November 2002


From: JNDpickles
To: NightAnswers

Hello, my question is about you singing on Beto Vazquez Infinity CD. First  off I had never heard of him, but went out and found it just to her you sing on it, and I do enjoy it very much. Now, how did this come about, with you guesting on this project? And how was it different than singing with Blackmore's Night? I have many questions to ask later, and love the website, it's looking great.
Take care,
Dave Sherrod

Hello, Dave
The way my involvement in that project came about was the owner of our South American record label , NEMS, called me and told me about this rock/medieval project that he was involved with. He said that those songs were written with my voice in mind and would I like to be involved in the record. They then sent me the 3 songs and I though they were really lovely, so I went into the studio and did them. It was a little difficult, because when Ritchie writes for my voice he taken the key and range into account because he knows me so well. But these songs were written more for the idea of my voice rather than the actual keys. Some parts are kind of high for me, but all in all I really enjoyed myself and I was so glad they asked me to do it. It was a great experience because it was my first time in a studio without Ritchie there- sort of like your 1st day at school  in some ways. Lots of excitement, & nervous tension- but thrilling! Glad you like the site - it's coming along....


Dear Candice,
In the "favorites" section of your website, I noticed you mentioned Lou Gramm as one of your favorite singers as well as Foreigner being one of your recent concerts. I am a Television Photographer/Journalist and I had the pleasure of meeting Lou Gramm about 10 years ago...As you know, Lou has been through quite an ordeal the past few years. Could you tell me (us/fans) what qualities you enjoy about Lou's voice and about your Foreigner concert experience? Was Ritchie with you? I am a long time fan of Ritchie/Deep Purple and more recently Blackmore's Night. The latter being the logical progression for one of music's most gifted guitar players. Thank You for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Most of all, thanks to BOTH You and Ritchie for sharing your talents and bringing happiness and joy to so many.

All The Best,
Dan Elsenrath
Minnesota, USA

Hello Dan,
Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad that the musical progression brought you here! The last time that I saw Foreigner in concert was a couple of months ago at a venue called The Vanderbilt here on Long Island that, coincidentally, Blackmore's Night played a couple of years prior. Ritchie didn't join me to see the show, he often doesn't accompany me to rock shows as he'd rather see a Renaissance consort perform these days, though he does share the opinion with me that Lou Gramm is one of the best singers out there. I thought that Lou's voice has held up amazingly well- not only because of the natural "wear and tear" a singer has to go through especially throughout the amount of years that Lou has been singing, but also because of what he has been through lately. The band seemed to get along really well, and performed a very tight set. The amount of hits that they have speak for themselves, and the band played almost all of them that night. And they really related to the audience and got everyone involved. That was great to see and experience. The aspects of Lou's voice that I like the most are probably the fact that he has such a great melodic voice with an edge and portrays emotion through his vocals so well- he really makes you feel the song as opposed to just listen to it.
Thank you for your question!


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