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Step 4 Create a Partnership for Synchronization between Your Pocket PC and PC

Step through the process where they connect for the first time.

Your Pocket PC is an important portable extension of your desktop or laptop computer, via synchronization. A partnership enables your computer to recognize your Pocket PC each time you connect, and retains the synchronization and file conversion settings you establish.

What You Need

But don�t connect them yet! Be sure to read the steps below first.


If you encounter difficulties establishing a USB connection, please refer to Windows 2000 & USB Installs.

Languages Supported
English (and others if applicable)

Install ActiveSync

  1. Insert the Companion CD into the CD-ROM drive of your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Click Start Here
  3. Click Install Active Sync 3.5
  4. Click Install

Physically Connect Your Pocket PC to Your Computer

The installation wizard prompts you to attach your Pocket PC to your computer.

  1. Turn on your Pocket PC.
  2. If you have a cradle for your Pocket PC, attach the AC adapter to the cradle. Then attach the cable from the cradle directly into your desktop or laptop computer. Be sure that your Pocket PC rests securely in the cradle.

If you do not have a cradle, connect the Pocket PC directly to your computer with a cable. The ActiveSync software automatically detects the type of physical connection you establish.

Notice the difference between the USB and serial ports.

Establish a Partnership

When the New Partnership dialog box appears on your computer screen, click Yes.

When you connect your Pocket PC to your computer for the first time, you will be asked to set up a partnership. Follow the prompts the wizard presents you at each step.

A Select Number of Partnerships

Do you use more than one computer on a regular basis? No problem. The Pocket PC can maintain a partnership with up to two computers, be they desktop or laptop computers. Keep the same contact information on your desktop computer at work, your computer at home, and your Pocket PC. No matter where you are, you will have the information you want at your fingertips.

We recommend that you simplify the task of getting started with your Pocket PC by selecting only one computer partnership at this time. Refer to the ActiveSync on-screen help for instructions on creating an additional partnership.

Synchronization Defaults

ActiveSync automatically sets up synchronization for the following:

Setup Is Complete

Now that you have established a partnership, your computer and Pocket PC can synchronize. Click Finish. The ActiveSync program then opens on your desktop. Note: Wait until the synchronization process completes before using your Pocket PC.

It�s a good idea to read the next step to learn the flexibility available to you as to what you synchronize -- and when.

If you have problems during the synchronization process, please use our Active Sync Troubleshooter Wizard.

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Step 5 Synchronization Possibilities

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