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USCR Special Report: Crisis in Kosovo

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Slide Show: Understanding Refugee Numbers: Where Do Refugees Come from and Where Do They Go?

Slide Show: Recent Events That Have Forced People to Flee

May Deadline for Kosovar Refugees in the United States to Register to Repatriate Through the Government's Funded Return Program

UNHCR Suspends Operations in North Mitrovica, Kosovo, Because of Security Threats

INS announces that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Kosovars Will Expire on December 8

Fixing a "Fragmented" Humanitarian Response System: Report Exposes U.S. Policy Fault Lines, Suggests Changes

Humanitarian Evacuation from Kosovo: A Model for the Future? (June, 2000)

The Year in Review (WRS 2000)

The High Road or the Low Road: The Way Forward to Asylum Harmonization in the European Union (WRS 2000)

June 13, 2000 Forced Return: When Refugee Protection Breaks Down

U.S. Committee for Refugees Releases Report on Refugees and Displaced People in Yugoslavia

UNHCR'S Performance in Kosovo Evaluated: "The Dominance of Bilateralism"

Testimony of Bill Frelick, Director of Policy, U.S. Committee for Refugees, on Kosovo's Displaced, February 28, 2000

View Video Clips of the Testimony of Bill Frelick, Clip 1; Clip 2

Issue Paper: "Destination Unknown: From Kosovo to No-Man's Land"

Photo Essay: Waves of Uprooted People in Serbia and Montenegro

Vulnerable Groups in Potential Need of Resettlement

Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Displced Serbs' Accounts of the Ethnic Albanian Exodus

Double Refugees

Nato Bomb Damage

Roma: Caught in the Middle

Reversal of Fortune: Serbia's Refugee Crisis

Frequently Asked Questions - Return Program for Kosovar Refugees

Frequently Asked Questions - Return Program for Kosovar Refugees

Frequently Asked Questions (Refugee Assistance and Resettlement)

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Country Report for Yugoslavia

Country Report for Bosnia

Jan 11, 2000 -- The 1990s have drawn to an end, but a decade of pervasive conflict in the former Yugoslavia has taken a truly disproportionate toll. Nearly one tenth of the combined population of Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)—a UNHCR-estimated 1.7 million people—remain displaced and in need of a lasting solution. Read more...

Kosovo Grandmother "My grandchildren dragged me through the mountains [to Albania]. We carried nothing. Just our clothes. Nobody took us out. We stayed in the mountains for three weeks. One three-week-old baby died. It was a premature birth due to the shelling. We just kept walking."

"The shelling started without warning early one morning. We held on for the next three weeks. Nine of our boys were killed. The boys were killed on our doorsteps, defending our homes. I lost Beka, age 21, and Astrit, age 22. They were hit by a barrage of grenades wrapped together. It made a huge hole. After our boys were killed, we buried those we could and then we fled to the mountains. We were two [female] cousins, our daughters, and our grandchildren. Our village and four other villages nearby were all burned. They killed the cattle, stole everything."

Kosovar refugee Hajrie Hadrgjonaj. Photo and interview by Bill Frelick/USCR

Recent reports have documented the atrocities that the Serbian forces have inflicted on the people of Kosovo.  USCR has been on-site in Kosovo documenting the refugee situation in the region--and neighboring Albania where many refugees have fled.  This special USCR report will help you understand the current crisis in Kosovo, how this terrible situation began and why it is growing worse.

You'll read first-hand testimony from refugees who were able to flee the violence in their villages.  You'll learn how you can help the refugees of Kosovo find peace, safety...and a home.

map of Kosovo


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