LEARNING, model/actress Tyra Banks will most likely be joining him in the cast. While her deal is not final yet, she most likely will be participating in the film. Banks has also appeared in LOVE & BASKETBALL, COYOTE UGLY, and the television show FELICITY. 

March 26, 2001

For the first major casting announcement for HALLOWEEN 8, we're happy to report that Brad Loree has been cast as the Shape, better known as Michael Myers. Loree is 6'2" and weighs 215 lbs. Some of his stunt work includes MISSION TO MARS, ROMEO MUST DIE, REINDEER GAMES, as well as numerous television titles and many more motion pictures.
Photo: Stunts Canada

March 20, 2001

We're very happy to announce that today a deal-memo was struck for Rick Rosenthal to direct HALLOWEEN 8. Fans of HALLOWEEN II will be happy to see him return to the series. Welcome back Rick!

March 15, 2001

Producer Paul Freeman spent much of this week location scouting in Vancouver. No director has been contracted on the project as of yet. Finally, casting call-backs begin on Monday. On a side note, it was revealed today that HALLOWEEN 4 director Dwight Little was approached to direct the new film, but turned it down.

March 7, 2001

First off, Whitney Ransick, who was previously reported as helming HALLOWEEN 8, is no longer involved in the film. Now, time for some HALLOWEEN trivia. No director in the history of HALLOWEEN films has ever returned to direct for a second time. But all that may change soon. Reports indicate that HALLOWEEN II director Rick Rosenthal is being considered as a replacement for Ransick in the director's chair.  As casting for the film gears up, Tyra Banks, who's appeared in THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR and the film HIGHER LEARNING, is being considered for a role. Keep checking back for more information as HALLOWEEN 8 becomes a reality!

March 2, 2001

Rumors have been running rampant over the internet about the title of the next HALLOWEEN film.  The producers tell us that the title of the next film will not be HALLOWEEN 8: MICHAEL MYERS.COM.  That is the working title only.  The film will have a different title by the time it's finished. Also, last week Jamie Lee Curtis was interviewed on Entertainment Tonight, and after the segment, Jan Carl confirmed that Jamie Lee will be making a cameo appearance in the next HALLOWEEN.

February 14, 2001

At long last, new details on the next HALLOWEEN installment! CURRENTLY, as previously reported, Larry Brand has penned the script. Whitney Ransick, known for his work on television on shows like ER, CRACKER, and SHOCK TELEVISION, is attached to direct HALLOWEEN 8. Principle photography is set to begin in April, 2001, in Vancouver, Canada. 

August 15, 2000

Moustapha Akkad's office has finally released the name of the screenwriter for the next installment. Larry Brand will bring Michael Myers to life one more time. His writing credits include MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH in 1989 and 1998's PARANOIA. Shooting is planned to begin this spring. There may be a very special event in the works for HALLOWEEN fans on the internet, but only time will tell if plans will flesh out. 

May 9, 2000

Moustapha Akkad's office reports that it is looking like HALLOWEEN H2K will not happen this year. The main reason behind the delay is "legal mumbo jumbo," which has plagued the series for many years. "Reassure fans that there will be another HALLOWEEN. Besides, there are a lot of people who feel that 2001 is when the real millennium begins..."

October 5, 1999

H2K is slowly beginning to take shape. Moustapha Akkad's office reports that they are currently reading through several different submissions for the script. It is a long, drawn out process since the script is the basic building block of the film. 

August 7, 1999

Paul Freeman, producer of several films in the HALLOWEEN series, has announced the current working title for the next installment in the series is HALLOWEEN H2K - EVIL NEVER DIES. Several writers are currently working on scripting the new movie, which will most likely feature a return to Haddonfield in the storyline. The HALLOWEEN 8 fan feedback that this website recently collected played, and will continue to play, a large role in the shaping of this new movie. The movie will most likely be shot in Salt Lake City, home of previous sequels. HALLOWEEN H2K, distributed by Dimension Films, is targeted for a Fall, 2000 release. 

June 30, 1999

Michael's coming back again - or is he? The HALLOWEEN film series is considering making the next installment a Shape-less film, removing Michael Myers from the storyline, much like HALLOWEEN III SEASON OF THE WITCH. This website collected fan feedback, which will influence the decision. Thanks to the thousands of you that submitted your feelings on the matter - which was overall to bring Michael Myers back!

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