With the upcoming release of their first full-length album, ghost of the season, birddog return as a full band and dig deeper into the cosmic American music that is the root of songwriter Bill Santen's vision. On ghost of the season the band stakes out its own territory-cryptic, mesmerizing music and words that only suggest what's at the core, and could have come from the 1940's as easily as today.
It starts with the songs - built on sketches and images that return to the same ideas but take different routes in getting there. Then there is the band - Steve Poulton (bass guitar, vocals) and Glenn Kotche (percussion), Megan Pickerel (vox), Chris Tesluk (cello) and Santen (guitar, vocals) - who create a core unit that rides the taut, edgy rhythms of "blue Steel" and "Rats", and at the same time fill out the lush arrangement of the title track.
ghost of the season is an evocative, demanding listen as tehre is no easy going country rock or pretty songs without a dark side. ghost of the season calls to mid the sense of trepidation and intrigue that went with listening to a Palace record or early Dylan for the first time. Not that birddog have any answers; but there is a curiosity in discovering for yourself what is really going on in the songs.