Basic Plans

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Current FastMail.FM Features

For details of what each of these features provides, see the details page.

Regular fee Free*
*Advertising on site & taglines in outgoing mail
No regular fee! US$19.95 per 1 year
US$34.95 per 2 years
US$24.95 per 6 months
US$39.95 per year
US$69.95 per 2 years
Membership fee Free US$14.95 one-time fee, gives you a lifetime member-level account
Minimum contract Not applicable Not applicable 12 months 6 months
Web-based email Yes Yes Yes Yes
IMAP Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
POP3 Access No No Yes Yes
Technical Support Automated Automated Personal support Priority support
POP/Hotmail Links Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Forwarding Catchall for 60 days if closing your account Yes Yes Yes
SMTP No Yes Yes Yes
Virus scanning Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Spam protection Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Purge folders No No Yes Yes
Aliases 0 Same username at 1 additional domain 3 (all 5+ chars in length) 5 (all 5+ chars in length), plus 5 own domain
OPTION: Extra aliases Not supported Not yet supported
2-4 character alias, $1/month; 5+ character alias, $0.30/month
Minimum number of characters in username 7 5 (some restrictions on common names and dictionary words) 4 (no restrictions) 3 (no restrictions)
Own subdomain No Yes:
(replace '' with your chosen "home domain")
Mail storage quota 10MB 16MB 50MB 150MB
OPTION: Extra storage Not supported
$24.95 one-time fee per 100MB
Monthly transfer quota (expires at the end of each month) 40MB 80MB 200MB 750MB
OPTION: Extra transfer
(never expires)
Not supported $14/GB $10/GB $8/GB
Hourly transfer quota 20MB 30MB 100MB 250MB
Hourly message quota 100 200 500 1000
Account closed After 45 days no login After 120 days no login -- --
Mailing list binaries allowed No Yes Yes Yes
Address book 100 entries 200 entries 500 entries 1000 entries
Address book groups No Yes (max 10 per group) Yes Yes
Personalities 1 3 8 100
Pop links (collect mail from external accounts) 2 4 10 20
Pop links auto-collect time interval every 3 hours every 3 hours every 2 hours every hour
Poll window
(Alerts you to new mail)
No Yes (30 min refresh) Yes (10 min refresh) Yes (5 min refresh)
Commercial use allowed No commercial use allowed Yes Yes Yes
OPTION: Use your own domain names No No $1/month/domain (1 free for Enhanced accounts); $0.25/month/address/domain
Secondary email address required Yes - to confirm membership No No No

Coming enhancements

As documented on the Coming Enhancements screen, many enhancements and changes will be coming to the service.

Be aware that not all enhancements will be provided at all membership levels. The table below reflects the most up to date development plan, though as with all works-in-progress it may well be subject to change. Once each new feature has been developed and officially released, it will migrate into the "Current Features" table above.

Guest Member Full Enhanced
Ads Yes No No No
Auto-purge trash 2 wks trash 4 wks Custom Custom
Address/ bookmark synchronization No No Yes Yes
Auto-get POP link on IMAP login No No No Yes
File storage No No 5MB 25MB
DAV Access No No No Yes
Mail notification No No Yes Yes
SMS Notification/Send No $5 setup (10 free), $0.25 per SMS (pre-purchase in blocks of 25 SMS messages)